12/8. Brief History of the Muslim Brotherhood and the growing influence of Islam

April 4, 2012.

After the next elections the Muslim Brotherhood will be in charge of Egypt. As largest party emerging from the Egyptian "Arab Spring" they have now wrestled the power from others and military and are the most powerful religious force in the Middle-East and perhaps in the Muslim World.

The Brotherhood has reportedly aspirations to expand and they have already boots on ground at least in several of the Gulf States. The dream of one World under Islam is gaining strength.

Summary of the Muslim Brotherhood reported by Aljazeera:

Founded in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's oldest and largest organization with a mission of promoting Islamic law and values.


Should the West be concerned?

Increasing number of of neighborhoods especially in Europe but also in the USA are occupied and some even taken over by the so called "political refugees" from the Muslim countries including Iran. They are now vocal in demanding that Sharia law to be used over them instead of the local laws. Some in the West like the UK appear to accept this travesty under exuberantly naive assumptions that all is well on the Western front. The newcomers would follow the rules of their democratic host countries. These natives in the West just forget that they actually do not have a true democracy!

The ancients had solve this problem a long time ago: 'if you come to live in our country live as we do or leave'.

Muslim Brotherhood and the competing factions of Islam have adopted the Zionist startegy that allowed the Jews to return to Lewant and take over the most fertile Palestinian lands.

Their strategy was well defined already late in the 19th century and the first wave of the settlers moved to Palestine during the first "Aliyah" between 1881-1882 with heavy influx continuing until 1903.

The Zionist plan for a future homeland in Palestine was secure in the aftermath of WW I.

The Zionists were instrumental in getting the USA involved into WW I. This crucial move changed the outcome and rescued the UK and her allies from a certain defeat against Germany and forced Germany to sign a peace treaty that would have been impossible for anybody to comply with.

This treaty guaranteed that WW II would follow as soon as Germany as a whole would realize what they were forced to sign. This was the real reason for the birth of the Nazi regime. The Jewish delegation to the WW I peace treaty was the main architect to this treaty and when signed they made a huge error by reportedly openly asking from the UK representatives for their reward as promised in 1917, the Palestine. The German delegation got it.

In 1917 Baron Rothschild had negotiated from the UK government a promise of a homeland in Palestine. This was agreed upon but it would not be implemented immediately. The opportunity surfaced in the aftermath of the WW II when the Nazi concentration camps opened to the world to see. The horror stories and the pressure from the West brought in 1946 UN to grant the Jews their homeland in Palestine on the area that was at the time administered by the UK. The Jews of the World had now a homeland and they could acquire ownership to all lands inside this new country, Israel, provided the Palestinians living there were willing to sell for a "fair price".

This promise of "fair price" and often "mafia" style deal making did not go well with Palestinians who owned the most fertile lands and were actually not willing to sell. The Zionists just powered forward and this led to uprising culminating into the 1967 war that lasted 6 days. The war decimated the Palestinian forces. As Israel was backed by the West the outcome was clear. The peace treaty authorized Israel to merge their newly conquered territory to their country as agreed.

Unfortunately expansion of Israel did not stop here and even today the State of Israel supports new Jewish settlements to Palestinian lands outside the agreed 1967 borders.


We humans are like all other creatures on earth. We need land to survive, grow crops and cattle.

With increasing numbers the above creates the maximum survival density depending on the food producing capacity of the land and climate. Those with plenty of children will naturally need more land if their children can survive diseases, accidents and the ultimate weeding process the wars. In early stages of our development ten thousands of years ago some of us specialized in toolmaking while those good on farming or hunting were soon willing to exchange tools for their products making them more ptroductive or even better warriors - the world took off.

Fast forward and we are again approaching another limit imposed by the nature. We actually now even know how to solve the nourishment problem if we want. The creed to create global ominance is leading us once more to a war and taking it all from the weaker ones. That would help only for short while as the information age has changed the equations. Our planet can easily support 50-60 billion people by applying the knowledge we already have but the global dominance by a small group appears to be in making - and we are heading towards a major religious conflict under name democracy. The Earth will have a billion or two less people and the next major war already brewing within 20-30 years.

