USA, NATO and NWO have become great dangers to humanity – more wars are in Pipeline

The Nobel Prize winner and retired US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger makes it all crystal clear: ‘the powerful forces of globalism and totalitarianism have no intention of backing down from their plot to impose their “New World Order” on humanity’.

How come the oligarchs have this power?

1. Inheritance from past generations from their upper class elders, 2. Rarely as revolution leaders against oppressors – France, Russia, China, etc. 3. As Industrialists but these usually avoid oppressive acts

The truth is the most “successful” and powerful politicians have power because their servitude to those who have it and stay hidden in shadows. These characters know the history of France, Russia, China, etc.

The continuous war is inevitable as long as these characters have their heads.

The Europeans are naïve by believing NWO would mean progress to the mankind. Their goal is total power over mankind and delusion that they are totally different people than the rest of us – some may even think they are descendent from the “Gods”.

The continuous warfare, famines and diseases reduces the number of people. That is one of the goals of these semi-Gods: “…the population on the earth must be reduced to about 3 billion.” ( reportedly said by Prince Philip, UK ).

The full time government remains as the biggest problem against long lasting democracies. A democracy does not need full time government and politicians - it needs professional administrators that execute the will of the people as conveyed by the part time politicians. Part time politicians cannot be that easily bough. They come to vote on issues that people have brought up as potential beneficial changes for them, not to the politicians.

Oligarchy is a tireless and thinks on multi-generational basis – Establishment of the private Federal Bank of the USA (=FED) took these private banking lobbyist in Congress over 100 years of continuous lobbying and bribery before they succeeded getting majority in 1913.

The Ukrainian crisis is simple to understand in context of above several centuries long plan for global domination requiring multitude of small steps on the way. The Jewish people have it in their veins following the promise to Moses according to the Torah. History is not the true history as it changes one despot ruler at the time who dictates to writers how he came to power. Pharisees were not different they simply re-wrote the whole Torah to suit between 100AD and 600 AD.

For past 300 past years Oppenheimer’s and Rothschild’s (both Jewish families) have been the brightest bankers in recent times. Rothschild’s were wealthy enough to finance the American civil war – on both sides of course.

Amschel Rothschild had studied the ancient banking history and appears that he learned plenty from de Medici’s who abandoned this by far the most lucrative portable business model ever invented. De Medici’s proved the best deals to exist around Sovereigns and Kings who had the ability to levy more taxes to meet their agreements with the Bankers – the only risk being these rulers might lose their heads like happened also on the time of the de Medici’s.

In early 19th century Baron Nathan Rothschild was trusted to safekeeping of the wealth of several European Royal families from the greedy French general Napoleon. Napoleon was superior military strategist and had won every battle until coffers started dwindling. At the time Napoleon suggested Nathan a generous share of it all if he would reveal where the money was hidden – but the answer was no and soon after Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo in 1815.

Later during the same century Rothschild’s financed the Suez Canal for the British Empire.

In the mid of the 19th century Jewish thinkers Karl Max and Frederick Engels wrote Communist Manifesto that evolved to actual communism and took over Russia ending the Romanoff dynasty in 1917.

The Jews at large have always had problems with other population groups as Jews never see them as equals. They live in close knit communities performing their weekly and other rites. They intermarry heavily and that has impacted them greatly but brought to them also insanity and recently also problems with fertility.

To maintain separation from others they maintain special requirements for food they eat and how it has to be prepared. Circumcision of their male children is a rite that secured separation from the gentiles – the other people. The Pharisees added an interesting prayer – Kol-Nidre - to Judaism. This prayer has a huge power as whoever repeats it three times in a temple or synagogue during a specific day of the year he/she is released from all sins, wrong doings and crimes committed during the past year.

The Jewish elders demanded also that all Jews and their children should study religion and the children must become priests, lawyers, medical doctors, teachers or merchants. The reasoning is this: these skills were all important to acquire financial and other advantages over all gentiles.

