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Monstanto's Startegy preventing people from knowing they eat GMO products works perfectly in the USA... (0713-12) Like Lloyd Blankfein said: "We do God's work here."

NWO's World population reduction program stays on schedule - it appears the turmoil in the Middle-East is just a smoke screen... (0713-11) Jews have no exclusivity to the word 'holocaust' from their forced slavery on the WW II death camps in Germany. Similar holocausts have been used around the globe througghout the written human history. A brutal version is currently active around the Middle-East, while a silent staelthy version is spreading rapidly around all continents including some parts of Europe and North America. This second version is based on infertility gene created by a company called Epicyte now owned by Monsanto and DuPont together - the most dominant GMO seed producers.


Is this the solution to world food shortages?  In a village in India's poorest state, Bihar, farmers are growing world record amounts of rice – with no GM, and no herbicide.

Are GMO Products ready for Human Consumption? Monsanto, Pioneer (Dupont) and Syngenta are lobbying World governments to eliminate their non GMO competition - if they succeed we are sooner or later forced to eat their Scientifically still Unproven Products!  A multitude of past studies have shown that all is not well in farm animal kingdom when they are fed with GMO seeds. Some reportedly lose their ability to reproduce. Given choice farm animals appear also to always choose the non GMO seeds if they can choose. Why is our own US Government forcing us to eat these for humans untested GMO products? The rats seem to lose their ability to have fully developed surviving offspring beyond their second or third generations.

Indian Scientists Report - GE Crops and Unsustainable Agricultural Practices are Destroying our Planet's Soil, Food Supply, and more...  Genetically engineered crops and food products pose a threat to your health, resistance to disease, soil, and the global food supply.

  1. GE seed wars in India have resulted in a group of Indian scientists being found guilty of infecting and hiding the fact that indigenously created Bt cotton contained a Monsanto gene in a rush to get the seed to market
  2. A new study shows glyphosate (from GE feed) alters the gut flora in poultry; pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella and Botulism are strengthened, while beneficial bacteria are weakened, which is a setup for making you sick from poultry consumption
  3. The world may be running out of topsoil, as soil is being lost at 10 to 40 times the rate it can be replenished
  4. Cultivation of GE crops may be a major contributor by adversely altering soil’s ecological balance and fertility, possibly irreversibly; DNA from GE organisms is not readily broken down by soil microbes, and this foreign DNA can mix with the DNA of these microbes to create bizarre strains, toxins, and otherwise interfere with the biological system that controls soil’s fertility


Can we continue ignoring the warnings and just wait for the Dust Bowl that ravaged the American plains during the 1930's and brought great destruction to the economy. Dust Bowl together with the consequences of the 1929 market crash created conditions that actually demanded the USA to vastly expand their military industrial complex and then even to join the WW II.

Dust Bowl, is the popular name for part of the southern Great Plains of the USA subjected to severe wind erosion during the 1930's. It consisted of the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles, southwestern Kansas, northeastern New Mexico, and southeastern Colorado. Low annual precipitation and high winds are characteristic of the region.

The Dust Bowl area was originally grassland and was used primarily as grazing land until the early 1930's, when the growing of winter wheat became widespread covering at peak about 5 million acers. With the cultivation of the land came the destruction of the grasses that previously anchored the soil and prevented severe erosion. Devastating droughts occurred in the area from 1933 to 1939 and were accompanied by dust storms called “black blizzards.” Some of the dust clouds traveled eastward to the Atlantic coast and beyond. Much of the soil in the region of the Dust Bowl was blown away; crop and property damage was heavy, and at the ensd farmers just abandoned their farms.

In response to the economic disaster created by the Dust Bowl, Congress passed the Soil and Conservation Act of 1935, which established the Soil and Conservation Service within the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This agency began teaching soil conservation practices and providing funds to carry them out. Dry farming was started and efforts were begun to reestablish the grasslands; strips of trees, called shelterbelts, were planted as windbreaks; and crops that could withstand droughts were planted. Dust storms have subsequently occurred in the Dust Bowl region, but they have not been as severe as those of the 1930's.

The GMO crops created by Monsanto & al., have the same effect on soil. Any change in climate even without any new pervasive disease can wipe out everything leaving the already weak soil defenseless.

If we just ignore the obvious and do not stop the global ambitions of the GMO giants like Monsanto & al., the Dust Bowl stories will re-emerge with devastating imnpact to the human popuklation and our ecosystem.

The first trial with global warming is already on the way. Unfortunately for some in power the consequences would be a dream come true but for hundreds of millions people it will be a life threatening disaster endangering perhaps even the portions of the planet's ecosystem.

Worms Produce Another Kind of Gold for Farmers small but growing group of worm farmers are creating a natural fertilizer product known as “vermicompost,” which is said to improve plant growth and make plants more resistant to disease and insects than plants grown with other composts and fertilizers

Arable lands - what should we grow? The land surface of earth is 149,000,000 square kilometers or 14.9 billion hectares - this before the first expected sea level raise of 6-7 meters will become true when the ice shelf covering Greenland melts within the next 100 years or so.  

GMO Foods - what is their impact to the human reproduction and what do we know about it? So far we have no answers of their impact to our reproductive systems. Of course Monsanto's own scientists have not seen any impact as of yet as we humans are not multiplying like rabbits or lemmings.

Our Oceans are in Danger Oceanic problems once found on a local scale are now pandemic. Data from oceanography, marine biology, meteorology, fishery science and glaciology reveal that the seas are changing in ominous ways."

GMO Products make farm animals infertile Good health starts from the food you eat...

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