11/58. ...järki käteen tinkerbell?

December 14, 2011; 16:48 by abc (discussion in web publication: Uusi Suomi)

Vastoin tinkerbellin vakaumusta velallakin voi maksaa velan joskus jopa helposti!

Kun velkasi korko on 10%-300% kuten Kreikan haitari on ollut viime aikoina sama velka koron ollessa realistisempi 2%:ia tekee ihmeita takaisinmaksussa.

Tasta on koko EU:n riidan ydin! Jollei EU kayttaydy kuten jarki sanoo ja EKP lainaa rahaa suoraan jasenmaiden keskuspankeille niin meidan on pakko ottaa markka takaisin jos haluamme olla itsenainen maa.

EU:ta vastaavassa USA:ssa on kullakin osavaltiolla koosta riippumatta tasan 2 aanta Senaatissa. Mikaan lakimuutos ei mene lapi ellei Senaatin enemmisto niin halua.

Ainoastaan North Dakotan osavaltio USA:ssa saa FED:ilta lainaa 0.05%...0.25%:n korolla koska silla on oma keskuspankki. FED:n olisi pakko antaa halpakorkoista lainarahaa muillekin osavaltioille, mutta niilla ei ole omia keskuspankkeja. North Dakota on velaton ja sen keskuspankki on tehnyt koko lahes 100 vuotisen ikansa ajan voittoa osavaltionsa veronmaksajille.

Tanaan useat muut osavaltiot ovat heranneet California etunenassa ja alkaneet turkimaan miten tallainen osavaltion (vastaa EU:n jasenmaata) omistama pankki voidaan perustaa.

North Dakotaa lukuunottamatta muut osavaltiot joutuvat ottamaan lainantarpeensa yksityisilta suurpankeilta ja niiden antolainauskorko on taysin eri tasolla muodostuen Kreikalta vaaditulla tavalla. Korko ei ole aivan niin korkea mutta on aivan toisella tasolla kuin FED'in kaypa antolainauskorko 0.05%...0.25%.

EKP tarvitsee samat valtuudet kuin on FED'illa, mutta sen pitaa sailya taysin EU:n omistamana.

USA:n FED on 100%:sesti yksityisten suurpankkien omistama nimestaan huolimatta ja omistajat tekevat paatokset huolimatta siita, etta USA:n Congressi saa nimittaa FED:in "ainoan ja virallisen" puheenjohtajan!






















11/57. Iceland after Financial Crisis - the End Game

November 30, 2011

By Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland, Árni Páll Árnason, Minister of Economy

Iceland was the first advanced economy to experience the full force of the 2008 global financial crisis, and the first to subsequently seek financial support from the IMF. Three years later, with the country on the road to recovery, the Icelandic authorities and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are co-hosting this high-level conference to review Iceland’s achievements and examine the challenges that still lie ahead.


The video continues then with the program in three sessions that all are worth following...



















11/56. Life in America in 2010 AD - in Florida 25% of school age children are homeless

November 27, 2011 see it all from the CBS "60 Minutes" program video that just aired!

Credit of this disgrace and travesty goes 100% to the grid locked politicians in the US Congress. A large portion of politicians there are actually millionaires ( a recent study revealed). Perhaps their time goes to private wheeling and dealing in the halls of the congress to make deals with the next peace of insider information to buy or sell some shares in public companies and new IPO deals not yet open for the tax payers.




















11/55. Anonymous goes after UC Davis pepper-spray cop

November 24, 2011 More from this story











11/54. Does the European Union have an Expiry Date?

November 20, 2011 by Adrian Salbuchi

A veritable re-engineering of the entire planet has been taking place in front of our eyes for many decades now. However, since it is gradual, most people do not notice or understand what is happening.

Just like the proverbial frog that if thrown into boiling water painfully jumps out and survives, but will be cooked and die if thrown into lukewarm water where the heat rises one degree every 5 minutes…

What goes under the name of “New World Order”, “Globalization” or (my favourite) “World Government” describes the long-term objectives of a highly powerful Global Power Elite embedded inside every country, notably the US and Europe, that owns, operates and channels every country’s resources – oil, finance, economic strength, military prowess, natural resources – from inside to promote their supranational agenda.

