Antarctic started melting before global warming hysteria, study says


Whilst the theory of global warming has gained many supporters, an international team of scientists has revealed that the Antarctic had been troubled by warm temperatures centuries before the post-industrial age.

To conduct their research polar scientists from Britain, Australia and France have collected a massive ice core from James Ross Island on the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The layers of the 364 meters long core allowed the scientists to trace climate patterns dating back 15,000 years.

All their findings have been published in the Nature journal.

According to the research the Antarctic Peninsula warmed by about 6°C as it emerged from the last ice age, culminating in a temperature 11,000 years ago that was 1.3°C warmer than today’s average.

During that period the Antarctic Peninsula ice sheet was shrinking and some of the surrounding ice shelves also retreated.

The warming was followed by a cool down period with the temperature reaching its minimum some 600 years ago.

Another warm period followed, which intensified over the last 50–100 years, said Robert Mulvaney from the British Antarctic Survey.

The scientists are more concerned with the unusual speed of the warming than with the actual temperatures.

If the rapid warming we are now witnessing now continues, ice shelves further south along the Peninsula that have been stable for thousands of years may become vulnerable, co-author of the research Nerilie Abram said.

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By End of this Century Peak Temperatures in Scandinavia and Kola Peninsula will be 8 degrees C higher than today

The picture from the Swedish Meteoroligal Institute summarizes the story of climate change impact in Northern Europe by the end of this century. The research from the Finnish scientists support the results.

By the end of theis centure the the peak temperature in the Northern tips of Scandinavia and Kola Peninsula on Russian side may be up to 8 dergees Celsius hotter than today - this is about 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is the rate the earth is warming up regardless of the cause. The scientists in Scandinavia follow also the "doctrine" that greengouse gases are the reason. We do believe that. For us it is the Sun radiation that forces the so greenhouse gases out from the oceans. Of course we burn plenty of fossil fuels that show up in the atmosphere but for us the main reason is the warming up of the sun. Eiher way the result is the same, as the earth is warming up at accelerating pace.

As a practical proof of this we have major Nations preparing to shipp goods over the Polar route that they expect to open within a few years time. All of them are also preparing to exploit the natural resources that have been protected from any serious attemts by so harsh winter and ice conditions that no Nation nor company has dared to challenge.

The potential problem for us all is now the speed the temperature is changing.

It is not clear at all that the ecosystems can adjust this fast without losses and if not then we and our descendants need to start thinking how to best help it to cope this approaching climate change. We as species must must just adjust as we have always done.

This is not the first time earth has warmed up and won't be the last either. The nature will proceed with a balance that suits for the environment regrdless. If we help it that would help us all.











"The Global Warming Swindle"

The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is dependent on the surface water temperature and algae amounts in the the oceans and the amount of vegetation above the ground.

The Mauna Loa charts are very valuable as they are the only ones that telling to which direction the temperature of the earth is moving. As long as the CO2 trend is up the earth is getting warmer. That's all to it!

The higher the ocean surface temperature the more these greenhouse gases are "ejected" to the atmosphere - and the lower the temperature the more they are absorbed into the oceans. There is no data to say that we can make make a difference with our handling of the fossil fuels. We only know that some of the soot from incomplete burning is outright dangerous to our health. Just try the five-a clock traffic jam in any Metropolitan area. The problem here is not only the incomplete burning of the exhausts but also the lack of oxygen on the ground level that can sometimes approach even the safe limits for the humans.

it is not the greenhouse gases that cause the global warming that is just the "gospel". We got there because of the news media and it's sensationalism. The real facts are like they always are simple and nothing spectacular but that does not sell. Yes, the earth is warming but we so far do not know why it is happening. You need 2 hours to watch this video clip.

Note that the Sun is currently in phase that causes a temporary lull in the warming trend with more than usual cloud formation during the next 3 to 4 years. Before we pass that we really do not know what comes next. Everything points that the earth is continuing the path towards warmer climate but at the moment we have no idea either why.

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"Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused."

