The above life instructions are effective to creating financial difference between the Jews and the gentiles and consequently tensions and even violence between the groups are bound to surface with the time.

On late part of 19th century Jewish Newspaper writer Theodore Herzl (considered as the father of Israel) had studied all above issues his whole career and concluded that the only hope for the Jewish peoples was to have their own homeland in Palestine. He saw that regardless where the Jews had settled, in Russia, around Europe and elsewhere in the West the outcome with time was always the same - rejection by the local population.

Baron Walter Rothschild’s agreed with him and after WW I asked for compensation for the Jews from all help they had provided to UK throughout the war both locally and especially from the USA. He suggested to the Foreign Office of the UK that Jews would be given a homeland in Palestine. The Foreign office agreed and signed related agreement called Balfour Declaration on November 2nd, 1917.

After their execution of Romanoff’s the Russian leadership was mostly of Jewish origin, like Lenin and others. Unfortunately for them their number was small and the government of the newly established Soviet Union was slowly devoured away from them by ethnic Russians. When Stalin (Stalin’s wife was a Jew) was murdered in 1953 the Jewish influence was practically gone from all top government positions.

This was the sign for the global Jewish Oligarchy in the West they had failed and had to prepare for the next chapter when the communism would fail, like it would and democratic rule would be established. At the time they had to take over everything important in that new country we call Russia. Russian people at large were by that time well educated compared to many others as that is the minimum requirement of a working democracy. At the beginning the opportunity would be greatest to acquire properties like the oil, gas fields and most of the mineral wealth of Russia. The Jewish elite in Russia was short of capital to do it by themselves and the locals understood this opportunity too.

Huge sums of money from Western Oligarchy was suddenly available for Jewish elite members who understood what had to be done and were politically connected, even friend to most new democratically elected politicians who in turn were swimming now for them all strange waters of market capitalism.

Transfer of Crimea to Ukraine was likely the price Nikita Khrushchev paid to become elected as leader of the Russia after Stalin’s death in 1953? Alternatively he was advised to do just that, it was easy as he was originally Ukrainian at birth. It appears that people behind NWO were involved to that as they knew well that this crisis could be ignited if there ever would be a need.

The death of communism came in 1991 and brought Boris Yeltsin to power as the first Russian President. With this new chapter of democracy the Western Oligarchs’ acquisitions of the Russian State properties started in earnest.

Vladimir Putin retired from KGB in 1991 had joined Boris Yeltsin’s cabinet with the wealth of knowledge in everything that was hidden behind the curtains in Russia. He was now on the front row witness it all evolving. He could not accept that foreign Jewish related Oligarchy was gaining control on left and right over the enormous Russian energy and mineral wealth and also the industrial complexes.

When he became President of Russia in 2000 he immediately started dismantling these foreign power bases that had taken root in his country. This is the real reason why the West above everything else hates Putin wanting him dead.

The crisis in Ukraine was deliberate and there is more than enough to prove it alter. When Russia took Crimea back it was a surprise for the NWO. They had underestimated the popularity of Putin at home and totally overestimated the military power of Ukrainian army. Practically everything they tried turned to a disaster – but the Washington elite does not to admit the truth and keep on preaching from the earlier written scriptures in their hands.

The changes in the world after the also totally deliberate financial crisis of 2008 have accelerated the change of the balance in power dramatically. The US dollar as the world’s only financial reserve currency is no more completely so and that alone spells disaster for the USA, NATO and most to NWO.

They want Russia to make military move against them to justify a retaliatory attack and by destroying the structures and infrastructure in Europe they would have been be able to use their dollar based financing capability to get Europeans into financial slavery like they have succeeded doing in Africa.

Now they have lost their concepts and are unsure is Russia as weak as it looks or does it have the means to destroy the West. The Russia has kept modernizing its military capabilities and nuclear weapons for many years by now.

NWO is suddenly fighting for its survival – it is an extremely dangerous beast that has been cornered with no way out. How to cull it is a huge problem for the humanity but it must be done some day!