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Predicting Future is Fool's Game - Join Us!

Exactly as the title above claims, predicting the future is fools' game.  To "guess" anything correctly one must first of all know all the future technologies of that time - unfortunately for all our fortune tellers most of these technologies have yet to be invented.  Additionally the path throughout our past inventions tells that what we will discover can not be predicted.  The inventions happen usually as a side show, as a curiosity items, appearing when the inventor is tinkering on his/her other ideas.  These side shows are often forgotten for years, decades or even centuries until someone suddenly realizes the abundance of opportunities around that tiny and obscure curiosity item.

Jules Henri Poincaré (29 April 1854 – 17 July 1912) 
was a French mathematician and theoretical physicist, and a philosopher of science. Poincaré is often described as a polymath, and in mathematics as The Last Universalist, since he excelled in all fields of the discipline as it existed during his lifetime.  He was also the first to present the modern relativity while Albert Einstein was the one generally credited for it much later. 

Poincaré's  reasoning of the future was simple: as you project into future you may need an increasing amount of precision about the dynamics of the process that you are modeling, as your error rate grows rapidly.  You will eventually need to figure out the past with infinite precision and that by itself is in unsurpassable conflict with the principles of the nature.

He also prove that given enough time any three (or more) body dynamic system like our solar system is at the end unstable.  Taken further the gravitational pull of planets in our solar system may actually cause the internal balance in our sun fluctuate following the gravitational interaction.  This could actually explain some of the temperature variations on earth reaching beyond the 650,000 years of ice core samples from Antarctica and the existence of boreal forest there some 3 million years ago, while the most likely explanation is the temperature variation in the erath's thermosphere created by the so called solar wind

A mathematician Michael Berry showed it again using a billiard balls and table.  Everybody played this game learns the first impact and how the ball will behave;  the second desired impact needs much more skills; going on to calculate the impact of the ninth hit and get it correctly, now the gravitational pull of a 150 lb person must be included; and for the 56th impact to be correct the position of every single elementary particle in the universe mast be taken into account. The same story came out a different way in 1960's when MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz produced a computer model of weather dynamics projecting the future weather a few days forward.  There was no errors in model but when he tried to redo the runs he could not reproduce the results.  The reason was finally discovered coming from the rounding of the variables - this became known as a butterfly effect, since a butterfly moving it's wings in India could cause a hurricane in New York, two years later.

To say it differently - anybody who claims to be able to predict the future accurately is nothing but a liar and a crook.  What you see on this web page is based on likely scenarios assuming no new impacting inventions.  With this all of the expressed scenarios outside the impact of our celestial cycles may turn to be totally off the mark.  However, if nothing radical is invented, no major wars are at hand and the celestial balance remains, then the shown scenarios may turn to be reality within some reasonable error margins.

The experts are those to whom one goes to get some advise.  How do they do?  The comparison with the real world separate them all to two categories.  Those who predict the behavior of things that do not move or change by themselves tend produce repetitive predictions inside these domains - while those who are predicting the future happenings such as the high and low level in the rivers, the economic activity, or the stock markets are more than inconsistent and with that they all are just fools with worthless predictions.  In comparison any advise from the taxi drivers is often more accurate than what we get from the experts in the latter group.

The new inventions can render even the soundest and most robust projections useless for all the groups.  These inventions are the only items taking us forward.  However, the inventions are not something that are planned.  They just happen when the time, knowledge and circumstances are simultaneously congregating in the inventors mind regardless if the inventor even realizes what he/she is suddenly witnessing.  The wheel was not invented because someone planned to invent one.  Like said above the most important inventions have been first just as curiosity items that were discovered on the side.  Laser and computer were not invented because someone was looking to invent them.  Still well into computer age the CEO of IBM was serious when he stated that the world did not need more than only 8 computers - as it is even the smallest PC on your desk is today by far superior compared to what he meant.

Transforming the above to human behavior and interaction it can be boiled to a simple statement: if one can predict all the actions of a person ahead of the time then that person is not free - that person is enslaved with a master somewhere even if totally invisible and unknown to that person

2000-2030: Less than a fraction of one percet from the US Population understands our Energy supply and consumption balancees and the changes that are on the way - and unfortunately the US Congress is equally clueless...