This highly complex, holistic and extensively planned process helps explain much (if not all) of the on-going violence, chaos and injustice we see in the realms of finance, politics and the economy. But good strategic planning also requires experimentation, trial and error, scenario building and war games.
My native country, Argentina (and Latin America as a whole), have been repeatedly used for such “experimentation”, as happened here ten years ago when the international banking cartel aligned to the IMF/World Bank, US Treasury Department, rating agencies and the “qualified” mainstream media, worked together to collapse Argentina’s financial and monetary system, but at the same time managed to save all their banks that operated in the country.

Argentines saw their money locked up in the banks, their Dollar deposits were arbitrarily changed into local devalued pesos at fraudulent rates of exchange as local Caretaker Governments (to this very day) take measures always aligned to local and international banker interests.

The results for Argentina? GDP fell by 40% in 2002; 50% of our population fell below the poverty line (most never made it back up again); violence and death on our streets, foreclosures, bankruptcies, full-fledged social war (that stopped just short of civil war) and yet…. not one single bank folded!

If we fast-forward to Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the US, UK, Portugal and Iceland today, we see the same scene over and over again. Clearly, not mistakes made by specific governments, but a veritable model designed to control whole nations imposing unnecessary and fraudulent public debts.

One of the key lessons they learned in Argentina was how to control “We the People” through PsyWar (Psychological Warfare) exerted by the controlled media so that the population ends up accepting all the hardship, whilst the banker and government perpetrators get to keep all the money and stay in power.

I wonder whether the European Union might not be a similar experiment but on a much vaster and grander scale? An experiment on how to bring very different countries with different languages, legal systems, cultures, histories of war and hatred amongst them, all under a straight-jacket of bureaucratic union that increasingly sweeps away national sovereignties? A sort of “How To” on promoting voluntary submission by the EU’s 27 member states to accept one legal bureaucracy, one parliament, one unelected president, one military force, one flag, and one currency…

What lessons are Globalists learning from the troubles of the EU? Are today’s growing Euro-woes a reflection of the fact that, after more than half a century of Euro-building we now see the controlled demolition of the EU in order to (re)build it into something new? Perhaps, “moulding it into something closer to their heart’s desire”, as the old 19th Century British Fabian Society urging gradual socialist world government once envisioned?
Is the EU an intermediate stage on the “Hard Road to World Government” suggested by Council on Foreign Relations member Richard Gardner in a seminal April 1974 article in “Foreign Affairs”? A stage in which legal, political, trade, financial, social, cultural, media, monetary, military and so many, many other complexities have been iron-out, re-designed and re-tooled to serve a “greater purpose”?

Will we soon see the break-up of the Euro, not as an unfortunate “accident” but as a planned mega-process which (together with the hyper-inflated US Dollar) will be allowed to tailspin into a controlled collapse only to be replaced by a new global currency issued and managed by Global Power Elite private interests from a coming world central bank of some sort? Does the EU have an Expiry Date?

The Vatican, always well informed, seems to think so as we see from their recent call for revamped global institutions; a sure sign that the old men who walk the Vatican Corridors are again reserving their place under the coming sun…

The controlled collapse of the Euro (through its break-up) and of the US Dollar (through inflation) coupled with a suitably engineered version of the “Arab Spring” for Europe, the US and others, that further erodes national sovereignties on a planetary scale, fuelled by controlled sequential wars and supported by increasing PsyWar emanating from the Western media monopolies…

All just one big mistake or merely different views of the same planetary Leviathan bent on imposing World Government on us all?

Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina (www.asalbuchi.com.ar)













11/53. Our Money and it's Origin (3-minute educational video)

November 15, 2011

Debt Crisis? A Simple Solution by Ben Dyson.

Ever wondered why we're all in so much debt? This 3 minute video explains the root of the problem and what we need to do to end the debt crisis. In quick response to this publication FT's "Alphaville" blockers congratulated Ben Dyson responding with a lengthy commentary, see that as well.















11/52. Moving towards Democracy - Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy Movements

November 12, 2011

This is stuff for a Nobel Piece Price!

Mike Cravel former Senator from Alaska and one of the US presidential candidates in previous elections outlines a brilliant addition applicable to all democratic processes. A video interview by RT's Max Kaiser. His message is simple and can dissolve the plague found in all democracies that will surface as soon as the power of the voters is transferred to the representatives.

