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Was it an error to give IPad's already to 2 -3 year olds and install computers to all Classrooms?

The shift in global SAT results indicate that an eye opening claim from Germany might carry the seeds of truth!

Most people could never have envisioned the new education trend in Silicon Valley. The children of the top managers from the largest high tech companies go now to schools that do not allow computers to be used in any of the classrooms. All teaching from A to Z is done the old fashion way and include also arts and physical education.

Manfred Spitzer is one of the best-known brain researchers in Germany. His recent book "Digital Dementia" unleashed a heated debate about the adverse effects of Internet use. On ‘Talking Germany’ interview Manfred Spitzer discusses why too much screen time is dumbing down society; why he doesn't watch TV and why it’s worth keeping the brain active as we get older.

Accordingly it is a big error to give any electronic teaching toys, like e.g. IPads to babies and toddlers. They learn very little while playing with these highly mind captivating puzzles.

Learning requires human interaction and guidance. Babies and toddlers need to "digest" it all. And for best results they need to see, touch, hear, smell and even taste it.

Today's parents accepted instantly the idea of modern high tech "teaching aids" that are available everywhere in the West. For young parents these gadgets were like presents from "heaven".

Unfortunately most of these electronic gadgets are but modern high tech versions of Dr. Pavlov's experiments. He used similar tools to prove that dogs are intelligent animals and can learn. Laboratories around the globe still continue the same with different species. The Chimpanzees seem to learn the most complex tasks using buttons and levers including simple computations and even words while the samrtest of them all might actually live in oceans. In all these experiments proper tasty treats leads to correct solutions.

When toddlers play alone with IPad games as their only teachers you should ask why? The children are certainly treated with entertainments and they are hooked to these toys but what is the final outcome? They all use trial and error process to find a solution. The reward is typically some star showers with blinking lights and sounds on the screen.

Excessive electronic toy time seem to reduce the childs ability to express themselves and communicate with parents and other children. When everybody around does the same who is in charge of this growing problem?.

In schools the computers can mask some of the missing skills for parents but teachers and other children are not fooled. By natural instincts children want to experiment and learn and in this process they will shun away from those that are behind. That is a brutal process that can leave internal wounds into those left behind.

The trial and error method works with fast computers on wide range of topics. Some observers may get the impression that children have learned plenty while they are actually just falling behind from their peers. The human brain uses its own master regarding what it stores for recall in the future. It appears to use lower priority for everything readily available from internet.

Suorprised or not but even children can perform high tech engineering calculations when pointed to a right site and explained how it works and what inputs are needed and where can they be found.

What happens in the day when these sites are taken down? And that day may be already approaching.

The real question is what do the children really know and remember from all the topics they have been studying? To be useful in the future they need basic knowledge covering the forever widening fields. Its also well estabklished that that to truly understand and master something complex one lifetime might be even short for that topic. To advance fastest fhey need related facts available inside their brain but how can they do it?

Our brain is a rational organ and it knows its owner best and allocates its resources accordingly. On the other side we have no idea how much information it can store. It stores everything the way we do not understand. This has been proven by a few dozen people in the world with absolute memories. These people can recall everything from their past with verifiable accuracy and van even visualize what happened almost like a multicolor 3-D high resolution movie or picture with smells, sounds and everything else. How is this all stored in our brain and how can it all be recalled just by asking?

Why did the leaders in Silicon Valley demand that computers were taken out from the schools their children will attend?

The SAT scores are improving fast in the Far East while falling in the fully computerized West This cannot be explained by different backgrounds and wealth of the families. That was the old case before computers. Something else is at play that is much more earth shattering.

According to Spitzer children younger than 15...18 years should not have continuous access to computers and they should not have computers in their classrooms.