If you somehiow do not know it the West created the "Arab Spring". Our clandestine efforts have been going on for decades before the execution of it all started from Egypt. Something is though not working according to the plans as it is already now unclear who is leading - we or the Muslim Brotherhood & aliases. The Brotherhood could perhaps have the Arab masses on their side fueled by our shortsighted actions in the Middle East and our bottomless creed to get energy at minimum cost regardless what it means to the peoples and nations arfter their wells runs dry.

The USA, UK and Israel are now working hard with the Iranian opposition using the imagined nuclear bomb as a threat to drum up more support from our populations.

This Othello can turn overnight. The Iranian opposition "refugees" and messengers residing in the West especially in Paris and Los Angeles are not all convinced that our life style is suitable for them. They still consider their world to be superior over the corruption they see here in their everyday lives. On the surface they all will continue with "yes" to anything they know we want to hear. But one day the push comes to show and only then we see what they really are.

People in the West should be aware of this before forming too close relationships with these "converted" expatiates and even traitors of their homelands. Especially the relationships leading to marriages have already today too often led to tears, broken families and even much worse.













12/7. Mind control of masses is simple

March 26, 2012.

"Total loyalty is possible only when fidelity is emptied of all concrete content, from which changes of mind might naturally arise" - Hannah Arendt.

The great masses of people will more easily fall victims to a ‘big lie’ than a small one, if it is repeated often enough” - Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Nürnberg war tribunals.

"All what the leader has to do is to tell them (the people) that they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to a grave danger. It works the same way in any country" - Hermann Goering, Reichsmarschall, Nürnberg war tribunals.

Just observe the people around you and you soon recognize what is happening...




















12/6. Price of Crude Oil remains Low compared to the US GDP!

March 5, 2012.

Why are our leaders misleading us regarding the relative price of the crude oil? Is oil really that expensive?

The following graph shows the facts when we use real dollars and not the manipulated or "inflation corrected" dollars. We have never met someone who is buying groceries with inflation "corrected dollars". According to US and other Governments there is very little inflation out there but when we buy groceries the prices are not even close to the level we paid last year.

Below graph shows the oil price per barrel in the USA when compared to the US GDP. (Data from government databases)

Major news media is trumpeting that the oil price is sky high and must be brought radically down. The media is knowingly lying to the population on facts behind the oil price confirming again that some power groups out there have other agenda in their mind.

In early 70's we crossed the invisible line in oil price and started "stealing" it from the Middle-East so that our implanted leaders there could no more hide it from the populations at large.

This led to the oil crisis that shocked all the "God loving" and "fair" Americans. We should know that paying less and less for a dwindling commodity to someone who has nothing else is a crime that cannot last!

Our powers behind of course expected it all and we were rapidly building our military might. As expected it had an effect and the price of oil tumbled in relative terms soon after the crisis.

We were even lucky as we were able to keep it below the "theft" level for over 15 years until about the year 2001. The realization of this all was already high in the Middle-East including that some day in the next decades even their largest oil pools would run out. Beyond that they had only sea shores, sand and sunshine.

This was the time when Osama bin Laden and other leaders emerged from the shadows with a clear goal to get a better price for the dwindling oil resources of their countries.

Those that do not accept the above are aiming to global domination through financial and military means.

It has never has dawned to them that their tiny group hiding in shadows in the USA, UK and some of the Western Europe can never control 7 billion people regardless of the military might they have.

On the meantime this group financed a discovery of new and stealthiest weapon ever form of GMO cereals and also life stock. The latter was a mistake as it shown a disturbing fact that the life stock eating GMO products loses ability it's ability to reproduce! All this life stock belongs to the group of mammals that we humans belong to.

This is happening now, the rest is just smoke screens and diversion tactics.