What happens in the real world is well illustrated by the voting behavior recorded both in the US Senate and also the US House of representatives that together form the US Congress. The US congress at the end has the control over the most powerful military machinery in the world. This machinery is now used to benefit by far most the "1%" the occupy movement claims, and that at the expense of the 99%.

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Maybe the already existing change in the European political climate got a boost when Timo Soini's almost nonexistent "Finn's Party" found itself suddenly one of the largest parties in Finland, and a real political power after the 2011 parliamentary elections. The growth has continued even after and according to opinion polls this party is now the largest political party in Finland. If the elections would be held today Soini would be the new prime minister.

The party was shut away from the government by the establishment but with the voter landslide even outside the government it has power to impact the decisions of the government. Their opinion derailed the existing EU plans to refinance the Greece debt. The ideology of this party is close to ideas found in all the "occupy" movements around the globe. The "Arab Spring" knows also that the western democratic process is broken. This process must be fixed and the decision making has to be returned to the people, away from the powerful interest groups that are currently deciding what laws are approved and what are set aside.

A little over 1300 largest private corporations control all governmental powers in the world. These companies are interlocked together through their common interlocked management and their senior partners, the owners. They together control today 60% of all global wealth according to an exhaustive study conducted in Switzerland's ETH under James Glattfelder.

As and example the rapidly growing Pirate Party in Germany is actually an occupy movement like is now found almost in every country around the globe. Christopher Caldwell, senior editor at The Weekly Standard , writes: "Pirates may yet draft a new (democratic) order".

"William F. Buckley Jr, the late American conservative, once wrote that he would rather be ruled by the first hundred names in the Boston telephone directory than by the faculty of Harvard. Europeans are rallying to his vision. On Friday, Brussels hosted the G1000: a thousand randomly selected citizens gathered to solve Belgium’s political crisis and the world’s.

Almost every country has thriving parties that are not just unprofessional but anti-professional. Iceland has the Best party. Britain’s UK Independence party is approaching double digits in the polls. But the one with the best chance of leaving a mark is Germany's Pirate Party which took 8.9 per cent of the vote in September’s Berlin elections and stands even higher than that in some national polls.

At first glance the Pirates seem to have replaced the usual party platform with a series of stunts. They want to remove the “gender” tick-box from official forms. They allow dual membership in parties. They call for “liquid democracy”, which is just a pretentious way of describing their system of consulting party members online. What their party members most seem to want is freebies: free public transport, computer courses, library resources and high-speed internet.

The programme is not as frivolous as it appears. The Pirates are obsessed with the internet and often describe themselves as representing the first generation of digital natives. Like earlier breakthroughs, the web can be a tool for liberation, but only with the right constitutional safeguards. Without them, it is a tool for pauperisation and disenfranchisement.

Constitutions, to a degree that is poorly appreciated by human rights activists, tend to be built around specific – not abstract – dangers. Rights are best defended by people who know their enemies. In France, there is no danger of Catholic theocracy – the 1905 laws on laïcité will block any monsignor from censoring any smutty book – but the state has often been tongue-tied in the face of creeping state privileges for Islam, such as separate swimming pool hours for women. The fourth amendment to the US constitution would never permit police to burst into someone’s house at three o’clock in the morning. But the country has been clueless about enforcing privacy against new technologies of surveillance. This week, for instance, the US Supreme Court heard a case about tracking criminal suspects by GPS. A justice department official told the court that there were no limits to such tracking as long as it was done outside a person’s house.

The Pirate party’s core belief is that information-age capitalism has misallocated resources – none more so than privacy. States and powerful companies have more of it than ordinary citizens do. These worries have been exacerbated in Germany by a series of mishaps. In October, a group of hackers called the Chaos Computer Club revealed that law enforcement agencies had used spyware programs to infiltrate suspects’ computers and collect information. Pavel Mayer, one of the new Berlin Pirate party representatives, warned recently that government campaigns against child pornography “can be used to build up a more general infrastructure of censorship on the internet”. He also added a national security concern. Most of the data about German citizens stored in the “cloud”, he noted darkly, are the property of American companies, not German ones.

The Pirates’ call for various internet resources to be made “free” is impractical. But it has more substance than first appears, and it may be the harbinger of a practical programme. The Pirates want to redistribute information – watering down copyright protections and strengthening privacy ones – because information is power, in the same way that money is power.