The "Global Warming" appears to continue for reasons that may have their origin in our sun. What is really happening there is still beyond the science we understand at the moment but we know that our sun is not as calm yellow ball as it looks for the eye. It is a free floating thermonuclear reactor (continuously exploding nuclear bomb) kept tohgether by it's own gravity. When you lookm at the pictures or videos provided by NASA from it's surface you will start thinking it a little difefrently. Anyhow on macro level for us on the earth it will be as always a safe energy source for millions, likely even a few more billion years to come.

Tthe impact of our sun is much more important to the temperature on earth than anything else. The greenhouse gases Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor (clouds) do have a a meaningful impact also but this is totally dwarfed by the impact of the sun itself. The radiation from sun forms a kind of shield around the earth preventing some of the massive high energy partcile showers from the outer universe reaching the earth. During high radiation periods like we will have 6 years from now the cloud formation is minimized and the surface temperature of the earth raises. During the low radiation periods we have right now the high energy particle showers reach the earth's atmosphere breaking and charging the molecules in the atmospher: the water, CO2, CH4, Ozone (O2) and everything that is there the way that these create highly charged agressive molecules that are able to seed the cloud formation and the coulds in turn lower the surface temperaturee.

The discussion on greenhouse gases has gone overboard. We have here four elements that form molecules and these elements happen to be the ones that are among the most abundant ones in the universe. Whatever we do with them on earth will not change their concentration a meaningful way anywhere. We humans are a tiny player in the game of the Nature. We can lower the oxygen content in the atmosphere only inside the largest cities to an unhealthy level but that is about all we can do. On the grander scale our impact is meaningless. The varying ocean temeperature will balance the CO2 amopunt in the atmosphere regardless what we do. The greenhouse gas "experts" have forgotten e.g. the volvcanic activity as a CO2 producer and more so the movement of tectonic plates under the ocean surfaces that produce incredible amounts of Carbon and Sulphur related gases and chemicals.

Our real problem is still how to fuel our transporation system in the very near future. Our own oil is already running out, that means inexpensive oil, not yet the oil, see the picture below. We still have abundant resources of Carbon as Coal and Carbon and Hydrogen as Natural Gas but neither of them is that good for transportation. We have means to convert them to liquid clean fuels that are actually much cleaner than our present oil based fuels. Unfortunately that would still leave the unhealthy air for the city dwellers to breath. One of the alternatives would be to use Hydrogen but that is less efficient in transportation than electricity and batteries. The source of electricity itself could be anything from hydro, wind, wave, solar, fossil, nuclear, geothermal or whatever is abundant on the area. There is space and place for all of these technologies to make electricity.


With this all a new Mega-trend has emerged already a few years ago that will force major change into the US and Global transportation industries already within the next 15 years.  The enclosed six graphs discuss the related major shifts in energy consumption by type based only on the US data but we also checked briefly the global energy picture and the outcome will be almost exactly the same.  

In general this change is simply by default a major win for the environment as from now on we can concentrate controlling the emissions from power plants instead of adding to that all the inefficient and highly polluting traffic.  This means that the air in all cities can suddenly become clean as the traffic will emit either nothing or only water vapor.   From now on we can concentrate our efforts to controlling the real polluters if we want.  The "smoke-stack" pollution as CO2 was solved decades ago but so far we have not done very little, and to be honest it is unnecessary to do anthing else than to remove all the harmful chemicals from the smokestacks to let only those gases exit that are compatible with the nature.   As an example the paper industry has been using the carbon dioxide from it's power plants to make a highly valued chemical calcium carbonate that is used in paper making. 

The Oil Industry has been aware of this coming electric car for decades but it has preferred "conspiring" with Detroit and pushing the Detroit even deeper into the obsolescence hole while maximizing it's own profits.  The Big Oil knows that it may have lean decades ahead starting a few years after the electric cars reach mass production.  When this happens most of it's traditional investments into oil refining and distribution businesses must be written off as obsolete and belonging to an era that has passed and new investments must be made for morre complex products that we will likely need already at that time. 

The Big Oil knows also that as long as we continue occupying the earth there is a forever growing need for oil and even coal in all forms they can be found.  Everything under ground and oceans including the Arctic's will be extracted one way or the other regardless of the costs and some will try our renewable forests too. Here this problem is that the earth does not have even close to the land area that we would need to satisfy our energy consumption.  We can only hope that by that time we have been smart enough to create enough wild life areas and parks to secure the biodiversity that we need to keep the planet alive. Go and check how it all is on the Esaster Island.

