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Jews and Zionists are as different as a day and a night

Already during their return from slavery in Egypt to their promised land the Pharisees started plotting how to increase their earthly powers and riches.

The 10 commandments that God gave to Moses in Mount Sinai according to the scriptures were soon ignored.

Jesus from Nazareth rebelled against this falsification of the Word of God, Now the Pharisees had an urgent need to get rid of Jesus but did not dare to touch this man who spoke the truth. Tos olev the problem they claimed that Jesus was a traitor for the Roman Empire olanning to overthrow the Caesar. This was enough for the local Roman ruler Pontius Pilatus to crucify Him regardless.

The tree major religions; Christianity, Islam and Judaism are based on the same one God universe.

The Judaism has no interest on earthly powers nor gathering earthly possessions beyond their needs. The power on earth belongs to the earthly rulers. The God rules the Heavens and those wanting to enter there must follow the 10 commandments God had given to people in in Mount Sinai.

The Zionists are the people who followed the Pharisees who perfected their Talmudian thinking on 2nd anf 5th ventury to over 6,200 pages thick book of Talmud that cover everything in their way of life.

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By birth all Zionists are Khazars, a mixture of the Turks and Hungarians who lived on the Russian plains north from the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian and Black Sees, the present day Georgia and Azerbaijan. Zionists at large have no blood connection to peoples living in the present day Palestine, Israel or anywhere in Levant.

In 700-900 A.D. Islam started expansion North towards Khazaria through the Caucasus mountains. The same time Christianity from the North was expanding South also towards Khazaria. The Khazars had anticipated this and had studied these potential invader’s religions and had elected the Jewish offspring of Talmud and this pacified the Christians.

What is Talmud?

The 3000 years old Original Orthodox Judaism maintains that the Torah and Jewish law are divine in origin, eternal and unalterable, and that they should be strictly followed.

The over 6,200 pages long Talmud in turn is Rabbinic Judaism with the first component finished around 200 A.D., and the second around 500 A.D. The Rabbinic Judaism now practiced by Pharisees had deviated far away from the Orthodox Judaism and it’s basis on the 10 commandments. Talmud is critical and essential learning tool to all Zionists. It has transformed their religion from its original purpose to a highly efficient business process – and that is coming now to haunt them.

The Temple in Jerusalem had become a place for business enriching the Pharisees.

Zionists Strategy and Tactics

The Zionists have been lobbying the US Congress now for over 200 years to change laws beneficial for their joint business processes. Since 1815 most of the financing to this all has likely originated from Baron Rothschild related banking groups after his successful coop over the British stock markets and the Bank of England.

As a small minority in numbers Zionists and to lobby they needed to have the voters’ ears and eyes. This all was accomplished by acquiring one by one control over the major newspapers that later moved to emerging radio and TV networks and even to Hollywood film studios. Today the Zionists control 98% of all US news media With that practically everything what the America people can ever hear or see comes from these news sources and movies.


The first huge victory to Zionists came in 1913 with establishment of the FED, as a private Federal Reserve Bank of the USA. FED continues to be privately owned by its original owners, the private banks that lobbed Congress almost for one hundred years before they got the votes (minus Lehman Brothers that was sacrificed). This reveals well organized activity as our active life span is much shorter.

The Zionists used exacting approach with Adolf Hitler and his propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels. They all discredit their opponents calling them as enemies of the country and terrorists trying to destroy it. In Germany the enemy was Zionist Jews as writers of the Treaty of Versailles. The foreign companies of Zionists had been buying from left and right the German manufacturing capacity for pennies to a German Mark. The German war reprisals imposed by this Treaty created hyperinflation in the country - – Greece today is not there yet.

By signing the Treaty of Versailles was signed the US President Wilson was fully aware what would follow soon after. He kept silent over this Treaty written by a group of Zionists and with that it was approved “as written” with the above consequences.

The already powerful in the USA realized a huge business opportunity in WW II and wanted it to begin as soon as possible. Perhaps the implementation of Balfur declaration from 1917 was already in their sights prompting later on President Franklin D Roosevelt to say: "Nothing in politics happens by accident If it happens at all, you can bet it was planned that way".

In 1933 the Zionists together with powerful business interests of the USA started planning a coop aiming to establishment of the Fascist State of the USA. It failed only because General Butler co-conspirator commanding 500,000 man army of reservists that was just waiting his “go” suddenly changed his mind and revealed the whole plan to the newly elected President Roosevelt.

Peculiar is that nobody was charged and names revealed were carefully blackened from all the records still stored inside Congressional archives in Washington DC – this was reported in 2009 in a documentary by BBC (less than a year after 2008 financial crisis – someone out there knows!).

The newest act with code name NWO (The New World Order) aims to securing power over the USA and Europe and was put to motion in 2008 with an orchestrated financial crisis modeled on insights discovered with US$ 100 billion “laboratory” trials with mixed margin trading on commodity on the plane through the US “energy trading company called Enron". With tests completed Enron was put to bankruptcy. Today J P Morgan alone has a commodity portfolio worth about US$ 90 Trillion - twice the size of the combined global GDP.

With about 4% of the votes in the USA the Zionists control 98% of everything the ordinary citizens can ever hear, see or read. the Zionists have now full control over the US Congress in everything they want to do. It was done by slowly to remain unnoticed but in reality they now control the selection process. Already for years it has not mattered whom the voters elect as all candidates on printed ballots will obey their masters and not the voter – assuming they want to keep their jobs in Congress.

The Goldman Sachs CEO and Zionist Lloyd Blankfein said some time ago: "We do God’s work here!"

Establishment of Israel

In 1946 the UN granted the Zionists from Khazaria the “right to return” to their homeland in Palestine. The Zionists could now purchase Palestinian owned land within the boundaries of the UN granted area of the State of Israel provided that Palestinians were willing to sell for a fair agreed price.

The real reason for this UN grant was not what happened in Germany during the WW II but the long term energy security for the West. Baron Rothschild had foreseen this all and conspired with the British Foreign Minister to sign in behalf of Britain a paper called Balfour Declaration. This could not have happened without the USA knowing of it. Having a “Zionist” State in Middle-East would be crucial to secure inexpensive energy for the West for a long time to come and with that the deal was sealed in 1917.

Starting already in late 1800 the Zionists have been moving in to Palestine pushing the Palestinians away from their homes, sometimes by buying their land in real deals and sometimes by intimidation to get “more acceptable” price and sometimes using just brutal force. After 1946 this trickle of incoming Zionists turned more violent leading to the 1967 war in which Palestinians even with help of their neighbors had no hope after the USA tilted the scales and started supplying the Israel with modern weaponry.

Ask yourself if just by moving in and taking by force somebody's land and senseless killing and jailing of the owners can be done by religious God fearing people? It looks more that we have here just swarms of locusts that destroy everything on their way and settle down as new rightful owners to their promised land of their “ancestors”.

The real Jews and their leadership in the USA are furious of the Khazars who claim to be Jews. For religious Jews they just carry the mask of Judaism and do not follow any of the teachings of the Judaism. The Jews have tried to demonstrate and explain this to the people in the USA but nobody gets to hear or see these issues as the Zionist media will not report any of this. However, all is available from the internet but hardly anybody has ever been interested – as they do not understand that they all are slowly scammed out from all of their financial resources and pensions!