Al Gore missed the point in why the earth is getting warmer - but that is irrelevant as the earth is warming up...

One of the greatest mathematicians and scientists of all times, Henri Poincaré proved that given enough time any three (or more) body dynamic system like our solar system is unstable by birth. We have the sun, 10 planets and countless asteroids and with that our solar system for sure is unstable.  Taken this further the gravitational pull of planets in our solar system causes also the internal balance in our sun fluctuate following the gravitational interaction of these planets. 

Adding to the excitement our galaxy has a huge black hole in the center that keeps our galaxy together. The Mayan calendar had concluded correctly that in every 5,126 years our the earth, the sun have a perfecta alignment with the black hole in the center of our galaxy. The the next alignment is now during the winter solstice day of 2012. There is nothing special to be expected as this alignment has happened already 900,000 times after the earth solidified to a planet. We have also ice core records from the past 650,000 years worth from Antarctica and these tell the us the short term atmosphere composition and even temperature but it is only 650,000 years from our 4.5 billion years - that is 1/7000th of the time the earth has existed or practically no more than a blind of the eye.

Our sun is a thermonuclear fusion reactor held together by it's own gravity. We see it only as very bright evenly colored yellow disk and that is probably good for us.  Our sun is located inside the outer edge of one of the "arms" in our galaxy. Of course is impacted by the gravitational pull from the enormous black hole in center of the galaxy and all the surrounding stars like our sun.  

When we one day master the related math better than today we also learn more of the temperature variations on earth. Remember that anybody including the Scientists can come up with all kind of theories about anything imaginable but none of these has value until the proof is there.

A mystery is that most people have never heard that a boreal forests covered the "low lands" of Antarctica as recently as 3 million years ago.  At the time the temperature of the earth must have been far above the current, and with that the ocean shorelines were likely 80 meters above the present.  For this to happen the oceans must have been much warmer, the atmosphere must have had high CO2 and a high methane content and the sun must have been also a little hotter.  A more turbulence inside the sun could explain the extra heat totally (see the theory 4 below).

We actually have huge methane hydrate deposits in all oceans that all are ready to get released if the ocean temperatures raises. The order of action is: the higher the water temperature the more CO2 and Methane in released into atmosphere. The lower the ocean temperature the more CO2 and Methane is absorbed into oceans from the atmosphere. The CO2 theory as global warming creator does not make any sense as you will see a little later.

The methane hydrate exists in all oceans and appears to be emerging up in sudden large surges now from the Arctic Ocean, according to Russian scientists that have been studying the melting of the ice cover over the recent years. They have stated that up to 1 km wide sudden methane bursts appears to be the reality.

When Methane release process is going on the density of water drops dramatically. It has been long suspected that ships that have simply disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle have met the same fate and instead of floating on surface they simply have dropped to the bottom of the ocean like rocks. 

Why the earth was much warmer some 3 million years ago remains unexplained. There is no signs of mass distinction of the species after the happening some 65 million years ago. The development of the human species like Ardi some 4.4 million years ago in Ethiopia indicate that there has been some major changes in climate somewhere. The answer for this may be buried deep into ocean floors. Or of course we may have had an external influence upsetting the general tranquility in our sun. What was it remains to be seen.















The man made greenhouse gases might not be the real cause for "Global Warming".

But the impurities released with these gases are causing major health problems for us all.

Perhaps we can agree with a simple observation that the vegetation on the Earth is not increasing and it might actually be decreasing as per cutting of the rain forests and the need for new farmland everywhere. If true, then all the CO2 from fossil fuels we are burning or methane from decay should not be accumulating into the atmosphere and showing up as a increasing numbers. Unfortunately we are burning and cutting more than we are planting and with that we have a small problem here..

Here is a simple analysis to illustrate the issue of CO2 changes in the atmosphere since we have started measuring it in Hawaii. We did use also the BP's global fossil fuels and energy consumption data that was available for the same time period (1965-today) and took the corresponding Mauna Loa now famous CO2 data using the annual mean values to make the comparison.