The next six next graphs show the summary of all energy and fuels used in the USA.  The first pair show this all as millions of tons in oil equivalent (OE) as was in 2005 (source BP) and as will be in 2020.  The OE means that regardless of the fuel type or directly generated electricity like the hydropower, everything is expressed as one common unit, OE or the commercial crude oil.   The shift towards electricity will be enormous in scale and one has to note also that the power grids that we have are not capable of handling this all. 

In 2005 about 40% of all fuels in the USA were used to make electricity while the remaining 60% went to various industrial uses, home heating while the largest part 63% went to make transportation fuels.   When the electric car arrives in full force by 2020, almost 68%+ of all fuels in the USA end up to making electricity with slightly over only 30% will end up to direct use.

In 2005 all renewable power corresponded to about 3% of the total energy use in the USA and 87% of that was hydroelectric power.  On total scale from power generation in 2005 the renewable power, wind, biomass, geothermal, solar and others made only 0.8% of the total power generated.  in the year 2020 if we allow the renewable power grow continuously at the rate of 25% per year to which we do not have the manufacturing capacity the renewable electricity will reach about 11% of all power generation.  Regardless of our desires and wishes we end up using our coal in massive quantities to produce the desired electricity.  In making these graphs we assumed that hydropower is already fully built (that it is not),  people resist nuclear power and we will not get the natural gas at the price we are willing to pay and still our use of oil in power generation must double. 

This all is much more expensive than we think as everybody on the planet is looking to do the same at the same time.  The design engineering can be done by dublicating but the price of raw materials and manufacturing will keep on shooting up.

Unfortunately with our non-existing energy policy we are totally unprepared - thanks to the lobbyists from Detroit and the Big Oil.  The government has so far been irrational by following the shifting political wind and the beliefs of the commoners.  Most of these beliefs are planted to aid the shortsighted political desires.  The winner so far has been the Big Oil who contributed to creation of the Ethanol industry into the USA where it does not belong like do not the large SUV's.  Of course people bought these when they were told that the bigger the car their children were driving the more likely they survived a serious accident.  It didn't help either when the W told years ago that "...if the Americans want big SUV's they must get them".  

This was almost in lockstep with the grand strategy of big Oil. Unfortunately the Japanese and European small cars have spoiled the SUV markets in the USA and Detroit was never able to really sell these "gas guzzlers" overseas where the gas price has been 2 to 3 times higher than in the US.

Most of people believe that the renewable energy will be our instant savior.  Unfortunately, as can be seen from the graphs, the renewable energy in all and any possible forms remains a minor factor in both US and Global energy business for the next three decades to come.   The Solar energy will grow fast but it still remains on insignificant level for a long time.  Still with the coming decades the renewables will reclaim their rightful place in our energy supply patch work   

Regardless what we may think the electric car is so compelling over the existing technologies that the consumer is going to jump on it as soon as the car is affordable - and that is happening very soon.   Detroit can still jump into this band wagon and admit that it's policies were not realistic nor fair towards the consumer when the rest of the world was roaring to the opposite direction.  The Detroit can still join this new world, but if it still stays on the path of denial it has chosen the path of self destruction as the cars they will produce can not be sold. 

USA AllEnergy US Renewables
USA Renewables USA Oil
USA Power by Fuel Power by Fuel e-car


2001-2012: The oil war in Iraq will not escalate to Iran

Israel was and is still itching to attack the non existing Iranian "Nucklear Bomb Making" facilities.  This is not the reson for the attack. Iran will not have a useful nuclear bomb until perhaps by 2,020 and it take all that time to build sufficiently powerful and sophisticated rockets to carry them to an imagined trip to UK. This nuclear bomb nonsense is just a smoke screen. And why would Iran attack UK? What sense does it make for Iran to annihilate their own Nation. A National suicide does not make sense in a rational world.

The USA had no balls to attack the weaker Russia and equally Iran will never attack UK, or much less the USA using a few small Nuclear devices they might or might not manufacture in the future! Europe is full of countries that can build a bomb or two any time they so choose but they have not done nor are they planning to do either!

The real purpose of this planned Israeli attack including the manipulation of the June Presidential elections was to create conditions to bring the price of Oil down to around US$ 20 per barrel. If they did not consider this option they are stupid and if by now they have not abandoned this thisnking they again are stupid.