Privacy is a pivotal and unsung right. Opposition generally begins as mere misgiving. Responsible opposition proceeds by discussion, and by testing misgivings against the defenders of the status quo in private, before going out and agitating in public. Without privacy, all dissent is nipped in the bud. Two politicians in Germany’s ruling coalition have seen fit to praise the Pirate party’s insights. The 32-year-old Free Democrat Christian Lindner noted in a recent interview that all politicians now understand digital media as a means of communication, but few realise that they are a space in which their constituents live. The Christian Democrat Peter Altmaier wrote last month: “The integrity of the web, and access to it, have become rights of the highest importance.”

The Pirate party is disorganised, raw and occasionally silly. It may soon disappear. But if it does, it will be as the Luddites and Chartists disappeared on the eve of socialism’s rise. It may be the rough draft of a more systematic challenge to the present order of things."
















11/51. Is the Caveman Diet for You?

November 11, 2011

Feast Like a Caveman and Watch the Pounds Melt Away By Dr. Mercola

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Story at-a-glance


By Dr. Mercola

During the Paleolithic period, many thousands of years ago, people ate primarily vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and meat—and a wide variety of it.
Today, these staples have been largely replaced with refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cereal, bread, potatoes and pasteurized milk products… and a much narrower selection of fruits, vegetables, roots and nuts.

While we may consider ourselves to be at the pinnacle of human development, our modern food manufacturing processes have not created a race of super-humans in possession of great health and longevity.

Quite the contrary...
Humans today suffer more chronic and debilitating diseases than ever before. And there can be little doubt that our food choices play a major role in this development.


Can a Stone Age Diet Make You Healthier?

CBS recently ran an excellent series of reports about the Paleolithic diet movement. Of the mainstream press, Dr. Kim Mulvihill was the sole member present at the recent Ancestral Health Symposium in Los Angeles. She ended up taking part in Dr. Lynda Frassetto's scientific study on the Paleo diet herself.

As reported on CBS:
"You can eat anything that would be able to be eaten without being processed," explained Dr. Lynda Frassetto. That means no grains, no bread, and no [pasteurized] dairy but does include lots of fruits and vegetables, some nuts and oils and lots of fish, poultry and lean meats.

... Dr. Frassetto and her team at the University of California in San Francisco tested the Paleo-diet on out-of-shape volunteers. The group ate lots of food without losing any weight or exercising. "In two weeks, everybody's blood pressure went down and everybody's cholesterol and triglyceride levels got better. The average drop was 30 points, which was pretty amazing. It's the type of drop you get by taking statins for six months," said Dr. Frassetto.

Dr. Frassetto says Paleo foods, also known as the caveman diet, works by keeping your body's chemistry in better balance. The goal of the caveman diet is to reduce excess body fat, aid in the normalization of blood sugar levels and reduce toxins and anti-nutrients."

"Normalizing" your system is the true strength of the so-called caveman diet. By eating foods that are concordant with your genetic ancestry, you can avoid many of the diseases associated with our modern diet. As Dr. Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet and one of the world's leading

experts on Paleolithic nutrition, states:
"The nutritional qualities of modern processed foods and foods introduced during the Neolithic period are discordant with our ancient and conservative genome. This genetic discordance ultimately manifests itself as various chronic illnesses, which have been dubbed "diseases of civilization." By severely reducing or eliminating these foods and replacing them with a more healthful cuisine, possessing nutrient qualities more in line with the foods our ancestors consumed, it is possible to improve health and reduce the risk of chronic disease."


Why the Paleo Diet Works for Weight Loss

A common "side effect" of rebalancing your body's chemistry is weight loss, as the two tend to go hand-in-hand. One explanation for this is that you don't really get fat from eating too much and exercising too little. Nor do you get fat from eating fat.

So what does cause your fat tissue to accumulate and hold on to fat?

In a word: carbohydrates.

In essence, overeating and excess weight could be viewed as a symptom of an improper diet, because when you consume too many sugars and carbs, you set off a cascade of chemical reactions in your body that makes you hungry and craving for sweets:

The resulting equation is simple: fructose and dietary carbohydrates (grains, which break down into sugar) lead to excess body fat, obesity and related health issues. Furthermore, no amount of exercise can compensate for this damage because if you eat excessive fructose and grains—the primary ingredients NOT found in the Paleo diet—it will activate programming to cause your body to become, and remain, fat.