The left graph below shows raw data with human CO2 impact in the atmosphere. Since 1965 we have added 872 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, left scale for both annual and cumulative. The right scale has the Mauna Loa data as ppm of CO2 in atmosphere.

The graph on the right shows the same data after following manipulations. The purpose is to have the data visible on the same scale. For that we: 1) multiplied Mauna Loa raw data by 30, and 2) divided the annual cumulative human CO2 production by 30. After that we applied exponential fit to all three data sets to peel off variations and while leaving the trends visible:

A) The CO2 content in the atmosphere (Mauna Loa) is not related to the accumulating human produced CO2 in the atmosphere.

B) The CO2 content in the atmosphere (Mauna Loa) increases slower than what we humans put into atmosphere each year.

C) The Claim that Mauna Loa CO2 data confirms that humans are causing global warming is a quite a "Stretch" - or rather simply a delusion.

D) When a CO2 in the atmosphere radiates heat out to all directions not only back to earth. The imagined radiation delay is not significant.


Mauna Loa Now ML2

We can speculate what we want but the Mauna Loa data does not support the claim that fossil fuels are the reason for Global Warming.

There is a different game in town! Of course it is wise to reduce the CO2 emissions as it improves the air quality in our cities and with that improves the health of all people around the World. However, the whole story that the news media and the politicians are trumpeting is totally upside down - and they actually know it!

The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is dependent of the water temperature in our oceans together with algae and all vegetation above the ground. The satellite measurements have replaced the Mauna Loa charts as they best way to tell to which direction the temperature of the earth is moving. We also know that as long as the CO2 trend is up the earth is getting warmer.

The human life ends when the oxygen content in the air drops below a threshold of 7%...8%. Our current atmosphere contains about 21% of oxygen but in hot summer days on the major arteries in all major cities the oxygen level can drops well below 15%. At that stage we start seeing changes in the human behavior like an increase in the phenomena we call "road rage". People are losing their judgment, get easily irritated all the way to unnecessary accidents. This is the discussion we should tie to our climate issues and the reason we should take seriously the global warming trend.

It appears that we are not that willing to change our habits and replace the combustion engine with all electric drive etc.. For public health reasons that should be one of our top issues already. Also the utilities making electricity from fossil fuels should be located away from the major cities not inside of them.

The only effective remedy against global warming that we know is to expand the vegetation coverage over all possible land masses for two reasons: 1) evaporation and, 2) absorption of sun rays to vegetation instead of the ground - this latter one is great for evaporation. All plants evaporate water and this evaporation is the monster efficient cooling system known to man.

As the sun is causing this warming trend adding vegetation is the only remedy we have. To speed up this process we already have an enormous capacity in earth moving tools to make a huge changes in the landscape in relatively short time frame - compared e.g. to building the "Great Wall of China". With these changes we can create enormous green patches that in turn will do a huge difference in keeping the planet cool.

Of course this vegetation could provide us some extra food as well as a million or so people go hungry to bed every evening. Watering these green patches is not a problem as we have already the needed technology. We can use desalination, pumping stations and pipelines. All that stuff that is common and used everywhere in the developed world.

The climate discussions so far have revealed one of our real problems - or education systems. We can not get universal science out from our universities until the tax payers start funding 100% of all R&D in the universities. This simple change will take the professors out from fund raising business and give them real opportunity to concentrate to their chosen or given research. It is human to listen best all those who feed and give you a shelter with all the comforts of the life at any level. To prevent outside manipulation of the public opinion through the education apparatus we should see that the teachers and professors in this apparatus are properly compensated and have proper job security.

Some Numbers to Digest

Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe and that by itself speaks in volumes in the global warming discussions. Can it really be creating easily such environments that are detrimental to the life forms that are based on Carbon like almost all on our planet?

  1. The amount of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere is about 3,000 Gigatons
  2. Natural decay of foliage and forests add about 220 Gigatons CO2 and methane per year to the atmospheric CO2
  3. All the the human activities together produce about 30 Gigatons of CO2 per year or about 1% of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  4. Volcanoes add about 0.25 Gigatons per year
  5. Then the oceans of the world contain many times more dissolved CO2 than the atmosphere and in addition there are unaccountable amounts of Carbon based minerals and organic compounds tied in sediments and rocks themselves.