12/5. Finland tops UNCTAD statistics on information and communication technology

UNCTAD/PRESS Geneva, 15 February 2012 - Finland leads the world in the share of its economy based on the production of goods and services related to information and communication technology (ICT), recent UNCTAD statistics show.

The statistics, released online today, indicate that ICT in Finland employs almost one tenth of the country´s total non-agricultural business sector. The ranking of economies for which data are available is shown in chart 1.

However, the ICT sector - including the availability of statistics - is still nascent in many developing economies. Currently, the relevant UNCTADStat database contains information on 57 economies. The lack of more comprehensive data can be seen as yet another illustration of the digital divide. In fact, none of the world´s least developed countries (LDCs) reports statistics on the size of its ICT sector. UNCTAD´s data are sourced principally from national statistical offices, which at the request of developing countries are supported by an UNCTAD technical assistance programme to build domestic capacity for measuring ICTs.

Based on the latest available data, the proportion of ICT-sector employment in the total business sector of economies ranges from less than 2 per cent in Azerbaijan, Croatia and Kazakhstan to more than 8 per cent in Finland, Israel and Sweden.















12/4. Our financial crisis - is powered by the global currency trade

By "abc" January 15, 2012.

Why are our elected leaders silent? From 1977 to 2010 global currency trading grew 234 fold or a whopping 23,000%, compounding interest at 18% a year. This 18% appears as a "magic number" as several major corporations have used that as minimum requirement to expand their manufacturing bases.

The daily currency trading volume is today over US$ 4 Trillion. That equals 1.8 times the GBP of United Kingdom each day and that 365 times a year.

In comparison the combined annual revenue for the 10 largest global corporations for year 2010 was US$ 2.3 Trillion. This is still only about 60% of thevalue of the daily currency trade. The 10 largest global corporations in 2010 were: Wal-Mart Stores, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, BP, Toyota Motor, Japan Post Holdings, Sinopec, State Grid, AXA and China National Petroleum.

NO legal business needs YS$ 4 Trillion foreign currency trade per day. This is simply government approved / sponsored "Mafia" at work that is out of control. It has nothing to do with global trade, democracy or freedoms. It has only one purpose - THE GLOBAL DOMINATION.

More and century ago the real Capitalists and the Corporate Management had evolved to two separate entities. The first part remains as patriotic and loyal as ever for their main countries, the USA and UK, while the second is totally delusional and immersed into criminal activities as a new type of Mafia to maximize profits of their businesses to accelerate the coming of their gloery day when they rule the world.

Nobody denies that profit is absolutely necessary for a company to survive. Profits can make good and bad for their companies depending on what is the purpose of the company. Is the purpose to remain as a living entity "forever" or just to rip maximum short term gains by abusing everybody around including it's practically defenseless work force. This latter practice has been the main goal of corporate raiders but they are likely just petty criminals and not part of the Mafia.

Like these corporate raiders this Mafia does not care of the employees either and in fact some of their conglomerates have evolved into trading and investment houses that have no products but instaed they just trade with anything that can be traded. The recently worthkless turned securitized US mortgages are a good example of their activities.

It took this Mafia some experimenting to get where they are today. One of their first larger scale efforts materialized in Enron. Towards the end of it's life this company became a gambling house where traders used computerized trading systems that allowed trading 24 hours a day with all possible commodities of the world pairing against each others and tracked the progress by "closing" the books daily at 4 pm EST in the US with closing of the trading day on Wall Street.

By today these trading models have been refined to highly profitable trading systems that today include the currencies as their major component. The currencies offer one major benefit: they will not lose their value and disappear like a company in bankruptcy.

BIS monitors this trading as derivatives trade and it was recently reported in new that it had passed the US$ 700 Trillion mark in value. No layman nor politician anywhere will have any concrete idea how much money this US$ 700 Trillion really is!

If nothing else happens it will be only short time more before our lives will change and we wake up as slaves for these criminals. Note that this Mafia already controls the most powerful military force on the planet and is enforcing it annually as much as the rest of the world put together.

It is obvious that the world will not accept slavery and with that we are heading towards a major confrontation. As the first step the armed forces of the USA must choose their side.

