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This video is not for Joe the Six-Pack but for people who want to know and care of their and their family's future. Our Joe does not watch this kind of conspiracy theories. Instead he loves football, gets all his news from FOX, is a republican and feels he is he is rich like those on the wall street. He buys stocks when CNBC instructs him to do so and sells them in desperation after the markets already have crashed just to save some of it.

When all goes wrong Joe blames the big government and the democrats as he remembers Fox teaching him to be the truth. With time he is getting poorer and poorer without understanding why. This cannot be true as he lives in the richest and most powerful country of the world.




































Let the Professionals like the Physicists or Engineers to Fix The Economy

This thought was in a letter to FT on August 12, 2010 from Rod Dowler, London, UK. We totally agree what he said and added a twist. At the present level of the economic discussions even most graduate engineers could perform miracles.

You might not be aware but the physicists around the world are the cream of engineering knowledge. To solve the financial knots and entanglement we find ourselves we should put the physicists in charge of our financial systems for a few years. And after they have made it all whole again and shown the economists how it all works they could ret run back to their own world again.

The W. Bush time secretary of the US Treasury Paul O'neill (retired highly successful CEO from ALCOA) told flatly the economics as practiced today to be a religion that had nothing to do with a science. This is confirmed eve today almost daily by the competing "herds" of leading global economists calling their wisdom to come from this or that famous economists from the past and accordingly their specific doctrines are the only ones to be followed. Still these "herds" can not even agree with each others on anything. With this nonsense even the political parties are deeply involved into it. This is just hopeless nonsense.

This behavior is totally in odds with the nature and it's laws where everything is either right or wrong and on basic level disregarding the facts is followed by instant punishment.

As an example you are either sick or you are not. If your doctor would behave like economist he/she would not listen a word you say as you are an idiot and can not comprehend anything from the medical field. Some of them in the USA actually behave exactly that way during the few minutes they have allocate time to meeting you and deciding what medication you need. In comparison to an economist he/she might actually start curing you by first removing your appendix to reduce the possibilities why you came to the office ( to get some cash). Then He/she would continue by removing one organ after other until you would be cured or you would die. And in case unfortunate death the explanation your family would be that you came too late and nothing could be done any more.

In engineering all issues are handled differently. Take BP and the oil spill in the Gulf. We had suddenly a major problem that nobody had encountered before in a deep sea environment. This was challenge even for the engineers. It however showed how logic is used to find the solution. There were several options that the engineers figured out almost immediately. They all were discussed for their merits and put in order that they would be tried. The engineers have no difficulties in this kind of process. Even the biggest ego will yield when confronted with the facts of the nature.

With this the most logical solution for our economic problems as pointed by Mr. Dowler in his letter to FT is really to put the Physicists in charge of the economy for a time being to fix the nonsense the economists have created like the one shown in the graph below. The graph shows a Casino that escaped to the wild because economists did not know that to perform optimally everything even in economics has boundaries where it has to stay.


We have now a US$ 600 Trillion Gambling Casino that requires a US$ 20 Trillion maintenance fee to keep it alive. If this house of cards would meet an unexpected death it would burn the world's combined GDP of around US$ 60...70 Trillion in a heart beat.

The derivatives were created already a couple of thousand years ago to secure price stability. Now and them throughout the history some individuals and small groups like minded conspirators have used them for personal gain. After the initial success only those who understood this fire and participated from the side survived while others were burned some even to stakes. The latest perpetrator identified effort was done by the Hunt brothers when they tried to corner the silver markets. The most powerful people have always played this game and their fame allows them to move the markets with little or no money at all in comparison to what they ended up getting.

The bigger fish have played it for almost free compared to the reward. In 1815 Baron Nathan Rothshild cornered successfully the UK stock markets gaining the control over the whole UK industrial base and with that he got even the keys to the Bank of England. In 1907 J.P. Morgan played this same game for free in the USA by spreading a rumor that a major competing bank would fail. He just "forgot" to name the name of this competitor. In 1913 these two and their comrades from major European banking houses received from the US Congress the keys, that they still hold, to the newly established Federal Reserve Bank of the USA known today as FED. This game worked well during the 1929 recession when the UK and US economies were decimated.

Unfortunate for these really big fish, President Roosevelt approved the Glass-Steagall Act that prevented the gambling on peoples money at the scale these big fish like to play. They enforced their positions considerably by organizing the WW I and WW II. They still found that the Glass-Staegall Act was on their way and it had to go. It too until 1999 and Clinton Presidency to create conditions that they were able to eliminate this Act. That was all that was needed and the world is closer than ever for the next major catastrophe that would finally enslave everybody except China and perhaps India under the rule of this now only global Banking Empire.




















Albert Einsteins eighth Wonder of the World

Albert Einstein spread the knowledge of the most destructive power in human hands when he stated: “Compound interest was not only man’s greatest invention, but it is also the most powerful force on Earth!” He continued, "when you borrow money it works against you when you lend, it works for you".

The simple process of compounding interest has the power to change the world but so far over all the 17 past empires ruling the Middle-East only and the Europe only the nobility had ever grasped the true power of this simple math and by mastering this the Anglo-American-Dutch banking Empire is still in power in the western world..

With compounding interest and 300 years (the average age of the 17 empires) a bank collecting 5% interest on an imagined US$ 1 loan will have US$ 2,273,996 million after 300 years. If the interest rate is raised to a still normal 10% this bank would have US$ 2,617,010,996,188 or US$ 2.6 Trillion. If the bank would use the same predatory practices than the US credit card companies apply to all who fail to pay in time, the 29% interest they charge would cause our little dollar to grow to US$ 1.5*10^33, or a sum that forms when we write firs 15... and then add 32 zeros.

Unfortunately only few of us have ever fully understood the true power behind this Eisteins claim. It has also a twist that the Nobility has used ever since they discovered that a bank does not need to have full collateral for the depositors - they can issue written paper peaces that promise the owner the specified amount of money from bank at will. A piece of paper was safer to move around than a wheelbarrow full of gold. This discovery opened tha pandora's box.

The Roan empires used similar tactics when they changed the content of coins from gold to silver and furter to copper when they had exhausted the coffersd of the empire. People knew what it ment and started demanding more of this false "gold". Later on they simply refused to accept these coins in exchange to their goods.

As the bank notes as accepted currency today and there is no more need to have full collateral at any given moment in the bank the bankers know that they have been given a license to steal if they are not catched. When big enough or banded together they can with time gain a controlling stake in any economy.

To prevent this a central bank of a country must be under the full control of the government not the bankers. A private bank should never be allowed to gain control over any economy. Unfortunately, contrary to the lessons from history the US Federal Reserve Bank or FED is a private bank and in charge of the US economy. It took almost 100 years lobbying to get the US goevrnment to yield and give the ownership to FED to a group of major private banks fromEurope led by the Rothschild's banking empire. The FED was established in 1913. Guess why we had this economic collapse and guess who benefitted most of it?