The graph below tells the story of CO2 circulation on earth as visioned by Scientist Hannes Grobe from Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany.

File:CO2 pump hg.png

With everything we do we can only have a fractional impact to the 1% of the CO2 in the atmosphere.

The higher the ocean surface temperature the more these greenhouse gases are "ejected" to the atmosphere - and the lower the temperature the more they are absorbed into the oceans. There is no data to say that we can make make a difference with our handling of the fossil fuels. We only know that some of the soot from incomplete burning is outright dangerous to our health. Just try the five-a clock traffic jam in any Metropolitan area. The problem here is not only the incomplete burning of the exhausts but also the lack of oxygen on the ground level that can sometimes approach even the safe limits for the humans.

The video below shows the essence of the truth regarding the causes for the global warming. The story itself is of course much longer and if you have 2 hours+ you can watch it on another page. The greenhouse gases are not causing the global warming. They are just the public gospel. We got there because of the news media and it's best sellers are always looking for sensationalism. The real facts are always simple and with nothing spectacular in them what is there to sell? Yes, the earth is warming but we do not really know why. The only thing we can count out is the CO2!

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Note that the Sun is currently in phase that causes a temporary lull in the warming trend with more than usual cloud formation during the next 3 to 4 years. Before we pass that we really do not know what comes next. Everything points that the earth is continuing the path towards warmer climate but at the moment we have no idea either why.

The CO2 in the atmosphere is not the cause for global warming it is the consequence of it!


















The Theories of the Climate Cycles on Earth


The amateur scientists have learned from politicians and Harvard economists that one has to claim all imaginable possibilities as new theories to have a change of being lucky and have closely true one and the day of fame in the news!  It is perfectly correct to claim that that the earth is both warming up and heading towards the next ice age.  Both answers will prove to be 100% correct within the next 10,000 years.   Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxides are claimed to the main greenhouse gases - but are they really any factors and is that even relevant? We don't believe so, i.e. there is no proof!

People however, are planning to put huge carbon storage underground next to the coal fired power plants like the Vattenfall's drawing on the left shows (From FT). The only impact they have is that the price of the electric power is going to go up. The impact of these carbon storage's to the earths climate is an absolute zero. And that CO2, liquid or not, does not want to stay in the ground either. Yes, this carbon sink madness can be done but it accomplishes nothing.

Our sun is a thermonuclear fusion reactor, a nuclear device, that may as well be the only important item in this game of global warming. 

What balances operate this fusion reactor is still a mystery to us. We only see that the sun sits there attached to nothing in the center of our solar system that is rotating happily around our Galaxy. A tiny expansion in the suns diameter would roast us like chickens on open fire and the opposite would put us into a deep freeze. This all is achieved just by a small temperature increase or decrease in the sun itself.   We do not know enough yet to have an intelligent discussion about it's activities but we are working on it. Our aim is to get our own fusion reactor functional some day here on earth and if we would fully understand the sun we would likely be able to make one. 

These temperature variations including some wild ones on earth are nothing new. However, during the past 650,000 years we have had none. The ice core samples from Antarctica can never explain why a huge boreal forest thrived on Antarctica about 3 million years ago!   The tectonic movements are too slow to explain this either.  A movement of one centimeter a year makes Antarctica to move only 30 kilometers or 20 miles in 3 million years, a small distance that means nothing.

Nobel Laureate Al Gore has the main issue correct - the earth is warming up -  and that should be enough for all who can accept that 1 + 1 = 2.  What is exactly correct is irrelevant as long as the warming path continues.  Just pick your favorite theory for Global Warming from below, modify it as you please and then shut up.  With that done we can move on with the climate warming remedies as we know as only by using them we can secure the life of the 6.8 billion and counting inhabitants on the planet:


Theory  No 1:

(This is the one that is likely least correct. It ignores that C,O, and H belong to the most abundant elements in the Universe including the earth. We have Volcanic and undersea tectonic activities producing these gases at rate that from time to time exceed all the other factors. It also ignores that the oceans have enormous capacity to absorb and release all these gases with only slightly changing water temperature. We see this to be the consequence of global warming and not the cause of it like most scientists and people seem to believe, see the Theory No 4 below)

Accumulation of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxides into the atmosphere is not causing the global warming while of course the increasing use of fossil fuels is the source for incresing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. 