If the election manipulation would have succeeded Iran would by now have a pro Western dictatorship. The same might have followed a military strike by Israel earlier but now it is too late. The Chinese were first to tell the facts for the West - on different words of course - stop agitating the people, what you are doing will not work - can't you in the West understand that you are missing the critical mass from the streets. You just slaughter the young for nothing - wait for another opportunity. If your thinking is right the opposition in Iran will grow anyhow and the popoular uprising will come one day but not the way you think.

The potential Russian reaction was unclear. They have silently modernized their long range attack forces signalling their readiness for action by planting the Russian flag under the polar ice on the North Pole.

The obvious strategy of the West was to flood the markets with 4 million barrels per day additional oil from Iraq. Unfortunately that would have led to a revolution removing most of the currenbt Governments from the Middle-East. Is it so that the West has not noticed that the people in the so called friendly Nations will not stand for their Governments and any adverse policy will destabilize the whole region leavin Israel alone. Of course it would have been nice to bring also Russia to Her knees the same time but that would have been really dangerous.

If Russia could have been contained then the benficiary would have been the US Dollar as that would have enjoyed a decade more time of being the World's only reserve currency until China would redraw this map like it will.

“I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil”,  Alan Greenspan, a lifelong Republican and the former head of the US Federal Reserve between 1987-2006 and spanning over the period of four US Presidents (The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World).  What do the words "politically inconvenient" mean?  This appears today almost as a childish denial of facts.  Regardless, this mantra is systematically repeated by the Republican leadership.  They still believe on pre-internet way of life: If black must be made white or vice versa then just keep on repeating this new reality.  It still works well in their party, but it is almost hilarious as nobody outside it nor anywhere else on this planet believes this mantra.  One has to start pondering the old words from Napoleon Bonaparte, and how to interpret them in this context: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake".


2007- 2050;  The Russian government held a meeting on August 16 at which it approved the strategy to develop the thermonuclear fusion energy before the year 2050. First Vice Prime Minister of the Russian government, Sergei Ivanov, said that the strategy must be as precise and pragmatic as possible. Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, was asked to develop the adequate program, the cost of which makes up 515 billion rubles. “The thermonuclear fusion is worth it”, Ivanov said estimating the scale of the future investment.

A relatively small thermonuclear station will cost Russia at least 20 billion dollars, the Vedomosti newspaper wrote. Academician Yevgeny Velikhov says that the world’s needs in energy will triple by 2030 in the event the global economy continues it current development. Thermonuclear energy may save the world from severe crisis at this point. It is an ecologically pure method of power generation with unlimited resources. However, the world’s first thermonuclear station is likely to be built in about 25 years, the scientist said.


2012: The global financial crisis runs amok ruining hundreds of millions of lives all over the planet - not the lives of the guilty ones who created this man made financial disaster, but the lives of the innocent.

During the past 5,000 years the World has been under 17 different known empires each lasting for about 300 years as an everage. The current ruling Anglo-US empire is already 300 years old and has adopted the exacting hostility pattern towards the imagined enemies in the World than the 16 previous ones just before their final down fall.

The nobility of the current Anglo-US empire has just run out of "steam", grown megalomaniac and lost the interest to common good, thinking only their own well being and pleasures. With this action the Anglo-US nobility is doomed as the wheels of the justice are already in motion.

Albert Einstein was spreading the knowledge of the most destructive power in human hands when he stated  “Compound interest was not only man’s greatest invention, but it is also the most powerful force on Earth!”  He continued, "when you borrow money it works against you when you lend it works for you". The simple process of compounding interest has the power to change the world but so far only the nobility had ever understood it's full meaning. This is the real reason for the wars we fight.

With compounding interest and 300 years a family collecting 5% interest on a US$ 1 loan from others will have US$ 2,273,996 million after 300 years. If the interest rate would be 10% the family would have US$ 2,617,010,996,188 or US$ 2.6 Trillion. If the family would use the same lending practices than the US credit card companies apply to those who fail to pay in time the 29% interest would cause one dollar to grow to US$ 1.5*10^33, or a sum that forms when we start writing 15... and add then 32 zeros. This is what Einstein was trying to say. The money lenders, the bankers can quickly gain controlling stake in any economy or even the world if they are not tightly controlled. For this reason the central banks must be under the control of the governments and never be allowed to be such private banks like the Federal Reserve Bank or FED is in the USA.

The bankers of the Anglo-US group know history. For whatever reason they recognized the the emerging power in the East too late. Direct military attack was already out of question.

