EU starts showing cracks in Her unity...

The interview of Jean-Marie Le Pen from France's National Party by Sophie & Co is the must watch item regardless if one is for or against the European Federalism and Euro...

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The US Neo Conservative movement is behind NWO believing the best option for the USA is to maintain and stir up the past generations' cold war mentality in Europe by using fear against Russia. This movement ignores the fact that communism was defeated in early 1990's and the modern Russia has constitution and with all democratic institutions, secured by periodic free and open elections just like everywhere in Europe. The European system is actually more responsive and fair than the one existing in the USA today.

NWO is in desperate need of credible enemy to democracy to continue enforcing the military supremacy of the Military-Industrial complex. NATO is brought into Europe to protect Europe against their enemies. It is just not so clear to any logically thinking European what or who is the real enemy?

The old generation of Europeans live in the past and the Communist Russia was the feared enemy. The younger generations see this as nonsense and they are right.

Manufacturing and commerce are the only tools to improve living standards anywhere. It makes no sense for the less populated and developed Russia to attack the much larger and wealthier population of Europe. The result would be a tremendous loss for both parties. For Russia EU is simply their largest trading partner.

The continuous problem creator here is the USA who would benefit from any war or major crisis in Europe regardless how it would end and as usual they would of course supply weapons to both parties. The long wars in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc have proven also that with sufficient physical destruction the nations can be sent back several generations in their development.

When done the USA, who control both the World Bank and IMF, would finance their rebuilding skillfully to financial servitude exactly the same way the USA have put most countries on the African continent. In Africa like in South America they use corrupted leaders to stay in power by being the only conduit that can organize and later on re-finance the development loans at "proper" terms. In practice this means these loans will never be paid back as the export income of countries is not sufficient to pay more than the required interest for these loans. At loan re-financing time the new loan agreements secure that any additional income the countries may have been able to accomplish is suddenly needed to secure the new loans.

Greece in Europe was and is a good example how this shady business works tied together with the so called almost criminal austerity measures "needed" to balance the Nations budget to get out from the financial hole it was sunken. Greece re-entered recently to the global financial markets and was able to sell all at the moment needed refinancing bonds at "competitive" rates. The problem is that the total amount Greece owes outside is now even larger compared to what she had before.

The international bankers are now happy while the workers in Greece are even worse off than ever before with now half of the youth unemployed while the unemployment remains over 30% for the working class.

The Europe has fallen to a trap and is actually doing the dirty work for the USA in current Ukraine crisis. Ukraine has the ability and capability to make nuclear weapons. The same time current Nazi regime of Ukraine is looking forward to reclaiming their ancestor lands from Black See to Baltic See. This desire was expressed as a wailed threat by the US financed Nazi regime that is now in charge of the army, navy, air force, secretive protection forces and the police. These same leaders want to make a new country for pure blood Ukrainians and they would use also nuclear weapons against their opponents including Russia and any opposing European countries preventing them from regaining their ancestor lands all the way to Baltic See in Europe.

This war if it gets ignited would be just perfect for the USA as it would certainly maintain its hegemony over Europe and would perhaps weaken also Russia leaving only China on the US plate to devour later on.

It appear that NWO has forgotten the formidable Russian Nuclear weapons arsenal and a multitude of ways to deliver these warheads intact anywhere on this planet.

We know radiation damages from Nakashaki and Hirsohima during WW II.

The latest major nuclear accident in Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant has revealed more of potential problems with nuclear fission technology. In this case the radioactive leakage the Pacific Ocean cannot be stopped as reactors need continuous water cooling for several decades to come.

NY Times published just a video article covering the survival of life forms around Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident area in Russia. The area is inhabitable and at the time radiation clouds from this accident reached even the Nordic countries and levels are still measurable over there.