The US public has never been made aware of the 1933 of BBC documentary file from 2009:

Will the military support the Mafia and incarsinate the dissident part of the population like it did for the Japanese people living in the USA after Pearl Harbour, or will it's commanding general have courage to join the patriots and protect the US Constitution with or without the President of the USA like his predecessor did in 1933 during the Roosevelt Presidency?

The Mafia has done it's preparations well learning from the mistakes in 1933 and the US population is now fully conditioned to be interested only from their entertainment, football, baseball and basket ball and has no more than a casual interest over issues outside the US borders.

If the Mafia wins and the people of the USA are enslaved we will have a global war starting likely from Iran sparked by a major "provocation" in the middle east. To have impact in the USA it must involve major "unprovoked" attack against the US fleets on the area and include possibly a sinking of an aircraft carrier or even more.

This would turn the US opinion against whoever is pointed to be the attacker and it all would engulf quickly to continental Europe and Russia and later to China and India. What weapons are used will be seen later. We only know one opinion expressed by Prince Philip years ago when he said that we must reduce the world population to a more sustainable level at around 2.5 billion people.














12/3. The only solution for Greece is to bring Drachma back

By "abc" in UUSU SUOMI January 13, 2012.

As the financial solution discussions have turned more and more towards adding pressure over the Greece people in form of more and more austerity measures Greece has still one powerful option that they must now put on the table. They have the royal flush in their hand the same way like every independent country has.

Greece must bring Drachma back and make it available only for those foreigners who have goods and services to trade. This trading will be done for a fixed exchange rate determined by the Greece government. The return to "freely floating" exchange rate is just an invitation to trouble.

Only Switzerland, China, Malaysia, UK, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and now Iceland seem to understand the depth of this game! USA and UK are the predatory players seeking GLOBAL DOMINATION by using the currencies as the ultimate power tool!

Switzerland is above them all as they handle about 40% of all private capital in the world. The same "Banksters" tried to put pressure on Swiss Franc last fall but met a steel wall when Switzerland told that they like a fixed exchange rate to Euro and that they have a printing press and computers and they will use them both as needed. The gamblers took this warning seriously only after they had lost some serious money as the Swiss Central Bank actually both printed money and created it in huge sums using computer keyboards.

In principle this was a similar solution that Malaysia did during the 90's currency crisis in Asia. They simply fixed the currency exchange rate. IMF & Co advised Malaysia an all Asian countries that were hit by the by the deliberately fabricated currency crisis to do exactly the same they have now told Greece to do: Austerity, privatizing, smaller government, auctioning of government properties, smaller taxes, lower wages, and as icing for the cake less social and survival benefits for those who needed them most.

Malaysia, unlike the others in Asia, refused to accept. IMF & Co told flatly to Malaysia that they will have a total collapse of their economies and their country will be ruined for decades to come.

In real world only the economies of those countries that followed IMF & Co had their economies collapsing. Malaysia and recovered quickly from this crisis (freely shortened from Mahathir Mohamad's writing in in FT Jan 12.2012. He was the prime minister of Malaysia between 1981-2003).












12/2. Capitalism as defined by Marx's "Das Kapital"- died just shortly after him

The Malaysians tell: "If you have lost your way go back and restart"

The original and honest Capitalsist that existed in the time of Marx is no more.

Today many have sold their direct ownership to their corporations but still own most of them indirectly the way that their hands do not show up in thei day to day operations. Instaed they have shifted their interest to political arena building favorable business environments where their businesses can thrive and have always an edge over their raisng domestic and foreign rivals.

Today all major corporations are run by professionals from which many have become petty criminals influenced by the huge salaries and bonuses they are rewarded from their obedience to the desires of the real forces behind the gigantic conglomerates they operate. This does not say that all of them are criminals but by far too many have chosen this easy life with more than exuberant bonuses and compensation packages.

In real world the meritocracy or the middle management actually runs all these businesses. The top management is there to see that the desires of the owners are executed as well as possible.

