Can the looming use of nuclear weapons in Europe be prevented?

The US Neo conservative movement behind NWO believe the best option for the USA is to maintain and stoke up the cold war mentality in Europe with fear against Russia. They totally ignore the fact that communism was defeated from Russia in early 1990's and that Russia has a constitution and all Her required democratic institutions are functioning accordingly, secured by periodic free and open voting processes just like anywhere in Europe.

The new NWO is in desperate need of credible enemy to continue the build-up of the hegemony of their Military-Industrial complex. Expanding NATO to protect Europe against Russian "imminent" expansion has proven to a perfect tool influencing the public opinion of the former communist East-European countries.

NWO has a problem in the old Europe as the younger generation does not buy this nonsense. Manufacturing and trading are needed to improve the living standards. It makes no sense for the less populated and developed Russia to attack a much larger population of Europe. The result is a loss of their by far largest trading partner in that process. The fear mongering by the USA in the smallest European countries bordering Russia is just laughable but catches the ear of the old generation that is on the way out!

The USA would benefit enormously if they could create a major war on the European continent. The wars in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc have proven but with sufficient physical destruction the nations can be sent back several generations in their development.

To lift them back up the USA, who control both the World Bank and IMF, would get all these Nations under their financial servitude exactly the same way they have put most of the African continent. In Africa the corrupted leaders stay in power simply by being the conduit of re-financing all the development loans at terms where the loans will never be paid back as the export income is sufficient to pay the interest of these loans. Ar loan re-financing time the new loan agreements secure that any additional income the countries may have generated are now needed to secure the new expanding loans,

Greece in Europe is a good example of this shady business that contain the so called almost like criminal austerity measures needed to balance the country books, Greece entered recently to the global financial markets and was able to sell all her bonds at "competitive" rates. Now the total amount Greece owes outside is even larger compared to what she had before the crisis. The international bankers are happy while the workers in Greece are even worse off than before.

The Europe by helping the USA in current Ukraine crisis is shooting itself to the foot. The Ukraine has the capability to make nuclear weapons and the current Nazi regime is actually looking to expand their territories to reclaim their ancestor lands from Black See to Baltic See. This threat was expressed a wailed way by the current leader holding now the post in charge of the army, navy, air force, all protection forces and police. At that time he had no problems using nuclear weapons against all those opposing the fascist Ukrainian forces.

If his dream war in the final steps the war would end into a nuclear war against Russia and Europe. This would be just perfect for the USA as it would certainly maintain its hegemony over Europe and now also Russia, and that would leave only China on Her plate to deal with.

We know radiation damages from Nakashaki and Hirsohima during WW II. The latest major nuclear accident was also in Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant after a powerful tsunami hit it.. This nuclear accident that has been analyzed to the details and radioactive leakage cannot be stopped as rwactors need continuous water cooling that will continue to leak to the Pacific Ocean for decades to come.

NY Times published just a video article covering the survival of life forms around Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident area in Russia. The area is inhabitable and at the time radiation from the accident reached even the Nordic countries and is still fully measurable.

The governments have recently sponsored seed banks to difficult and remote areas in the North to preserve current cereal crops, edible plants and alike - but for whom?

If one is cynical one can assume that a powerful group of Western lunatics have been planning already for some time for nuclear confrontation with Russia counting that they themselves and their offspring would belong to the group of sure survivors on the planet.

The almost surreally generated hostilities in Ukraine could be part of this plan. Deducting from who might be behind it all we can locate a closed knit Western financial elite (oligarchs and kleptocrats) that all together add up to about 30,000 people. They are the only ones with money and power to do whatever they want when they have the full control over the US armed forces, They control all major Western media outlets and with those they control all information what we in the West hear or see.

The discovery of internet could not have been worse for this elite as it provides news from the other side of the divide that include Russia, China and India. Fortunately for the elite those following these alternative news are rare and few and with their numbers they will not make any impact at all. They are also already labeled as terrorists or stupid and ignorant conspirators.

The healthy political discussions prevailed in the USA after WW II until Russian revolution in early 1990's containing always analysis from both sides of the issues. Now that kind of discussion is nowhere to be seen.

With that absent we have now similar chicken little game that existed during the Cuban missile crisis when John Kennedy was the US President. That crisis brought the world closer to the Nuclear meltdown and life elimination from earth than anything else in the world until today's fabricated crisis in Ukraine.

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Perhaps the financial western elite believes for a limited nuclear war where the nuclear fall-out would punish Russia much more than the West. The air in the atmosphere flows from West to East and before reaching the USA it would have also surpassed over China and Japan. In their dream the West would avoid the worst but as the earth is a round the nuclear fall-out cannot not be avoided anywhere.

It is also more than likely that much more than only one of the nuclear bombs from Russian arsenals fired from submarines and ballistic missiles would penetrate the US "missile "shield". This shield has so far proven to work occasionally well but not every time it has been tested.

This chicken little game has already gone too far and it might be impossible to stop . The aggressors behind Ukraine keep on blaming Russia and denying the facts on the ground. They try to get the war ignited just by maintaining altered reality in Western limelight regarding Ukraine and denying even the most obvious facts from the Russian news services. One can alter plenty of videos and words with modern technology but that process is not perfect.

Hitler's propaganda minister Goebbels said - if the leader keeps on repeating a lie, the Nation will soon believe this lie to be the truth. This process has been used since the beginning of the times. It works perfectly provided that the people at large are poorly educated on the topic and cannot comprehend easily complicated issues. That is the reason Rome used gladiators on arena and free bread to take care of the people. We have plenty of similarities with some sports and the Roman Circus.

Descriptive for the USA is that after several months of total Media exposure to Ukraine only a small fraction of the people can point Ukraine in the map and know anything of those who live there. They also have no idea that the 1990's revolution buried the communist Russia and is turning now towards democracy financed through low fixed tax rate and its abundant natural resources. They also do not know that President Putin is working to reduce the power of the Oligarchy and Kleptocracy from in Russian economy to increase the power of the voters.

Is the above the real reason why the 30,000 strong Western financial elite wants to get rid of Putin for good?.