Western Dominant Religions and their Roots to the Ancients

All the 10,000+ religions and their counterweight the Atheism practiced today have also two practical reasons to exist:

Survival & Power Over Others

It is totally debateable if there is life beyond death. The physiscs gives here a simple answer: all atoms or their precursors in the universe are alive and have existed ions before the earth was even born and received it's first life forms.

These atoms will not stop their force and counterforce based miniature lives regardless what happens to them. They all are alive and have always been alive. All currently living creatures, microbes and plants are relatives as we are boud to use the same oatomic particles again and again to construct our bodies and then keep them alive for a while untill they get recycled again.

Regardless what we may think the capability of the earth to support the life on it is limited. The species, like the humans and cockroaches, that can live in various conditions or adapt quickly are widely spread. We are the the only species so far that can modify the environment. More to come.....


  1. We all ponder why are we here? As nobody can answer convincingly to this question people have started believing in God(s), Sprits, Demons, Angels, life after death and also rebirth as humans or different cleatures depending on how they have lived their lives.
  2. Most of us are looking for someone smart enough to lead. At the beginning we lived in small groups of up to around 140 people, as the most practical size to gather food, catch prey and still maintain "ownership" to the "hunting" ground without making life too complicated. Beyond this critical size of 140 the leadership became too easily challenged and the arising hostilities could break the group. We learned that brute force will be used at the end if a leader cannot be agreed in peace from the wannabees.

Today we live in some 200+ countries having at least a few hundred thousand people like e.g. Iceland and all the way up to over 1 billion peolple like China and India. These groups behave no differently from say chimpansees or other large apes, Elephants, Lions, Hyeenas, Delphins, Smelt, Salmon and all a multitude of bird species. They are together in a group as that provides security and progress.

Even in the plant kingdom the plants live in colonies though they cannot move and we of course explain that they are so different and of course they are but they are still living "cratures" that have reactions. And on the other side even the loneliest creatures on earth who live in solitude most of their lives find each others during their mating season.

Throughout the known human history our rulers have always used the belief system to control and manipulate the people, rally them to protect the nation or to make a war with another nations and most importantly to secure their own personal power regardless of the misery and powerty it will bring to the commoners.

The five largest religious/ non-religious groups today are:

1. Christianity *)**) 2,100 million members
2. Judaism *)**) Member Count Irrelevant 13 million, huge financial power
3. Islam 1,800 million members
4. Hinduism 1,000 million members
5. Atheism (Everything Non-Religious) 850 million members
6. Buddhism  500 million  members
7-10,000+ A Multitude of Others  abot 750 million members

*) Christianity was born at 33 AD when the Jewish Rabbis in Jerusalem coerced the Roman Empire to execute an innocent, deeply religious and righteous man.

**) Christianity, Islam and Judaism (only 13 million followers) have the same God. According to them this God gave them this Earth to rule, utilize and enjoy.

Jews believe they are the only true believers and followers of this God and therefore everything in the world belongs to them as their divine birth right. Aall non Jews or so called gentiles exist only to serve the Jewish people. In other words others are nothing but slaves to be exploited and utilized until the God comes to the earth and the life on eart ends.

This did not work well even in the Jewish self contained community and Christianity separated from it with birth of Christ, the son of God in Betlehem some two thousand years ago.

Christianity wanted to spread the word of this new God everywhere on the planet. and that brought up a multitude of conflicts as those living in far away lands did not recognize the increased power inside a Nation that had only one God.

Towards the end of Roman Empire Christianity had become so powerful that the Nations East from Roman Empire had started fearing of their survival. The first group to recognize this new thread was the Arabs living East from the Roman Empire.

Muhammed was the first one to realize what was needed - it was not enough to have a one God religion as counterweigh - more was needed.

The Vikings were already active around the river newtworks bringing them the the Black and Caspian sees and as warriors they seemed to carry a superior power over everyone they met in a battle. Muhamme recognized it was their religion and how they secured their access into Walhalla, the Viking heaven, regardless of their deeds and behavior on the earth.

To complete this shortcut to Walhalla they only needed to die as heros in a battle. This gave them huge power as they actually wanted to die and to become even more acceptable they needed to kill as many enemies as they ever could do.

Muhammed understood this power and incorporated it all into Quran as one of the key pillars of Islam today. Another clever addition was that you can enter the Islam easily but once you have become a muslim you cannot leave this religion that easily.

The Jewsis in don't accept outsiders to convert into Judaism. To make sure they operate their new born's sexual organs are mutilated to mark them permanently that the true Jewishness can be confirmed instantly.

Muslims do resembling mutilations but in addition they also accept anybody from outside who wants to convert to Islam to join it. Most those in the west joining Islam have no Idea what it means. No Muslim can leave Islam as this is a capital crime where punishment is death without trial.

Only Christians let one enter and leave their faith as they please.

After leaving Levant the Jews have concentrated on politics, commerce, financing and gold. They have used the power of the compounding interest for millenniums together with gold to preserve the their financial wealth over the wealth destruction periods like wars. Today Jewish elders and their representatives control or own directly unbelievably large portion of the world's financial wealth.

How has it worked? Ask yourself why sovereign countries borrow money against interest from "open" markets in other countries? It would be simple and convenient to berrow it all from their own central bank and pay practically no interest beyond the insignificant operating expenses of this central bank. As an example of stupidity the Great Britain / UK borrowed the money from Rothshilds to build Suez Canal? Why? Like all sovereigns they can order their central bank to print as much new money as they please and pay whatever interest they want to their own central bank. Rothshilds were not needed here at all they did nothing that the soverign could not have done by an executive order. In case of the UK, nobody had the ability to even contest that seriously.