They had cultivated Israel to become their hammer and creator of local conflicts. However, this new treath in the East was by far superior over Israel and it was suddenly such a powerhouse that the outcome of a direct conflict without knowing what Russia and India would actually do was too much to risk. Russia was not weak enough even after the West had "helped" them "out" from communism - the price of oil rose too high and that wrecked the master plan of the Nobility.

About three decades ago the nobility in the USA recogniozed that the era of supercomputers might give them a golden tool, like "SAMPO", that could keep them in power forever.

Without delay ENRON became their laboratory. This US$ 60 billion company was put in play to develope an approach to gamble with all commodity, index and equity margin contracts of the world, by betting daily items and group against the others regardless their logical relationships. This led US$ 32.8 billion capital loss and bankruptcy. The workers became penniless when they lost their work and pensions all in Enron shares, after years of court drama the least guilty were jailed while the planners of it all had disappeared.

This laboratory experiment was actually a huge success as it teached how to build a real game when the game board was the entire financial system of the World! The global derivatives game was born.

There is no logic why we need a US$ 600 TRILLION worth of derivatives to protect the global trade nor anything else. The Global Gross National Product is only US$ 60 TRILLION. The foreign trade is tiny compared to this amount of money money, in reality it is only a small percentage of this US$ 60 TRILLION.

This derivatives game has nothing to do in stealing trades from slower computers while they were still executing them, like the Goldman Sachs' doomsday machine. This is something else that is still largely hidden out there. We know that the players are powerful as the Anglo-US legislation is paralyzed, incapable of doing anything to stop this game. Stopping it on tracks is simple: Force all contracts to be traded through recognized trading platforms and if that would not help then doubling, tripling, etc of the margin requirement would certainly stop it all.

Towards the end of their reign all these 17 previous empires have resorted to desperate military activities to support their nobility. The military campaigns are aimed to maximum destgruction of all property of the private citizens - bizzarre but this destruction is what te nobility wants! When it all is over this nobility still owns most of the productive land and as their money is always scattered around the world they just bring some of it back and restart their income engine.

Here is another bizarre example from Sweden, one of the most revered democracies in the world. Consaider moving e.g. to Stockholm. In Sweden buying houses or even apartments is totally out of reach of the ordinary people. The Swedes have been let to believe that the right to live (rent) is the same as owning the house or the apartment. The Swedes are willing to pay for this right to live more than twice the price one can actually build it to almost any luxury level. In the better locations in Stockholm this right to live (rent) can be bought for about SKr 100,000 per square meter or about US$ 10,000 per square meter. This meanst that the right to rent for a small apartment of 100 square meters (1,100 square feet) will cost US$ 1,000,000. If you do not have the cash you have to borrow the money and in addition you have to pay also rent for the actual owner of this place (apartment). The Swedes see nothing wrong in this picture! Link the artcile in Swedish.


2012: Mayan Calendar: on December 21, 2012 the new Long Term Epoch of 25,800 years starts in the World.  In that winter solstice the sun and the center of the milky way are aligned and the same time the earth orbit wobble is changing direction.  The Mayans predicted great changes and disasters...    

Mayan Calendar (Wiki): This 260-day calendar was prevalent across all Mesoamerican societies, and is of great antiquity (almost certainly the oldest of the calendars). It is still used in some regions of Oaxaca, and by the Maya communities of the Guatemalan highlands. The Maya version is commonly known to scholars as the Tzolkin.  This is combined with another 365-day calendar (known as the Haab, or Haab' ), to form a synchronized cycle lasting for 52 Haabs, called the Calendar Round. Smaller cycles of 13 days (the trecena) and 20 days (the veintena) were important components of the Tzolk'in and Haab' cycles, respectively.

A different form of calendar was used to track longer periods of time, and for the inscription of calendar dates (i.e., identifying when one event occurred in relation to others). This form, known as the Long Count, is based upon the number of elapsed days since a mythological starting-point. According to the correlation between the Long Count and Western calendars accepted by the great majority of Maya researchers (known as the GMT correlation), this starting-point is equivalent to August 11, 3114 BCE in the proleptic Gregorian calendar or 6 September in the Julian calendar (−3113 astronomical). The Maya numeral system was essentially vigesimal (i.e., base-20), and each unit of a given position represented 20 times the unit of the position which preceded it. An important exception was made for the second place value, which instead represented 18 × 20, or 360 days, more closely approximating the solar year than would 20 × 20 = 400 days. It should be noted however that the cycles of the Long Count are independent of the solar year.


