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Boycotts and Revolutions are the only Defense for Democracy against 'Black Nobility' hiding behind NWO, AIPAC, Bilderberg & al.

(GW, June 16, 2013) – Boycotts and revolutions are effective tools to cause a change in every political system, company and even country on this planet.

On the top of the failed and critically ill democracies is the USA. It fails in all counts of the 4 signals listed below. Are we sure our democracy is healthy? Any failing item tells the democracy is ill and will fail within a few decades:

  1. By paying a nominal party registration fee every free citizen who wishes to be added on general or specific ballot for the party must be included there. The voters are the ones that decide the support for the candidate.
  2. The party leadership is elected by party members in an open and transparent voting process.
  3. All voting districts must be fixed covering a defined area, village, city, county or country. These boundaries cannot be changed because one party wishes so.
  4. The vote counting is proportional: 1) the number of citizens living in a district will determine how many representatives this district can have; 2) the count of party votes in the district determine how many representatives each party will have. A major vote winner may bring with him/her several party candidates that based on their vote counts would not be elected.

Generally people do not want any changes in their lives. With this a slow change towards worse can be tolerated for a long time. The opposition to change arises only after life becomes unbearable.

Currently several countries in the West like e.g. Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy are moving rapidly towards self destruction. Their populations seem to live in a rosy never-never land but the facts are different. Their governments have lied to them for years: "believe us, - everything will returns to normal soon..."

If Europe would have just stopped to form a trade union without Euro as a common currency nothing of their current problems would have surfaced.

Trade balances between the individual countries were reasonable and trade determines it all. Some countries with higher global exports than imports had their currencies gaining strength while the others saw the opposite. Nothing was drastic and everybody could adjust and were happy.

The economy is not the culprit. The real criminals is the power hungry Black Nobility from the USA and Europe. They control already all major western banks, the US$ 700-1,000 billion derivatives casino, and 1,400+ major global businesses. This Nobility are the people behind our misery.

We know that democracy has failed when we cannot get our elected officers to make even simple logical decisions. This is the reality in the USA today. Majority of our elected government officers have fallen prey to this Black Nobility controlling them through associations like NWO, Bilderberg, AIPAC and alike.

Our only viable options are boycotts or revolutions to get back to the "democratic" western world.

Only the constitutions in Switzerland and the Nordic countries protect strong democracies. There the power cannot be taken away from the people. From these the Swiss constitution is the strongest. Perhaps the very reason why most of the world's private money is managed through Switzerland - including the money of the Back Nobility.

Revolutions mean physical confrontation with police and secret services. The truth comes with the military. When thretened all governments react exactly like those in Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, etc...

Mao Tse Tung said it best: "the only real decision maker is the barrel of the gun". The military is the final card for the government and It may support or abandon the uprising. Russia and China are the recent major examples what can happen and history knows many more.

If the people keep on coming to be slaughtered the soldiers are not going to shoot long their spouses. brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, parents and grandparents. They turn their guns to their commanders and government and the revolution is over.

Boycott is equally efficient and does not require any bloodshed.

Unfortunately it takes time until the fruits materialize. However, if people at large decide to vote with their valets there is no company nor country on this earth that cannot be brought to their knees.

Companies like Monsanto, Dupont, Epicyte & al., and countries like the USA and China will agree if the rest of the world refuse all trading with them and do not accept their currency for any payments (Epicyte invented gene thant makes among others also human males and females infertile. This gene is now incorporated to GMO products made by Monsanto and Dupont).

They countries would resort to military action but without cooperation with other countries these actions will fail after initial advances. On the ground level the lasting power is the number of the boots and nothing else.

The world today will survive without cooperation with these countries and trade with them. The trading patterns would change. Everybody would be fed like today and we would live even better that today under this financial crisis.

The key in any new democracy is nationalized contral bank and free press secured with at least one government owned broadcasting and TV network covering the whole country and languages spoken there.

The huge power of boycott was proven in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century when all import from Germany was forced out from stores. Many thought this boycott would never work but when the Jews started boycotting also against any store or company they could find even one dusty German product for sale all import from germany met a brick wall.

We the People must include the boycott to be a normal process in a capitalistic system and use it to get our wishes heard. The governments listen the voters when they see what happens in the country.