The Writing is on the Wall - is there future for Bitcoin?

Can the money without a certain and real purpose survive?

Does a few bankers decision to accept Bitcoin as another suitanle trading unit mean that it is now accepted as a global currency? Or have they seen it as an opportumity to their algorhitm trading unit - or are they considering it as a worthless entity like the earlier US mortgage backed securities?

During the least 5000 years of credit (=money) we have had not a single example of similar process. Paper with promissory notes and even fairly recently wooden sticks have been used as money. Here splitting a slotted pair of wooden stick to two was the only promissory note of debt that could not be falsified.

The computer algorithms can come close to this so far unsurpassed security feature offered by the simple sticks and are certainly easier to use and transfer as proof of credit.

Bitcoin is backed by the same belief system as the paper money and coins in almost all countries and it wants to become universally accepted credit (=money). Can Bitcoin become a global success without any other value behind it than the willingness of the people to buy them at some exchange value?

We remain pessimistic regarding its success as a currency. We see it as a new global game - like the musical chairs we all have played as children. There is always only one loser but as the game starts again someone else loses this time and everybody can feels happy and the music starts again and agin...

Here is some more serious stuff on money and it's hostory:

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