2025: The World remains solidly under the control of religiously controlled governments, and the stories of the Biblical revelations, Nostradamus, Mayan calendar and the "New Nostradamus", professor Bruce Bueno de Mesquita is a political scientist; Chair of the Department of Politics, New York University Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.  None of these "story tellers" are any better than the Oracles of Delphoi.

The claims that our new Nostradamus with his formulas is more accurate than Pentagon is lunacy.

These future seers are nothing but well paid smoothly talking fellows in the payroll of the "shadow governments", revealing cryptically the path that the leaders are planning to take their people well ahead before anything is done.  When reasonable acceptance is achieved the leaders just implement these "divine" revelations.  If they succeed as they will against any weaker enemy it all will give again a powerful impression that the hand of God is behind our leadership and they are going to the right direction. 

This is how the lowest possible education in the society pays back handsomely -  the uneducated masses buy it all and offer their lives to the hands of the leadership to be used for the common good and the "divine" purposes. 

Right now this "divine" purpose is to gain control over as much oil resources on the planet.  Our leadership have totally ignored the warning signs resulting to an unacceptable situation that the world will be short of oil for next few decades to come.  As we can assume they are informed this means that they are planning something else and here the climate change may have a major impact...



2029: "Apophis" a small 320 to 415 meter long rock weighing about 46 million tons has a close encounter with earth on its twice a year 323 day path across our orbit around the sun. It will make second more dangerous crossing on April 13th 2036. 



2030: Could the Fascist plans from 1930's come back? Wer know that all planners of that failed coop are out there as verybody involved walked free instead of being shot as traitors.  With EU strengthening a union between the USA, Canada and Mexico is thought by some to be become a suitable counterforce by forming a new North American Union.  Are there secret plans to bring this to fruition starting perhaps already later before 2020?   There are plenty of coincidences pointing to this: failed conquest of the Meddle-East, continuous efforts to get the USA involved to the Israeli expansion wars, the strengthening control of FED over the US monetary policy, and AIPAC's solid control over the US Congress.

However, the US interest to Israeli wars is diminishing, poorly educated average people, policies that has removed the industries away from the US soil to make space for new that is yet to be built, collapse of housing, collapse of middle class finances,  collapse of the dollar, massive transfer of wealth via Hedge Funds, new legislation that allows Stasi-type spying on all the citizens, the establishment of major private and well connected paramilitary forces like Blackwater Worldwide (1997) located in West Virginia and is used in conflicts like Iraq together with our military forces, etc...  The preparations are now almost complete.

It should be obvious to everybody that the US democracy is no more working and something should be done to fix it to prevent this powerful country to falling into chaos.  Her democracy has become too democratic and is already working against the wellbeing of the majority of the people and with that the county herself.  The ancient rules of beneficial cooperation between the people in a community are dismantled one by one in the name of the democracy and we may witness a change in what the Creek philosopher Plato meant with the forever changing political systems. 

The Congress is impotent with 9% approval rating among the people - latest statistics (July 2008).  Their decisions are dictated to them by the lobbyists who are not representing anything but their own interests.  The independent professionals, the only ones who know how everything really works and must be done, are never consulted and with that the good of the Nation is pushed aside. 

We have no energy policy and with a dwindling but still more than ample energy resources our energy prices are going through the roof.  For a quick fix we knew that oil is in ample supply in the Middle-East but after 5 years of war we are not an inch closer to getting any of it at our price.  To remedy this we started making ethanol (one of the lousiest fuels ever invented) from corn following the advise from the lobbyists and as a huge surprise (only to the US Congress) the food prices are suddenly rising.  We also keep one from every 100 citizens in jail for filling them from crimes that bring in just fines in other countries - far ahead of any other country on the planet, etc, etc...

The U Economy will likely to continue imploding that started late 2008.  Most Americans have no clue what has really been going on within The United States over the past 100 years, and the sad thing is that most do not want to even know the truth.  It is like at the end of Roman Empire bread and Circus is all what the people wanted.  If this old plan will succeed this time the North-America will become quickly a high technology superpower that is self sufficient in everything essential: the energy, the food and very inexpensive labor.

The U.S. Government finances could collapse anyhow sometime in mid 2009.  The Federal Reserve (FED) is not federal but a private bank who may not have the Americans at large at it's heart.   

