“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking
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Bitdrop - Security to Sharing

Zero Hedge is a major political/financial Blog maintained by pseudonym Tyler Durden

Web of Debt by Ellen Brown, lawyer and writer from Los Angeles

Sanden Blog: Markkinointi ja Aivopesu => Maailman Tapahtumat (in Finnish)
Finland and EU - observations from a distance (in Finnish or English)
J. H. Kunstler Born on October 19, 1948, New York City, New York is an American author, social critic, public speaker, and blogger.
Occucards Educational and informative "outreach cards" for seekers of the facts.

Gordon T Long Macroeconomic analysis, 20 years as senior group executive with IBM and Motorola.

Steve Keen professional economist and long time critic of conventional economic thought.

Robert Reich Professor at University of California, Berkeley; Secretary of Labor in Clinton administration.

Monetary Resources of the World - Awesome Graphical Prentations on the Gold, Money and many other things...
Paul Krugman Nobel Prize Winner and Op-Ed Columnist for New York Times

Teri Buhl professional financial investigative journalist with articles in all major publications

The Left Hook A self-described revolutionary and global traveler, Dean co-founded of the U. of Montana Green Party

The Daily Capitalist Comments on economics, politics, and financial markets from a free market perspective

Pragmatic Capitalist Provider of an alternative to profit-first, client-second business model of Wall Street.

The M-Files Automatic daily paper covering global politics and finance.

The SF-Files Automatic daily paper covering mainly North European issues and politics.

G. Washington's Bl.


Economic Policy Institute


Credit Writedowns

Bilderbeg by others

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Center of Public Integrity

Public Citizen

National Initiative 4D