For over 99% of people facts are secondary to feelings
"Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." ~ Denis Diderot
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Expansion of Islam remains as real as ever during its past 1400 year history! (0515-13) How should the World treat the rapidly expanding Islam? Sooner or later we must our way of life. We the citizens of the West have became intellectually impotent and just to our emotions in front of the boatloads of seemingly "helpless refugees" arriving now daily to our shores. This is the Trojan Horse of Islam! In Shari'a law, it is illegal for a Muslim to kill a fellow Muslim, but it is not illegal for a Muslim to kill a kafir. A kafir is an unbeliever, an infidel.

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The sum of 10 Commandments condensed to One and the original 42 from the ancient Egypt! Matthew 22:37-40: Jesus said unto him: "Love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind; and our neighbour as ourselves."

Judaism split to Christianity and Islam leaving Jews pondering - what happened? (0113-13) The most powerful of all human traits is the envy - the "secret" driving force behind most everything we do. Look at yourself. We all carry this knifing feeling that some amongst our neighbors might be better off and are respected more than we.

Talmud from its birth to the present day Russia - will Zionism retake Russia? (1113-13) Most people know very little if anything of the real Judaism. The 30 minute video helps to understand what is happening now in the World, especially in the USA, Europe, Russia, the middle East and later on in Asia.

Jews and Zionists are as different as a day and a night (1113-11) Already during their return from slavery in Egypt to their promised land the Pharisees started plotting how to increase their earthly powers and riches. The 10 commandments that God gave Moses in Mount Sinai according to the scriptures were soon ignored.

Pope Francis gives Urbi et Orbi Easter message Regardless of our opinions on religious beliefs, Pope's speach on Easter Sunday made more sense than most politians can ever delivered. Pope does not need to please anybody and that makes a huge difference in the value of the message.

He also shows one important rule of public speaking - speak slowly so that the listeners have time to understand your message! Rushing through a presentation means that it is irrelevant that that you are present and that one does not have a real to deliver only some mumbo jumbo...

Wars over the "Correct" Religion have kept World Population in Check!  If there is a Soul what happens to it when we die? We are electro-chemical creatures powered by electric current. When our "batteries" die our electric currents stop taking instantly away our magnetic field and soon after all other radiation from our body disappears.

Our live magnetic field is superimposed into the prevailing magnetic field of the universe. Anyone who can tune their magnetic "receiver" to our specific frequency could in theory read your thoughts and much more. The problem is we have no idea how to build this type of "receiver" or "transceiver" - or if we should instead move into quantum mechanics or even beyond.

We have now over 10,000 different religions and philosophies to ponder these issues without any solution reagardless that they have wanted to know the answer for more than 7,000,000 years already.

Many claim that only humans can think. Not the right answer. Most species today are adapted well and are the supreme masters in survival arts in their living environments. Many use also simple tools and live in "family" groups, some are even paired with their "spouses" over their whole life span.

All species have a brain that consists up to three components: the Stem, the Limbic brain and the Neocortex (by Chopre & Tanzi). We likely have also the fourth component present but physically it has remained in hiding or we just do not understand how to use it:

  1. The stem or the lizard brain evolved some 700 million years ago. The main function of this organ was to mange all organs to keep the carrier alive and to multiply the species. This purpose has hardly changed since. The stem can override everything if we encounter and unexpected danger that calls for immediate action to avoid any damage or even death of the host.
  2. Emotional or limbic brain evolved some 65 million years ago after an asteroid destroyed almost all species from the surface of the earth. This contains our short term memory and controls our emotions, beliefs from our mundane daily shores to almost sacred but learned survival rules. What is true to one or a group is not necessarily true for others. Survival in a new environment requires adaptation.
  3. Neocortex started evolving some 13 million years ago and have the ability to control the above lower level functions if the host has learned to control them. The neocortex started evolving rapidly a few million years ago after fire was used to prepare food by human ancestors. Raw meat contains large amounts of calories that our body cannot access without breaking the cell walls and fire/high heat will do that. Those who learned this had a huge advantage as they needed less time for hunting and gathering. Idle time let them concentrate on anything that came to their mind and their daily problems. Today we use supercomputers for the same. Regardless these computers are no match to a well functioning human brain that can rearrange its neural connections even on a daily basis.
  4. The 4th or the intuitive part of the brain is still in infancy. Brain activity is based changing connections and flow of electricity. Any movement of electrons will create minute magnetic field changes at speed of light and are free to anyone who can sense them. Can these messages be interpreted? You can bet governments everywhere work secretly on this puzzle. This technology would change the world and we would not like the outcome. Many also get occasionally puzzled with strange feelings, odd incidents and preminition...

The mind (= Soul?) remains unknown. We have learned to use it to control our brain and body at least part of the time while our brain can take over at any moment if we are not aware of our present position.

Note: As an interesting anecdote thousands of years ago the nature of the Soul was included into the most original belief system of the Finns and related tribes scattered over the vast Russian territoties. For them the human soul was the combination of several distinctly separable and even competing independent spirit bodies that together formed the mind of the person and determined all his/her actions as long as the physical body was in the world of the mortals. Human madness results when one of these spiritual bodies has left the group temporarily and could not immediately find the way back.

Western Dominant Religions and their Roots to the Ancients All the 10,000+ religions and their counterweight the Atheism practiced today have two basic reasons to exist...
A Split in Judaism Created Christianity Christianity was born at 33 AD when the Jewish Rabbis in Jerusalem coerced the Roman Empire to execute an innocent and deeply religious and righteous man. ...

The Dark Side of the Western Religions The Islam and Christianity both "have a mandate" from the same God to expand and make all nations His followers. The third religion, the tiny Judaism, teaches that this same God will at the end give them all Nations and their peoples as servants for them to enjoy and use as they please....

Premonition There is one skill in all of us that gets very little or no attention at all, A small minority has been puzzled with this phenomena that appears to repeat itself in different forms for some, while most of us have have had only rare occurrences and we have just shrug them away as nonsense.

Today if someone says they believe on this the most likely answer for others would be a simple: I would not believe this even if it would be true! The topic we are talking is called "premonition". The Webster dictionary defines this as "previous notice or warning" or "anticipation of an event without conscious reason"

Quotations by Those with Vision, Experience and Power It is wise to know the past - the thoughts of the men and women and their governments as they arose from ashes and soon after burned down again.

Wealth is tempting when received just by taking and will wake up weak and criminal minds In religious view, debt is always the responsibility of both creditors and debtors. In the ancient Near East, even pagan kings periodically cancelled debts to allow the poor a measure of respite from harsh conditions. The Biblical mandate goes much further, reordering the whole economy around the need for periodic cancellation of debt and restoration of community.

Contrary to common belief the animal kingdom knows the Right from the Wrong Are we really different from the animals? Research has proven that all of the higher creatures do clearly know what is right and what is wrong and they can be jealous exactly like we....

Science has never ignored religion There are countless planets in the Universe with circumstances suitable for life. And what is life anyhow and why does it exist? Are there more interesting issues to ponder?


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