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Why is our thermosphere absent from our climate discussions? It is the supreme ruler of the climate controlled totally by the solar wind. The thermosphere allows the curren life forms to survive on earth by taming the impact of the solar wind - visible in the night sky as Aurora Borealis, in the far North and South. The solar cycles heat the thermosphere up to 800 degrees Kelvin depending on the sun's activity. This atmospheric layer is by far the thickest part of our atmosphere that balances its own temperature by radiating heat both back to space and down to the earth.

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Antarctic started melting long before the global warming hysteria, study says Whilst the theory of global warming has gained many supporters, an international team of scientists has revealed that the Antarctic had been troubled by warm temperatures centuries before the post-industrial age (by RT).

By End of this Century Peak Temperatures in Scandinavia and Kola Peninsula will be 8 degrees C higher than today The picture from the Swedish Meteoroligal Institute summarizes the story of climate change impact in Northern Europe by the end of this century. The research from the Finnish scientists support the results.

The Theories of the Climate Cycles on Earth


The amateur scientists have learned from politicians and Harvard economists that one has to claim all imaginable possibilities as new theories to have a change of being lucky and have closely true one and the day of fame in the news!  It is perfectly correct to claim that that the earth is both warming up and heading towards the next ice age.  Both answers will prove to be 100% correct within the next 10,000 years.   Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxides are claimed to the main greenhouse gases - but are they really any factors and is that even relevant? We don't believe so, i.e. there is no proof!

People however, are planning to put huge carbon storage underground next to the coal fired power plants like the Vattenfall's drawing on the left shows (From FT). The only impact they have is that the price of the electric power is going to go up. The impact of these carbon storage's to the earths climate is an absolute zero. And that CO2, liquid or not, does not want to stay in the ground either. Yes, this carbon sink madness can be done but it accomplishes nothing.

Our sun is a thermonuclear fusion reactor, a nuclear device, that may as well be the only important item in this game of global warming. 

What balances operate this fusion reactor is still a mystery to us. We only see that the sun sits there attached to nothing in the center of our solar system that is rotating happily around our Galaxy. A tiny expansion in the suns diameter would roast us like chickens on open fire and the opposite would put us into a deep freeze. This all is achieved just by a small temperature increase or decrease in the sun itself.   We do not know enough yet to have an intelligent discussion about it's activities but we are working on it. Our aim is to get our own fusion reactor functional some day here on earth and if we would fully understand the sun we would likely be able to make one. 

These temperature variations including some wild ones on earth are nothing new. However, during the past 650,000 years we have had none. The ice core samples from Antarctica can never explain why a huge boreal forest thrived on Antarctica about 3 million years ago!   The tectonic movements are too slow to explain this either.  A movement of one centimeter a year makes Antarctica to move only 30 kilometers or 20 miles in 3 million years, a small distance that means nothing.

Al Gore had the main issue correct - the earth is warming up -  and that should be enough for all who can accept that 1 + 1 = 2.  What is exactly correct is irrelevant as long as the warming path continues.  Just pick your favorite theory for Global Warming from the four ones below, modify it as you please. That done we can move on with the climate warming remedies...

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Facts on Global Warming as Reported by NASA Five graphs covering Sea Level, Carbon Dioxide, Global Surface Temperature, Arctic Sea Ice and Land Ice back in time as reported by NASA. The conclusion is that the earth is warming up.

"The Global Warming Swindle" (2010) The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is dependent on the surface water temperature and algae amounts in the the oceans and the amount of vegetation above the ground.

Are we protected from the particles in Solar Wind? Fissures in this magnetic shield are known to occur, enabling the solar wind to penetrate our near-space environment. A study based on data collected by the four ESA Cluster satellites and the CNSA/ESA Double Star TC-1 spacecraft, provides new insight into the location and duration of these ruptures in the Earth's magnetic shield.

Al Gore missed the point in why the earth is getting warmer - but that is irrelevant as the earth is warming up... One of the greatest mathematicians and scientists of all times, Henri Poincaré proved that given enough time any three (or more) body dynamic system like our solar system is unstable by birth. We have the sun, 10 planets and countless asteroids and with that our solar system for sure is unstable.  Taken this further the gravitational pull of...

The man made greenhouse gases might not be the real cause for "Global Warming". But the impurities released with these gases are causing major health problems for us all...

We and the Climate are stuck together... The time itself is the most rare and precious commodity in the universe.  The pipers have started telling that we can save the world from the energy crisis and global warming by utilizing our forest and fields.  A nice thought but unfortunately fundamentally faulty. 

The Climate Change - the Global Cycles "All great truths begin as blasphemies." ~ George Bernard Shaw

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