"Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival" - W. Edwards Deming
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Is the "Big Bang" Theory by Einstein just a Theory that turned to be False Quantum equations predict universe has no beginning nor end, nor one "Big Bang" but several of them...?
The way to use US$ 10 billion for a scientific experiment (0430-14) It was worth every penny put into it!
Was it an error to give IPad's already to 2 -3 year olds and install computers to all Classrooms? (0218-14) The shift in global SAT results indicate that an eye opening claim from Germany might carry the seeds of truth!

Professor Antal E. Fekete explains Austrian Economics and why current Stimulus is Deflationary and not Inflationary (0513-12) Fekete's treatment of fractional-reserve banking, capital or time preference theory of interest, real bills and quantity theory of money is different from that of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises.

Concept of Entanglement - a simple visualization for everybody... (0513-11) Even theoretical physics is simple if the teacher knows the topic. All new theories concepts and inventions are difficult to understand but only before they exist. When someone explains them most say immediately: "I would knew that..." but they did not!

For solving complex issues the children need more playing time... Oiginal Susan Ochshorn in Huffinton Post Fishing Naked in Finland: What've PISA Scores Got to Do With It?

Finland is the mecca of education reformers across the globe. Just before we all gorged on our turkeys and stuffing, Michael Mulgrew, head of the United Federation of Teachers, turned down an invitation for a free, but politically imprudent, pilgrimage from Manhattan Media CEO and mayoral hopeful Tom Allon. Diane Ravitch, of course, had already been there and done that, waxing poetic on the virtues of Finnish education, earlier this fall, in her Education Week blog, "Bridging Differences," with Deborah Meier. Since 2001, when the PISA (Program for International Student Assessments) results went public, this Nordic nation's 15-year-olds have ranked at or near the top of all industrialized nations in reading, science, and mathematics. And we haven't yet stopped talking about it.

Why Finland? Everyone's been in the business of deconstruction, including the Finns, who originally expressed some puzzlement about the ingredients of their success, and then in the spirit of 21st century innovation, launched a web site to meet the world's demand for answers. Here are a few to chew on. First, teachers are highly qualified. Second, they have tremendous autonomy. Third, the teaching profession commands respect, with only one in ten aspiring educators snagging a coveted spot in what are generally regarded as rigorous teacher preparation programs. Next, when teachers do meet their students, in formal school, they're older than most of their primary peers in industrialized countries, and little emphasis on grades is the norm in the early years of schooling. Finally, standardized tests don't make an appearance until very late in the game...

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Water-repellent surfaces that last Rare earth oxides make water-repellent surfaces that last Ceramic forms of hydrophobic materials could be far more durable than existing coatings or surface treatments.

Finnish engineers use earth’s magnetic field for indoor map navigation A croup of Finnish engineers have created a novel approach indoor positioning system (IPS) based on the earth’s magnetic field. They use the same technology as homing pigeons and spiny lobsters by picking cues from the surrounding magnetic fields,

Is this one of the better Primary Schools Systems? The 15 year old Finns were again on the top among their peers in 57 countries.  What is their secret, and has it had any impact of the progress of the country?  The American students got the C grade among all the students - this is not so glorious as one would expect for a leading country in the world

The Israelis are admired for their technology and innovative nature - why one academic in every four heads for America? This is a good question and the facts are on the ground appear support this. This special inventiveness supports also Judaism and has made many converted to believing that the Jews / Zionists are a special breed sanctioned by the God. However, when this righteous God is the same God as the Christians and Muslims believe, why would this be the case? All Jewish Torahs jubilantly support this as a "fact", but so do the other religious writings support the equal "facts" for their followers

The most critical science areas that must be advanced are A simple list and some enetertainments from another continent

A Demonstration of the Power of Mental Frames An intriguing little exercise...

Water is everywhere but do we really understand it? The water is essential for all life forms as far as we know. It is a simple molecule consisting of one Oxygen and two Hydrogen atoms. We all know what it is but we seldom how symmetrical it all can be. Here we have a drop of water under vibration at 100 cycles per second (100 Hz)


The real Smokers - the Deep Sea Vents (NOOA) The water is essential for all life forms as far as we know, be it a mile or two under the ocean surface next to the sea vents where the continuous opening and closing of tectonic plates allows the red hot lava to freely touch the ocean water. This is a deadly environment for every lifer form on the surface of the planet.