Some claim that we could have even a Civil War inside the United States as a result of the financial collapse but that appears not to be in the cards at least not for this reason.  The same people are talking about merging the USA with Canada nad Mexico and forming a new Union with a new currency  AMERO but that does not make any sense either.



2030: The War of the Global Domination AcceleratesLike in the game of Monopoly, the concentration of the capital and with that the military power is concentrating to fewer and fewer hand in Europe and it's "free" slave the USA .  The third Western party in this game is Israel who dreams of a supreme power over all "gentiles" as promised by the God.  Who pulls the strings is still not quite clear but we know the following:

  1. It all starts from money and who has it.  The European banking empire were relieved when in early in 20th century they were able to establish FED the American central bank.  The people in America were left with impression that is still absolute, that FED is a Federal, i.e. taxpayer controlled entity that is looking for the good of the American people.  Nothing is further from the truth.  This mostly European and Israeli private citizens controlled financial empire that actually owns 100% of FED consists of the following banks:  Rothschild Bank of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Lehman Brothers of New York, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Goldman Sachs of New York, and Chase Manhattan Bank of New York.  In addition of paying 6% interest on invested capital the Congress is also paying 100% of all expenses that are related to the business of the FED.

  2. FED wields an enormous power over the US and with that the World economy.  It has access to every bit of corporate financial data it wants to have, be them friends or foes, and by shifting interest rates up or down at almost will it creates the economic cycles and with that feasts and famines.  One thing is certain it never acts against the interests of its owners.  It acts as if it would be impartial but like the Bear Sterns case showed it leaves the impartiality hanging in the air.

  3. Today, as the World economy is growing much faster that the US economy the power of the Dark Lords of Capital...

  4. The total military budget in the USA equals with the combined military budget of the rest of the world.  

  5. In 1961 General Eisenhower, the president of the USA warned the USA of the growing power of it's military hardware manufacturing establishment: "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." See the whole speech.  Unfortunately his words have become true.

  6. Rather than simply solving the energy crisis by technologies the USA and many western countries have already available they decided to attack Iraq to get easy access to their largely untapped heavy oil resources and to at the same time to gain control over the Middle-East...unfortunately for the planners this game is not going to end that way!


2030: The wind, wave and solar power technologies emerged increasingly meaningful energy suppliers passing 25% lever in all power generation in the world by 2030.



2030: Fischer-Tropsch technology is used increasingly used to generate ultra clean fuels from coal, natural gas, wood and other organic feed materials.  The process advanced further so that it could actually generate liquid clean fuels from any organic feed material.  The clean fuels were increasingly used in commercial transportation with trucks, ships and especially in airplanes, while the electricity became dominant in all road transportation. 



2036: A potentially serious global incident will occur on April 13th, 2036.   "Apophis" appears to have a razor thin margin when it passes the earth.  The change that it hits the earth at it's crossing is one in 45,000.  However, for this to happen it must have already passed through a specific "keyhole" in space during it's "near miss" path in 2029.


2050: Antigravity research may come out of closet.   Is this fiction or a fact, who knows but...?  The most secret R&D in Germany during WW II was headed by Hans Kammler, Himmler's Chief Engineer.  He was working with unlimited budget in total secrecy with top scientists.  He also designed the concentration camps that Himmler wanted.  When the military defeat of Germany and the end of the war became inevitable Hitler ordered Kammler to execute every scientist involved to Dornberger and Peenemünde experiments to prevent any of the results from falling into enemy hands. 

It was a huge risk to Kammler's own personal safety to evacuate all the Peenemünde staff in April 1945 to Oberammergau, Bavaria, contrary to Hitler's orders. Why else would Kammler do so unless it was a bargaining chip for negotiations with the OSS?  He disappeared without trace after the war while the USA and Russia were robbing whatever they could find from the Germany's secret programs.  Is it a coincidence that Flughauptman Paul Sluzalek flew an aircraft from Prague, where Kammler was at the time, to exile in Barcelona on 26 April 1945.  The flight is known to have had a number of SS personnel aboard whom the Spanish have always refused to identify.  Any flight leaving Prague must have had the approval from Stalin indicating that the war lute was divided "fairly" between the USA and Russia.  This date marked the beginning of the US and Russian space programs including the antigravity research and the UFO's, and the further enforcement of their nuclear weapons' research.

