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NWO's World population reduction program stays on schedule - it appears the turmoil in the Middle-East is just a smoke screen...

"A curse on him who is lax in doing the God's work! A curse on him who keeps his sword from bloodshed!" -- Jeremiah 48:10, Motto of Pope Gregory VII (It is not only the Muslims who have a problem with violence and their holy scriptures).

"All what the leader has to do is to tell them (the people) that they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to a grave danger. It works the same way in any country" - Hermann Goering, Reichsmarschall, Nürnberg war tribunals.

“The great masses of people will more easily fall victims to a ‘big lie’ than a small one, if it is repeated often enough” - Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Nürnberg war tribunals.

Jews have no exclusivity to the word 'holocaust' from their forced slavery on the WW II death camps in Germany. Jews have no exclusivity to the word 'holocaust' from their forced slavery on the WW II death camps in Germany. Similar holocausts have been used around the globe throughout the written human history.

A brutal version is currently active around the Middle-East, while a silent stealthy version is spreading rapidly around all continents including some parts of Europe and North America. This second version is based on infertility gene created by a company called Epicyte now owned by Monsanto and DuPont together - the most dominant GMO seed producers.

It is obvious that the population explosions and assumed maximum resources of the earth are always in the collision course if nothing is done.

In historical times the rulers have controlled this using wars to rid their excess populations and of course their domestic adversaries by putting them as commanders in front of their army units where they would likely not survive.

The video below tells the story outline and the pictures and more detailed descriptions of this danger allows one to come back to some of the topics shown in the video .



The GMO foods are a dead serious danger to billions of the poorest on the planet.

However it is a dream came through for the ruling western elite when a biotech company Epicyte discovered the infertility gene. The company was immediately purchased by the food producing giants, Monsanto and DuPont, to combine this gene to all their existing GMO products they had developed.

GMO crops behave like any new crops when in fertile new soil. They produce huge yields for the few first years but then yield drops and goes even below the crops they replaced. As an example the Ginseng root extracts the soil so effectively from nutrients that very little can grow an that area for several years to come. Likewise when a forest is turned to agriculture the soil yields plenty for up to 3-4 years but after that the yields drop rapidly without fertilizers.

Today GMO crops cover 80% of all corn grown in the USA. For many corn remains the staple food in the USA. The financial crisis is now increasing the need of inexpensive corn and rice both in the USA and in many developing counties.

Like both Lloyd Blankfein and Bill Gates have said: "We do God's work here."


The Smoke Screen?

We went to a war about non existing WMD in Iraq to send this old civilization center decades back in development to gain access to cheap oil.

Then we suddenly noticed deplorable treatment of women in Afghanistan and by "helping them" we acquired access to huge drone practicing range covering whole Afghanistan and part of Pakistan. And if we are lucky in due we will get a lion share of the rare earth minerals in ground.

But these wars were too short and more eye popping front lines were needed. We raised the nuclear threat from Iran to headlines, helped Israel with their forever lasting conquest of Palestinian lands, executed Osama Bin Laden (to prevent past from surfacing?), fueled the "Arab Spring" by re-arming the CIA established Al Qaeda. Now we are pouring gasoline to the fire in Syria when the rebels started losing the momentum to keep the issue in press, etc....

The meantime the silent infertility maker's crops are gaining ground everywhere on the Globe. When the damage is finally understood by ignorant people it is too late for all family lines who cannot afford increasingly higher prices of the non GMO foods.

As long as NWO is in power there is no end of the head lines and turmoil. These stop immediately after they get the "Epicyte"-project irreversibly in place - and they are progressing well at the moment. With everything in place the world population starts dropping rapidly and the balances in the nature will be irreversibly changed.

Does the human population balance to a lower level is totally unknown and instead we may have doomed ourselves to a distinction within a few centuries on earth.

The earth has capacity to carry 25-30 billion people as is using our current technologies. Population growth is a solvable problem by far before we reach those numbers simply by educating people and that alone is enough to make their lives secure. Europe and North America are a living proof of that.

Unfortunately, as long as governments and religions are tied together we there is no hope of lasting peace. The monotheistic Western Religions: Christianity, Islam and by the numbers miniscule Judaism are all equal here. Only the permanent separation of the State and religion can solve the problem together. This requires well educated population and that alone drops the family sizes dramatically and balances the resources of our planet with its fauna and flora.

NWO knows that controlling even the current population from one world government is an impossible task. If they had really understood communism they would have understood that their Euro project was nonsense while trade alliance called EU is not. The USA limps forward as one Nation only because the States have been able to decide what happens inside their borders while the currency is the same.