After 250 years the secret code of Copiale is finally broken The Copiale cipher is an encrypted manuscript consisting of 75,000 handwritten characters filling 105 pages in a bound volume. It is thought to date to between 1760 and 1780,

Print It or Download It! This is the beginning of the future - the small scale manufacturing! If you are an inventor you cannot afford to miss this! It is slowly becoming affordable.

A Glass can both hold and leak... To illustrate a little more of this strange emptiness we can look how liquid Helium (very cold) behaves in a container when the temperature is approaching absolute zero. At this temperature it appears that all movement of particles will stop. We have never observed this temperature and will not be doing it any time soon either...

Thermite has a surprising ability to melt even solid iron The solid iron is no match to this open fire...

Scientific community disputes that fire alone brought the 3 towers down on 9/11 The May 10, 2011 interview of Dr. Niels Harrit, Associate Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, was conducted by Michael Rudin of the BBC. The occasion was the making of a new BBC production in the Conspiracy Files series for the tenth anniversary of 9/11

Aristotle's "Politics" has passed unscaled the test of 5,000 years including 17 Global Empires and countless "smaller" wars and revolutions Don't expect wonders but the US and UK aristocracies may have walked to the end of their rope the second time. This time the world is more synchronized and aware of what is planned. We however, are currently at the turning point of history with an attempt to create the 18th Empire.

Graph on relative currency values since 1970 The graph below shows relative currency values for selected currencies since 1970 when more data became available. The graph include Euro "basket" since it's official entry as European common currency in 1999.

US Economy - The Numbers The economic status of the USA is best defined by numbers by four variables: M1, M2, M3 and the Monetary Base. Anything else is expression of opinions and changes in percentages that can be anything depending on the point of time to which the new numbers are compared. It is like telling the the US stock markets have risen an unbelievable 50% within the past two years and we must be due to a major correction, why?

How to make the Greece and the rest of EU debt crisis to disappear? The financial and political establishments of the world will never solve this crisis. Status quo is higly profitable for the lenders. The governments "will fail" to recognize even one of the two very simple practical solutions on remaining time! And this even after Iceland and Kazakhstan have done it all in broad daylight.

Tesla Turbines Tesla turbine is one of the interesting power generating machines that has started attracting young minds to experiment. As per original Tesla analysis this technology can offer higher energy conversion efficiency "train" than any of our current options.

Are we protected from the particles in Solar Wind? Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland

Black Holes' Fast-Moving Gas Clouds May Stifle Star Formation Newfound clouds of gas that stream from gigantic black holes may dictate the pace of star formation in the galaxies around them and the growth of the black holes themselves, according to a new study.

Quantum theory, entanglement, teletransportation, ... Presentation by NOVA and PBS.

The Size of the Universe Hubble telescope has revealed us plenty from the size of the Universe.

Magnetic Levitation To illustrate a little more of this strange emptiness we can look how liquid Helium (very cold) behaves in a container when the

How about a flying Dutchman? How aabout a ship that seemingly floats in the air. It does not really do that but when a heavy invisible gas is used a small "ship" can literally float in the air.

Magnetic Guns In your garage?

Powers of Ten This powers of then reveals the emptiness of it all, be it material world or the universe.

Train Your Brain to Focus Next time you are sitting in a meeting, take a look around. The odds are high that you will see your colleagues checking screens, texting, and emailing while someone is talking or making a presentation. Many of us are proud of our prowess in multitasking, and wear it like a badge of honor. Multitasking may help us check off more things on our to-do lists. But it also makes us more prone to making mistakes, more likely to miss important information and cues, and less likely to retain information in working memory, which impairs problem solving and creativity.

10 Questions That Create Success Want help focusing on what really matters? Ask yourself these on a daily basis. Think that success means making lots of money? Think again. Pictures of dead presidents have never made anybody happy.

Comet survives hellish journey through the Sun's "atmosphere" – a toasty 1.1 million degrees C Astronomers fully expected Comet Lovejoy to meet a fiery death – and with good reason. After all, it was about to fly through the Sun’s atmosphere where temperatures reach a staggering 1.1million C.

NASA's RXTE Detects 'Heartbeat' of Smallest Black Hole Candidate 12.15.11 Stars are alive...

Is Vesta the Smallest Terrestrial Planet? Dec 9, 2011: NASA's Dawn spacecraft spent the last four years voyaging to asteroid Vesta – and may have found a planet.

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