The earth has huge CO2 storages bound to it's ocean bottom and above as Calcium carbonate or chalk.  While the exact sources of Methane is harder to pinpoint the bacterial life produces it in large quantities and we have huge amounts stored in the shallow ocean floors as more or less unstable Methane Hydrate. The sudden bursts of this as gas is likely behind the stories of Bermuda Triangle and alike. If even a large ship encounters one of the large Methane Hydrate gas releases from the ocean bottom the water around ship is now a mixture of gas and water and cannot support it at all. With no support the ship can just drop into the ocean bottom almost in an instant. The effect is the same as driving a car over the cliff into a deep canyon. 

Methane itself is 20 times more powerful as greenhouse gas than CO2.  The Nitrous Oxide is the most powerful of the greenhouse gases and is formed in all poor combustion environments, be it power plants or automobiles.   Our reach up to 650,000 years back in time in ice core samples from Antarctica confirm the existence of 100,000 year major climate cycle together with several smaller ones.  We have no direct records of the earths climate prior to that time though we have indirect information from bacterial life on earth and the impact of that to the early atmosphere.  It is anyhow comforting to know that during the past 650,000 years Antarctica has always had some ice cap. 

But still everything we see around us is the consequence and not the cause.


Theory  No 2:

(This theory has some real basis.  The stronger activity of the sun forms stronger energy shield reaching earth and reducing the amount of high intensity radiation from the outer space. When this radiation hits the earth's atmosphere it will increase the cloud formation and will actually cool the earth. With sun spot minimum at hand we can expect now a 3 to 4 years of cooling. That however does not tell anything of the future activity of our sun itself. This theory supports also the theory No 4.)

The sun's magnetic field - which protects the earth from cosmic rays - has doubled in strength over the last century, reducing cloud formation in the atmosphere.  Fewer low-altitude clouds contribute to higher ground temperatures.   The Danish National Space Center has determined that cosmic rays from stars that reach the earth's atmosphere affect the climate.  They used  information about supernovas as the basis for their work, and their analysis showed that particles released from a star's activity can act as catalysts to initiate the formation of clouds even here in the earth's atmosphere ( Henrik Svensmark, director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research).  He hesitates, however, blaming global warming solely on cosmic rays.   'I'm saying that the sun has an effect. But I'm also saying it's uncertain how much global warming has to do with the sun and how much is caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.'  'The greenhouse effect must play some role. But those who are absolutely certain that the rise in temperatures are due solely to carbon dioxide have no scientific justification. It's pure guesswork.' 


Theory  No 3:

(Here we have another real point. If the history repeats itself like it usually does when we have stable celestial processes impacting then the temperature will follow the historical cycles we have seen from the 650,000 years of ice core samples. Regardless how much CO2 we measure in the atmosphere our ability falls short from the nature to overrun it at any time it so chooses,, this supports also the theory No 4:)

We do not fully understand our sun beyond that it is a thermonuclear fusion reactor held together by gravity.  A recent theory claims also that there are magnetic instabilities in the core of the Sun which cause fluctuations with periods of either 41,000 or 100,000 years.  What is known for sure is that the sun has a 11 year sunspot cycle that effects radio transmissions by altering the positions of the reflective layers impacting the whole spectrum of radio frequencies, and that the sun emits solar flares, some of which can impact us as species by being directly harmful to our biology and to some of our high technology equipment.

As said the we have a major cooling / heating cycle period at 100,000 years as seen from the last 650,000 years of ice core records taken from two sites on Antarctica.  This hot/cold cycle repeats like a clockwork.  Being a clockwork it could be related to celestial movements and our path around sun is an ellipsoid that repeats a form between more and less round shape.  This movement has also a cycle that lasts about 100,000 years.

