13/1. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto cut his own Salary and told to Industry Executives to lower their Compensation Packages...

January 3, 2013. The President Niinisto, the former leading member of the conservative party (President must resign from his party affiliations) dropped a bombshell by reducing his salary to what the President Halonen got in 2006. He said that all industry leaders should follow his example.

This is certainly not in line with the thinking in his former conservative party that is in charge of the current government.

It appears that Niinisto hit a gold as a statesman when asked the wages and salaries to become part of the economic value equation. If his advise would be followed the momentum of the rapidly growing ultra nationalism in Finland with their demand leaving Euro and stopping the debt payments of the other generally speaking wealthy countries (PIIGS) currently in financial trouble. Some of these countries are in reality much wealthier than Finland if we ignore GDP as the measuring stick.

Euro rules will state that financially sound Euro countries must help paying the debts of the financially failing countries.

These rules were implanted to ECB charter by the same advisers that are now exploiting the debt situation in the PIIGS countries. These advisers include global private financiers like Rothschild, Soros & al., and megabanks like FED, BOE, JPM, Goldman Sachs, Bank America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, UBS, & al..

As a summary these rules are part of the tool that created the current financial crisis. These rules were used to converting the markets to a casino and gambling on interest rates of debt these countries owed. This was massive operation aimed to bringing countries to their knees and forcing the tax payers in these countries to pay it all. This all moved quickly from bond markets to stock markets where frightened people were forced to liquidate their pension savings for a fraction of their real value. All this abuse was well planned and triggered to motion by knowingly selling practically worthless US Mortgage backed Securities to European Sovereigns and their local County Governments.

Vast majority of Finns and especially the ultra nationalistic movement see it this way: Finland was the only country in the world that has paid all their war debts from WW II. When the Russian trade disappeared to 1992 revolution the Finnish Industry was suddenly in serious need of financial help but not a single country was willing to help. With this still in recent memory the Finnish tax payers are in no mood to pay somebody else's debts.

Note, that all EU countries had reasonable trade balances for decades before this artificially created crisis. Today EU countries outside the Euro zone have still the ability to devalue or revalue their currencies (read adjust their exchange rate) if need arises without any real impact to their domestic economies while balancing the import and export books.

If a country prints a large amount money compared to its economy this new cash could have an impact to the foreign exchange rate. This depends 100% on how this money is used. If invested a profitable way wisely to the domestic economy it will actually revalue the currency but if used for import and excess consumption it will devalue the currency.

Curious, why a Sovereign should ever borrow money from another Sovereign or any outside entity at all? It must now pay interest for this money and this is just an additional burden over just printing the money.

Euro was designed to destroy the European Union. The needs and lifestyles in North and South of Europe are totally different creating different speeds to their economies. This requires adjustments in currency rates. How to do this when the countries have the same currency and cannot print any money?

The USA has huge differences between the states and the wealth of the citizens in these states. This has been slowly dividing the country into five distinctly different economies: The West, The Mid-West, The North-East, The South and the South-East. As majority of people never or only seldom leave the State they have born they do not see the differneces but the others who travel are privately worried.

The Banksters have the PIIGS trapped. They can not solve their financial problems by printing Euros, they must borrow more and more... The grand end plan is the same as in Germany after the WW I. The Allied wanted to get ownership to all major German Industries while paying only a fraction of their real values.

The plan was put in motion through the WW I peace treaty. The USA was fully aware that Germany could not meet the obligations in this treaty and the waiting game started. Unfortunately to the Allied countries the Germans were not so short sighted and stupid as the planners thought. The seeds for WW II were planted by forcing Germany to sign that treaty and the planning for WW II started almost immediately in Germany.

Ultranationalist parties are now springing up around Europe with masses getting angry for the austerity on the other side and on the other side tax payers are irritated for the ever increasing bills what are handed to them a little by little by the politicians participating to this scam.

There is a limit to all this and when the people finally unite there is no force on the planet that can stop them.

President Niinisto's suggestion is almost impossible to implement but it would be better deal than any austerity. However, to complete this thinking the potentially two way income change levels must be transferred immediately and an equitable way to reduce the food, product and service prices in the PIIGS countries, and if needed to do the opposite in the North.

The above is likely the only way a Sovereign inside Euro zone can devalue or revalue their "local" currency without revolution. All austerity should be rejected as nonsense. Note, that the USA will not exercise austerity measures at home. However, all the US Banksters support fully mandatory austerity in the rest of the world. Austerity leads to destruction of property values making the cheaper for outsiders to acquire. One should concluded from the US behavior that those enforcing brutal austerity over people should actually be handled like those suspected of treason against their own people until proven innocent by the courts.

We have been conditioned to believe that the politicians and executives are a different breed and possess secret information and are able to think the way the man on the street can never do. We tell that there is no such executive in any company in any country nor politicians who's job could not be done much better by somebody else. We are also confident to claim that there is at least 7,000,000 people in the world that can fill every executive job in the world and even improve the company results. For politician there are at least 70,000,000 alternatives to choose from. We all know that Executive pay is grossly overvalued everywhere.

Note that one should not mix executives with company owners who should receive compensation based on their share capital input and/or direct loans and/or other debt or obligation purchases.