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Where did the US tax payer Money go Ben - you are the chairman of the FED?

Ben what happened for the tax payer money, why did you send it overseas? Was the real reason the shaky foundations under Goldman Sachs, JPM, and half a dozen other private banks that "own" the unregulated US$ 700...1,000 Trillion (with T) derivatives casino - heading to collapse within the next few years?

How come, Ben "did not know" the names of the banks who got the money. "Which banks" was the next question and Ben yielded: "central banks in europe and elsewhere". After squeezing more in this Senate hearing Ben yielded that altogether 16 banks got the money but he could not "remember" their names!

According to Bloomberg this as it looks now, "wasted" money, was not US$ 700 Billion but a whopping US$ 14 Trillion!

The recipients that got it according to the Ben's statements should have been at least the following central anks, all run now by former(?) Goldman Sachs executives:

  1. European Central Bank,
  2. Bank of England,
  3. German Bundesbank, and central banks of
  4. France,
  5. Netherlands,
  6. Italy,
  7. Greece - that adds together to 7

The missing nine (9) are no central banks at all and the Chairman certainly knows the names of these banks as they own FED and all of them are members of his Board:

  1. Rothschild Bank of London,
  2. Rothschild Bank of Berlin,
  3. Lazard Brothers of Paris,
  4. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy,
  5. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam,
  6. Warburg Bank of Hamburg,
  7. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York,
  8. Goldman Sachs of New York,
  9. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York.

The Central Bank of Israel is conspicuously missing. We all know that Ben is more than well aware what and where this Central Bank is and is located. Ben and the chairman of this Central Bank were shown by CNBC having a long walk together recently during the bankers meeting Jackson Hole. This specific Central Bank counts for the word "elsewhere" (= outside Europe). Now we have a new problem as we have now 17 banks instead of 16.

Ben did not slip as in his wolrd when a "former" Goldman Sachs director runs them they obey Lloyd Blakfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs as its "affiliated" banks. This explains also Lloyd Blakfein's fairly recent words: “We do God’s work here".

Ben did not forget the names of FED's owner banks. He would not say the names of these private banks in any Senate hearings as it would certainly shock and surprise most Americans who sincerely believe that FED is owned by the US Government!

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