We have also 41,000, 23,000, 19,000 and even 11 year independent temperature cycles.  How should we explain these?


Theory  No 4: 

(Our sun is like a violent, tireless and ruthless carnivores that somebody just described to resemble a tigers mouth that is devouring it's kill. We can not see this violence with a naked eye and that is probably good for us all as what is really there would frighten most of people. One can understand this instability as our sun is at the end a continuously exploding thermo nuclear bomb that is kept together only by its's huge mass and the resulting gravity. Any instability in the mass distribution that must exist in this environment will invariably create huge solar explosions, flares and plasma ejections that we see with our instruments and that can (rarely) be of such intensity that they can silence our satellites, radio communications and even the electricity distribution infrastructure. The theory below has it's origin in a burning candle where the heart when burrowed deep into wax is causing the flame to flicker in a stabile frequency based on its's need to get enough oxygen and when it arrives the ensuing heat build-up expands and thins the the air reducing the oxygen flow in a timely manner.)

The Sun


Have you ever wondered why a burning candle starts flickering with flame size increasing and decreasing at almost fixed frequency?

The flickering gets stronger the deeper the heart of the candle has buried itself into the vax cavity. The cause of flickering is the lack of oxygen that gets replenished when the flame almost disappears when fast raising CO2 gas prevents Oxygen from entering the cavity. When the flame almost disappears fresh air with oxygen rushes in re-igniting even the red hot heart, and so on....

A likely similar process prevails in our sun. It burns Hydrogen to make Helium and when enough Helium accumulates it self-ignites and burns to Iron. Helium burns much faster and hotter than Hydrogen. This Helium process is still intermittent and ends in a few yeas of even thousand years when the Helium concentration is depleted. However the process of burning Hydrogen continues producing Helium at a more or less steady rate and a new Helium cycle starts gain...

As said our sun is a Hydrogen fusion reactor held together only by her own gravity while converting Hydrogen to Helium at a steady rate. Helium is just another nuclear fuel that ignites creating a much hotter fusion reaction than Helium.

For this to happen the concentration and density of the Helium must first reach the ignition point.  Let's assume that the conditions are correct in a more or less timely manner somewhere closer to the center of the sun.  Helium ignites, and is converted to iron while burning very hot for a say 10,000 years or so making all the planets in our solar system warmer.  But as quickly as this reaction starts it stops when the concentration of Helium drops too low until enough Helium is again available.  We are lucky though as Helium is consumed at much higher rate than it is formed from Hydrogen. Being the other way around would means the end to our solar system.

The global warming trend is still up on earth. If it continues much longer then in the first pahse the 3 kilometer thick ice shelf above Greenland becomes unstable, melts and slides in a more less orderly phases into North Atlantic. With that the level in all oceans will raise about 6-8 meters.  That increases the earth's ability to absorb heat from the Sun. The molten water absorbs more heat than ice while the land masses opposes this change. The surface waters in oceans get cooler for a while absorbing more of the greenhouse gases like CO2 and Methane forming solid Methane Hydrate. 

The earth may even start cooling down with this but unfortunately the Helium reaction in the Sun may not be over as of yet and the temperature of the earth will start increasing again.  Depending on how long the heating continues in the second phase a "small" part of Antarctica, about equal in size with Greenland becomes unstable, melts and tumbles into ocean causing another 6 meters raise in ocean levels.  Earth behaves like after the first phase but as there may still be Helium left we may see the remaining ice shelf from Antarctica to melt as well and with that the sea levels would raise now up to 60 meters more Time wise we may be talking about a few centuries for this process to go through but it has happened earlier.

In absense of Helium cycle the oceans are cold and will soon have absorbed the remaining greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and with that the temperature on earth starts dropping. 

The earth is soon in a "free fall" to another deep freeze with ocean levels dropping all the way to 120 meters below the present.  The temperature might fall even further depending on how long it will take for the sun to accumulate enough Helium for another hotter period to start. 