One management consultant crystallized this all this way: whenever there was a need to have the real facts how a company operates the most accurate answerers were always found through discussions with the lower management and almost never by interviewing the top mangement. Sometimes the top management was even somewhat ignorant how their companies really aperated.

How did we ended here? The lack of skilled managers expanded rapidly with the industrialization. The real "Capitalists" could not reproduce enough offspring at the rate their enterprises were growing. They also knew that many of these including their more distant relatives would simply just bankrupt their companies by not understanding how a succeeding business must operate.

The old time Capitalists solved this problem the ancient way. They educated enough meritocracy for helpers by expanding higher education for the masses. Their original dilemma was exactly the same Genghis Khan encountered when he started building the largest empire ever on the earth. He had to replace the cronies and the networks of family friends and their friends with members with best of the educated meritocracy everywhere he went.

Not understatnding the human weaknesses and with that the corruption that followed had prevented all the earlier empires reaching the size of his. His military advantage was the horseback warrior with a composite bow that was superior over anything else on the ballefield of that time. He needed only these two components to expand his empire and be personally respectedand even revered everywhere in this empire from East to West and North to South.

After his death his descendants did not fully understand the importance of this simple need of independent meritocracy and wstarted bringing their friends, etc, etc back to the power positions. With this corruption became rampant and the empire started crumbling under forever increasing infighting and power games.

Our Capitalism today is not real Capitalism. It has turned to cronyism illustrated best by our banking crisis and derivatives game that is already over US$ 700 Trillion in size. That is more than 10 times the GDP of the whole world.

This amount of financial power in hands of few represent total slavery for the rest of the world. If this game cannot be dismantled fairly quickly it will be dismantled by the masses of the world and if that happens the French revolution taking the heads of Luis XVI and most nobility in France was just that a sweet lullaby for infant babies.


Below are some excerpts from an artcle by Mr. John Kay as appeared in FT (January 10 2012).

"Karl Marx never used the word capitalism. But after the publication of Das Kapital, the term came to describe the system of business organisation which made the industrial revolution possible. At the time the economic and political power of business leaders derived from their ownership of capital and the control that ownership gave them over the means of production and exchange.

The environment in which Marx wrote this boook was just a brief interlude in economic history. Yet the terminology continues to be used by both supporters and opponents of the market economy, although the industrial scene is totally different.

New legislation passed already in Marx’s time permitted the establishment of the limited leiability companies allowin to build businesses with dispersed share ownership.

By the 1930s, Berle and Means saw the divorce of ownership and control to have happeend with professional managers wielding effective control over large and diversified corporations.

The business leaders of today are not capitalists in the sense in which Arkwright and Rockefeller were capitalists.

These leaders today derive their authority and influence from their position in a hierarchy, not their ownership of capital. They have obtained these positions through their skills in organisational politics, the same way bishops and generals acquire their positions in an ecclesiastical or military hierarchy.

The first half of the 20th century saw a fundamental change in the nature of business organisation and the second half was a time of fundamental change in the nature of business success.

The critical resources of today’s company are its competitive advantages – its systems of organisation, its reputation with suppliers and customers, its capacity for innovation. These attributes are not, in any relevant sense, capable of being owned by anyone at all.

The actual ownership of the production tools is no more important for anybody using them. If the boss pushes, exploits or appropriates surplus value, the reasons have nothing to do with the ownership of capital. While control over the means of production and exchange matters a great deal to the organisation of business and the power structures of society, ownership of the means of production and exchange has become irrelevant.

By using the 19th-century term "capitalism" for an economic system we misunderstand the sources of strength in the market economy and the role capital plays within it."












12/1. Debt of Government is not the same as Private Debts - People just don't get it!

January 3, 2011

The following Paul Krugman's artcile appeared in New York Times on January 1, 2012. Krugman is Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, Centenary Professor at the London School of Economics, and an op-ed columnist for the The New York Times. In 2008, Krugman won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to New Trade Theory and New Economic Geography. According to the Nobel Prize Committee, the prize was given for Krugman's work explaining the patterns of international trade and the geographic concentration of wealth, by examining the impact of economics of scale and of consumer preferences for diverse goods and services.


