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When the UN Security Council is paralyzed the peoples of the World must act

(August 27, 2013) The peoples of the World must protect the truth and fairness even over the UN Security Council decisions. In recent times these decisions have started tilting to benefit only a few Nations and minority of the people instead of the overwhelming majority of them both. As an example the case of Israel has slowly evolved to such an issue.

In general the governments can never decide how their citizens use their money. This is the key that can force even the strongest country on the planet back to the right track:

  1. The most effective way for the people is to stop buying all products that have even the tiniest parts produced in the bullying countries.
  2. The sophisticated production facilities have by now spread around the world and with that there is always someone else who can supply even the most sophisticated parts that must be replaced.
  3. This offers huge business opportunities for those others who have been closed out by the bullies.
  4. If more aggressive ways are needed the other countries can stop even accepting the currency used buy the bullies or even more aggressively they can stop all trade with them if not paid by gold.
  5. The mort aggressive way is to nationalize all foreign banks and multinational business branches operating inside the other countries.

The bullies would counter all the above efforts by counter measures. However, if the peoples of the World agree of any of the above measures the bullies are deemed to fail and will come to the negotiating table to solve the problems.

The video below reveals the culprits in hiding that have orchestrated the current crisis in the Middle-East, and some of the past major ones like the Russian revolution, the WW I and the WW II, and include the current fullblown effort to get WW III ignited. It portrays two groups of people. The larger one gained control over major part of the Western financial system through their past schrewd deception at the time of the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

The other group consists of devoted Jews with growing animosity towards the first one whom they accuse to have replaced the essence of the true religion with Talmud and Kabala that they finished writing on 5th century A.D.

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The video reveals also why the previous Iranian president Ahmadinejad received, before leaving his office, a highly prising recognition from the second group for his understanding and support their difficult position in the Middle-East.

Thys is one of the real reasons why Iran is the sore point for the first group.

It is amazing how powerful the Zionists have become. They now hold a financial sword over the West and have forced them to accept the Zionist aspirations around the Middle-East. and Africa. The latest game plan included a change to move the support away from the Muslim Brotherhood to Al Qaeda that the USA had established to get the Russians out from Afghanistan. .

Remember that the USA accused Al Qaeda to have been behind the 9/11 twin tower destruction in NY City. With that it was easy to add Iraq to the chopping board. Then came the rim of Northern Africa with Egypt included.

More backgroung of the bigger group can be found e.g. here