Fructose and High Blood Pressure

As mentioned earlier, the Paleo diet can be very effective for reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels—more effective, in fact, than a statin drug. According to Dr. Frassetto, people can see a 30 point drop in cholesterol in just two weeks!

That really is quite remarkable.

It is, however, also quite understandable once you realize that fructose is a major promoter of hypertension—far more so than salt. The connecting link between fructose consumption and hypertension lies in the uric acid produced. Uric acid is a byproduct of fructose metabolism, and increased uric acid levels drive up your blood pressure.

Excess sugars (including grains) also promote unhealthy cholesterol levels and raise triglyceride levels.
How does it do this?

Dr. Stephanie Seneff explained this in some detail in a previous interview. In summary, when you eat a diet high in fructose and other sugars, it over-taxes your liver as it cannot properly make cholesterol while simultaneously processing fructose (which it turns into fat). As a result, you end up with impaired cholesterol formation, which can eventually lead to a cholesterol- and cholesterol sulfate deficiency. At that point, your body begins to form arterial plaque to compensate for this deficiency, because your platelets can produce the cholesterol sulfate your heart and brain needs within that plaque. It's a sort of backup mechanism to maintain proper heart- and brain function.

Unfortunately, it's not an ideal backup mechanism because arterial plaque also increases your risk for heart- and vascular disease. So truly, you'll want to avoid forcing your body to resort to these measures in the first place, and the way you do that is by feeding it correctly... This is yet another important detail that explains how and why excessive fructose consumption is so detrimental to your health.

As you can see, simply cutting out fructose and grains from your diet effectively eliminates one of the underlying causes of a number of health problems, including:

... and that's one of the primary reasons the Paleo and other low-carb diets work so well.


The Diet that May Beat All Others...

While you wouldn't be able to find many of the wild varieties of plant foods eaten by cavemen even if you wanted to, you can certainly mold your diet around the principles of Paleo eating rather easily by following my nutrition plan.

I believe it to be one of the most profound interventions for the 21st century. Quite simply, we've strayed too far from the foods we are designed to eat, so going back to basics and refocusing your diet on fresh, whole, unprocessed, "real" food can improve just about anyone's health. The full details are outlined in my nutrition plan, but generally speaking a "healthy diet" is qualified by the following key factors:


The Case for Moving Like a Hunter-Gatherer Too...

Going back to our roots in terms of what we eat is about 80 percent of the battle and subsequent reward in terms of improved health. But there's a lot to be said about moving like a hunter-gatherer too. Instead of being sedentary for much of the day and then running for an hour on a treadmill, our ancient ancestors combined lots of walking with regular lifting and short bursts of high-intensity activities, and health experts agree that this may be a healthier way to live because this is what your body is "wired" for.

My Peak Fitness program incorporates this essential factor, which is, I believe, why so many people have achieved such great results with it. For detailed instructions, please see this previous article. A summary of what researchers believe might be an ideal exercise prescription would include

the following aspects of normal hunger-gatherer living:

A variety of exercises performed regularly (weight training, cardio, stretching, etc.)

Alternate difficult days with easier days

Exercise outdoors, which helps maintain vitamin D levels and improve mood

Interval training sessions performed three times a week

Weight training at least twice a week

Walk and run on softer, uneven terrain, such as grass and dirt, possibly barefoot or using "simpler shoes that do not drastically restrict foot motion or alter natural foot strike dynamics"

Exercise with a friend to receive social stimulation as well

Ample time for rest after physical exertion

Recreational activities, including dancing and sex













11/50. The American Jewish Community is dragging the USA from Nose to WW III

November 9, 2011

The former CIA officer Michael Scheuer explains the US past and recent activities in the middle east and the vastly excessive political power of the American Jewish community.

The size of the Jewish community is about 1+% of the US and 0.2% of the World population. The US Congress is run by AIPAC, a Jewish organization, the only foreign organization allowed to lobby the US congress. The powerful individuals behind AIPAC control all major US news media and with that they determine who is elected in any congressional and presidential elections. If you go to critical local election rallies you discover the power of this well financed and sleek organization that can get even dummies to Congress provided they have promised to do what they are asked to do when they are called to vote.

At the G-20 summit in Cannes, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overheard telling Obama, "I cannot bear Netanyahu, he's a liar." To which Obama replied, "you're fed up, but I have to deal with him every day."

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