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'Too big to Fail' has become 'Too big to Jail' in the USA...

(From ZeroHedge) This powerful video could be effective in knocking some sense into more sheeple if it gets spread widely enough.

It’s an absolute joke that these people being questioned by Senator Elizabeth Warren are supposed hold the banks to task. I mean this Tom Curry character. I could probably go up to him, take his glasses off his face and walk away and he wouldn’t even notice.

Furthermore, those little placards in front of them that state “honorable.” These people have zero honor. The joke’s on us.

She also makes the key point how ordinary citizens are constantly harassed by the “authorities” for what are in many cases petty and victimless crimes, while the bankers who have unleashed more destruction than anyone else, get slaps on the wrist. Every single American should watch this short clip.

Here Some Comments from YouTube and ZH:

derzzd 9 hours ago
Look at their faces, look at their feelings ! What a shame ! Handcuff those banksters ... look at the recent fraud again from GoldmanSux, they will do it again and again and again, they will suck your money out untill full bankruptcy. They are a disease, they are a plague. If you have lost everything, fight them, if you are suicidal, take them with you ! Do it. REVOLUTION !

Gerrit de Raaf 13 hours ago
Finally somebody speaking out. Crooked bankers should go to jail. Not just in America. In Holland we also have crooked bankers. Sjoerd van Keulen, Dirk Scheringa and others. They took millions and let the tax payers suffer.

They didn't break any laws? What are you retarded? If they didn't break any laws, they wouldn't make settlements, settlements are the legal way of saying " Look I know I did something illegal, lets keep this out of court so we won't have to go on trial for the public". We know for a fact that the economy crashed due to the banks breaking the law.

bnjmnfelix 48 minutes ago
WTF!!! HSBC higher ups should be on trial for treason. When companies are to "big to fail" work with gangster crime groups they undermind the law and our safety. WTF!!!!!!!