Their lucky strike for Jews came during their mass exodus from Roman Empire to Khazaria where this nation's survival was at stake between monotheistic Christians in the North and the monotheistic Muslims in the South. To counter they needed to replace their phallic religion with a monotheistic one that was different from the above two and could then unite their peoples against the increasing territorial pressure.

For the past millennium plus Christians and Muslims have failed to recognize that envy, loyalty and financial power are the tools that when used wisely can rule the world.

Their absolute sect loyalty of Jews has subdued the democratic systems they help[ed creating and are used invisible tools to manipulate the peoples in all democratic countries to make favorable decisions for their businesses and causes - all in the name of democracy!

Note: The peoples of the far North have used the principles democracy forever - cooperation was the only way to survive up there. However as political movement democracy did not gain real strength in England nor in the USA until Karl Marx and Engels published their books.
















A Split in Judaism Created Christianity

Christianity was born at 33 AD when the Jewish Rabbis in Jerusalem coerced the Roman Empire to execute an innocent, deeply religious and righteous man.

He was simply too dangerous for the Rabbis as while seemingly uneducated he knew the Jewish scriptures better than any of them and took any challenge they threw to him. He had the ability to explain all the scriptures the way that made real sense to the man on the street.

He was called Jesus from Nazareth, the Christ, and the Son of God. The Rabbis labeled him to Rome as a rebel King planning to raise an army against the Roman Empire.

They Rabbis needed to get him silenced one way or the other but dared not to touch him either. Rome would not tolerate a rebellion and accusing this man from working to that goal was the solution.

This led to division of Judaism to two and the birth of Christianity, leaving the Jews waiting for their promised King and God. And they are still waiting for that to happen.

About 300 years later the Roman Emperor Constantine realized that to unite the Roman Empire properly he needed to replace the old Roman Gods with the Christian one God religion. By this time Christianity was growing fast in the shadows of the Empire making the Emperors work easy.

Constantine directed the consolidation of the Christian faith and adoption of it's "pagan" Trinity Doctrine to become the basic pillar in the Christianity and the Catholic Church in Rome.  In 325 AD, he called more than 250 Bishops to work in Nice, Asia Minor, to adopt the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Those who disagreed were just exiled and they "disappeared".  He also directed compilation of the early version of the present day Bible from various apostolic and other scriptures that were available in the Roman Emperor's domain or were presented to him.

Judaism lost it's appeal in Levant and most Jews moved away from their lands in Palestine to uncertain future in faraway lands. The Jewish religion did not die and it's come back started around 7th century A.D.

The change came unexpected when the Khazards from Northern Caucasus between the Caspian and Black Sees realized that they must replace their national phallic worship to survive as a Nation between the front lines of two monotheistic competing religions Islam and Christianity.

The Christians threatened them from the North and the Muslims were approaching them from the South.

Today their descendant Jews or rather Zionists add up to about 13 million people scattered around the World with their largest population center outside Levant in the USA. About 10% of them trace their origins to the Mediterranean Middle East while 90% are descendants of the Khazards and Jews from Caucasus and the Russian plains. 

Khazards realized that a competitive religion would unite them as a Nation of Khazar peoples and with this they would avoid of being absorbed either by the Christians and/or the Muslims. Judaism was a practical solution as it was close enough to both Islam and Christianity but different enough to give them a National identity.

This ability to resists against absorption by other Nations was achieved by specific rules and rites that enforced solidarity between the people, and the survival of identity was proven already inside the Holy Roman Empire.

It also helped them to be small in numbers as no Nation felt threatened by these hard working Jews living inside their borders. However, this unity bordering communism gave them unseen excessive political power far beyond their numbers as individuals. A united (conspired) vote in a democracy can change anything given enough time to "convert" elected officers in sufficient numbers to favor "impossible" when inside the ruling chambers.

Also by inviting Jews to bring Judaism to the Khazaria the leader there had to immerse the Rabbis to their internal power games, intrigues, and conspiracies to make the new religion accepted in it's new home. With their new advisory role of Jews expanded soon beyond the politics to include all the financial endeavors of the Khazards in their role as mercenaries and power brokers between thy tribes and communities.

This gave the Jews new power, allies, connections and true wealth.

They took this all to Europe. Acting there in the same capacity supported now by their blood ties to Khazards.

In the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars the Jews were hiding even the wealth of some European Kings and used this wealth to corner successfully the British stock markets and and with that gained the power over most of British industry. They also demanded and got the "keys" of the bank of England (lasted until Winston Churchill nationalized the bank after the WW II).

A century later (1913) they were granted the control the newly established Federal Reserve bank of the USA or FED (through majority of the private banks that own FED). With this new power they have continued mingling with the European and American affairs including questionable practices during and after the WW I and WW II.

In 1946 they received permission from the UN to establish the Sate of Israel on Palestinian lands in Levant within agreed upon boundaries dictated by the Allied forces. This meant that the Zionists had gone around and had now some rights to some of their ancestors lands in Levant and with that they were again a Nation of their own.

"The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know."   -Harry S. Truman

Our current financial chaos was not an accident. With that we end up writing a new chapter to the human history.

At the end of this new game the ancient saying will still be proven to hold: if you take a sword to your hand you will fall by a sword. See also the presentation of the history of religions.