As recently as only 20,000 years ago the earth was at the bottom of the last "ice age" and at that time the water line was low enough to create a "thousand mile wide highway" between Alaska and Siberia. 

We have already the technology to reduce the extremes and perhaps one day on we can even control the impact of this phenomena on the surface of the earth. However, there is nothing what we can do to the sun and it keeps on operating following the laws of the Nature.

We have built dams on rivers to tame the floods and to provide water over the dry seasons.  The process is in principle no different from this, it only requires taming the heat instead of water.  To get it done we must work with water, ice, plants and atmosphere. It is a more complex than a river dam but plenty of it can be done if we have political will to do it. 

And those who happen to live at the time do not really have a choice.  The alternative is a global war over resources and the survival of the fittest. (Courtesy by M&M-600 team). 

















We and the Climate are stuck together...


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The time itself is the most rare and precious commodity in the universe. 

The pipers have started telling that we can save the world from the energy crisis and global warming by utilizing our forest and fields.  A nice thought but unfortunately fundamentally faulty. 

We all know the coal, oil, natural gas and even wood as main energy resources.   However, when we venture to far away places where these are not readily available we will encounter all kind of energy options. Anything liquid or solid that can burn after drying is just perfect.

On the other side of the technology barrier the dissolved part of the wood that gets separated in pulping process (paper making) is first evaporated to high solids and then burned.  A modern pulp mill has actually excess power to sell to the community around it and even the power grid. But forget that we can ever get our energy needs from the forests. WE do not have enough arable land to do it on sustainable basis! 

Additionally contrary to a common belief the utilization of bio fuels are at their best carbon neutral to the atmosphere i.e. they have no real impact to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - it might be even just slightly the opposite side that is true.    

Methanol, a low heat value cousin of ethanol has been produced from pulp wood for almost a century and used e.g. as a fuel or as a lamp oil. It is usually chemically treated to make it tasting bad to prevent accidental internal use. A person believing it to tbe the same as ordinary alcohol makes a grave error and is lucky if he/she survives by only becoming permanently blind. 

Trying to get our energy from vegetation will help but will never solve our energy problems.

However, there in the area of transportation fuels for airplanes, trucks and ocean liners we should move towards cleaner liquid fuels. THis technology uses variations of an almost century old Fischer-Tropsh process where heat and catalysts will generate precise composition clean fuels from almost any organic material. We however should speed-up industrialization of these processes and with that clean our air and way ways.  This is nothing untested, during the WW II, the whole German army run by diesel oil generated from coal and wood.  Gas from wood itself was also used to run the cars.  When the fuel run out you just stepped out with your ax and brought in some wood. 

We can always continue business as usual and do nothing.   Just remember that the Nature has no patience for fools - she makes all rules and our job is to discover them before it is too late. The rules can change with our numbers and the technologies we use.

















The Climate Change - the Global Cycles

"All great truths begin as blasphemies." ~ George Bernard Shaw


2009 - Latest from Arctic Ocean

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Facts on Global Warming as Reported by NASA

This page shows 5 graphs covering Sea Level, Carbon Dioxide, Global Surface Temperature, Arctic Sea Ice and Land Ice back in time as reported by NASA. The conclusion is that the earth is warming up. We believe that our sun is the only reason for the warming up and CO2 is just a consequence. Our calculations and related graphs tell it to be that way.

More doubts to the validity of the CO2 theory should be asked based on the behavior of our Thermosphere. Unfortunately such institutions like the US Congress have started meddling with these issues. In their paranoia of being blamed and responsible for damages on something related to CO2 they have started using armies of lawyers to define the terminology and wording in every sentence so that in no circumstances a US company is responsible of anything regarding the global warming.

The global warming can be proven false or correct even today if we adopt the practices of our medical industry when they study the side effects of new drugs as follows: small number of studied subjects, highly variable objects, not enough data points, ancient analysis tools, narrowly defined issues to be looked for, bad data lost or forgotten, etc...