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We must change how the UN operates and we now have the means to do it

(GW, June 19, 2013) – The United Nations became powerless against the real world problems when the powers behind the USA demanded veto rights to the permanent members in the security council. The USA knew precisely what this meant for the future of this body.

This simple looking rule is in direct conflict with every democratic principle.

We all know how to fix this but so far there has been no reason to even discuss - as everyone at least in the USA tknows that the AIPAC-lobby would not allow the USA to do any rule changes to the present practice in the security council.

It was recently confirmed that the USA have been spying for years on every government, business and citizen on this planet that use phone or internet. This has outraged people around the globe and the trust to the USA as overseeer authority for internet is not that clear any more.

The people at large have not realized that this means a total dominance over their lives.

No business anywhere would want their competition know what they will do next or what is their limit. A poker player would give plenty to know the cards of the other players have before betting.

This is the reality behind this spying crime. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, & al., all give their data to NSA and in return they get answers to everything they want to know of their competition overseas.

The only working process against this kind of players is a total boycott against them all.

The boycott worked well against Germany before WW II - and it can force the rule changes even inside the UN.

The USA has been enjoying her untouchable position as the savior of Europe from communism and provider of the reserve currency for the world after WW II. Lately the respect has also risen as it has now the strongest military might on the planet excluding nuclear weapons where both Russia and the USA have enough power to annihilate all human life from earth.

To get UN back on track a simple rule change must be implement:

Every time a veto power is used in the security council the final decision for that issue is immediately transferred to the next General Assembly meeting where each country has one equal vote.

If the issue is urgent the General Assembly can be called in early.

If any country or or several of them would refuse to abide with General Assmbly decision a complete boycott would be put in force against them lasting until the UN decisions were fully implemented.

The enforcement is simple: the rest of the world would stop all commercial and financial activity with those countries violating the UN decision.

There is no country on this planet that can resist this type of boycott. The rest of the world can always survive regardless of the size, financial, and military might of any targeted country.

Depending on the case internet might stop working for a while but that is just temporary as the world at large needs a back-up system and has the technology to do this to be even better and faster.