Nobody Understands Debt

In 2011, as in 2010, America was in a technical recovery but continued to suffer from disastrously high unemployment. And through most of 2011, as in 2010, almost all the conversation in Washington was about something else: the allegedly urgent issue of reducing the budget deficit.

This misplaced focus said a lot about our political culture, in particular about how disconnected Congress is from the suffering of ordinary Americans. But it also revealed something else: when people in D.C. talk about deficits and debt, by and large they have no idea what they’re talking about — and the people who talk the most understand the least.

Perhaps most obviously, the economic “experts” on whom much of Congress relies have been repeatedly, utterly wrong about the short-run effects of budget deficits. People who get their economic analysis from the likes of the Heritage Foundation have been waiting ever since President Obama took office for budget deficits to send interest rates soaring.  Any day now!

And while they’ve been waiting, those rates have dropped to historical lows. You might think that this would make politicians question their choice of experts — that is, you might think that if you didn’t know anything about our postmodern, fact-free politics.

But Washington isn’t just confused about the short run; it’s also confused about the long run. For while debt can be a problem, the way our politicians and pundits think about debt is all wrong, and exaggerates the problem’s size.

Deficit-worriers portray a future in which we’re impoverished by the need to pay back money we’ve been borrowing. They see America as being like a family that took out too large a mortgage, and will have a hard time making the monthly payments.

This is, however, a really bad analogy in at least two ways.

First, families have to pay back their debt. Governments don’t — all they need to do is ensure that debt grows more slowly than their tax base. The debt from World War II was never repaid; it just became increasingly irrelevant as the U.S. economy grew, and with it the income subject to taxation.

Second — and this is the point almost nobody seems to get — an over-borrowed family owes money to someone else; U.S. debt is, to a large extent, money we owe to ourselves.

This was clearly true of the debt incurred to win World War II. Taxpayers were on the hook for a debt that was significantly bigger, as a percentage of G.D.P., than debt today; but that debt was also owned by taxpayers, such as all the people who bought savings bonds. So the debt didn’t make postwar America poorer. In particular, the debt didn’t prevent the postwar generation from experiencing the biggest rise in incomes and living standards in our nation’s history.

But isn’t this time different? Not as much as you think.

It’s true that foreigners now hold large claims on the United States, including a fair amount of government debt. But every dollar’s worth of foreign claims on America is matched by 89 cents’ worth of U.S. claims on foreigners. And because foreigners tend to put their U.S. investments into safe, low-yield assets, America actually earns more from its assets abroad than it pays to foreign investors. If your image is of a nation that’s already deep in hock to the Chinese, you’ve been misinformed. Nor are we heading rapidly in that direction.

Now, the fact that federal debt isn’t at all like a mortgage on America’s future doesn’t mean that the debt is harmless. Taxes must be levied to pay the interest, and you don’t have to be a right-wing ideologue to concede that taxes impose some cost on the economy, if nothing else by causing a diversion of resources away from productive activities into tax avoidance and evasion. But these costs are a lot less dramatic than the analogy with an overindebted family might suggest.

And that’s why nations with stable, responsible governments — that is, governments that are willing to impose modestly higher taxes when the situation warrants it — have historically been able to live with much higher levels of debt than today’s conventional wisdom would lead you to believe. Britain, in particular, has had debt exceeding 100 percent of G.D.P. for 81 of the last 170 years. When Keynes was writing about the need to spend your way out of a depression, Britain was deeper in debt than any advanced nation today, with the exception of Japan.

Of course, America, with its rabidly antitax conservative movement, may not have a government that is responsible in this sense. But in that case the fault lies not in our debt, but in ourselves.

So yes, debt matters. But right now, other things matter more. We need more, not less, government spending to get us out of our unemployment trap. And the wrongheaded, ill-informed obsession with debt is standing in the way.