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Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize...

Bradley Manning is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

In reality according to the laws Manning had the duty to disobey orders whenever they were against the law! That is also the most powerful message from the WW II! His biggest error was reporting war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially damaging to him was one video where foreign press reporters carrying camera equipment were gunned down together with children!

A little back in time the Nazis - that were ordinary German citizens were volunteers or draftees to German military service to protect their homeland.

Instead of like Manning they actually obeyed their orders from their commanders including suck places like Auswitch, Buchenwald, etc.,

We all know that disobeying any orders in military during the war means position in front of the firing squad where one is the target for the bullets.

Here is the greatest hypocrisy because the ordinary Germans in military obeyed their commanders during WW II the Zionists still haunted all of them around the globe - and we the beacon of justice and democracy are helping in this manhunt! These men just obeyed their orders.

"Manning is a war criminal aiding the enemy" blasted the prosecutor in the military court - in what war? Is the USA in war with some country out there? The Congress has not declared war against Iraq nor against Afghanistan nor have done it against any other country for a long time. Only Congress can declare a war - if they have done so perhaps the US citizens deserve to know it as tax payers!

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Today we have now another whistle blower living at Moscow airport in Russia. He revealed much larger criminal activity our government has been secretly implementing.

Has our government already lost credibility? This American young man dares not even to return to the USA to make this huge case in the Court. Why? Because he knows he will be courtmarshalled instead of given any opportunity to defend his case in the real court!

He would accused of whatever the imagination of the military prosecutors can bring up to show their power to prevent all future whistle blowers from coming forward.

Today, for same reasons we have financial fraud destroying the American way of life with permanent damage already inflicted.