After the Soviets launched the "Sputnik" on orbit, Kennedy had no choice but make something bigger and the Apollo program got started aiming to putting a man to the moon and back. It was now more than obvious to all that the Russians did not leave Germany empty handed.  In addition to German rocket engineers the US had taken at least a portion of the German antigravity technology as indicated by the sudden burst of UFO sightings around the country.  To understand better what is involved check the enclosed link that contains an almost two hour presentation on the topic. A simpler demonstration of antigravity can be seen from Tim Ventura's video clip showing his own antigravity device.


2060: The world will start rebuilding it's power grids to supply considerably larger amounts of electricity that is needed in less than two decades, see the related prediction for 2008-2060 next.  

This all is needed to support the sudden advancement in automobile battery technology and the resulting mass production of an electric car.  The alternative is the "air" driven car that would leave the air in the cities equally clean.  Nothing wrong with the air car - it is a usable car - but the operating efficiency can not reach what the electric car can have.  In both cases the power to move the car must be made somewhere be it electricity stored in the batteries or the compressed air in the cars' high pressure air tanks.  To drive a fleet of compressed air cars will just take much more fossil or other way generated electricity to make - compared to battery driven fleet of cars. 

The new batteries can store enough electricity to drive an electric car already up to 200 miles on the road.  They can be charged in less than 10 minutes and they will last more than 10,000 cycles allowing a driving distance of almost a quarter of million of miles.   The early adopters are excited as these cars can beat anything Detroit is offering today in their high end sport cars. 

There is no question that the battery solution is the winner at the end against the Hydrogen fuel cell combination.  It boils down to the total efficiency of the fuel loop.  The Hydrogen alternative will have a total efficiency below 25% while the conventional Lithium-ion batteries charge at about 93% efficiency and operate at about the same efficiency, leading to an overall efficiency of over 85%. For the same energy input, you'll get three times the power out of a battery than out of a fuel cell.  Additionally all of the safety issues support overwhelmingly the battery alternative.

The world does not know yet but just by filling the needs of this new electric car we actually will implement the best possible energy related environmental program that can be devised for our planet that is heading towards global warming.  

Also a different high speed liquid battery technology emerged already a few years earlier we have now all the means to implement the best possible energy program to reduce the global warming.  We can start implementing this all even earlier than we get the electric grid and the we get the huge number of new power plants online.  The households can actually adopt a variant of this this technology immediately and install these electric storages to store wind and solar electricity as much as it is available for later use.  This "fixed location" technology is equally flexible with the lithium batteries in cars and it has also the capability to charge an electric car as fast as the batteries in car can take the "fill".  

However, we still need to implement the program that will make the planet literally more green as ever see the Global Warming.  



2100: The Global Warming accelerates The latest measurements fro Greenland are alarming.  A "small" glacier reaching at ocean one mile high and three mile wide that used to "travel" at speed of about 100 meters per year is now "zooming" to the ocean at speed of 2 meters per hour.   Finland just had the warmest winter ever recorded while there was the first snow ever for many in Baghdad (this all is logical and supports the global warming even if it looks just funny). 

There is very little we can do for the melting Greenland as we are too late in our actions and the laws of the universe will run their course.  What will follow has happened in the past once every 100,000 years and this celestial process is untouchable.  However, we can reduce the severity of this process if we want to do some work.

The danger is that we might as well be heading towards a more rare phenomena that created boreal forests in Antarctica some 3 million years ago. If that is on the way we are facing consequences in the Nature that will go beyond our ability to control them. The global warming would accelerates beyond the normal range with release of all Methane that is now solidly stored inside the Oceans about 300-500 meters below the surface. If that happens we will geat a real increase in the temperature andh melting of most ice also from Antarctica. The ocean level would increase some 80 meters and that would put dry arable land in so high demand that we might notbe able solve this problem peacefully.

This little work now would actually benefit us already in smaller energy bills but it looks like nobody is interested beyond pointing their fingers to somebody else.  The longer we wait the less we gain but regardless we are unable to finish it all and wnd up leaving plenty of work to those who come after us. If we decide to ignore it all then the indirect loss of life will be horrendous within the coming centuries and in the worst imaginable case we might just create a cycle that could change the whole earth to another Easter island. 

The worst is that we can not prevent major material losses brought in by even modestly raising sea level.  These resemble those in New Orleans after hurricane "Katrina",  multiplied by thousands.  What to do is presented elsewhere on these Galacticwind pages.



5000: We should not be that surprised to finally meet aliens on the surface of the earth.   Why this happens is not that difficult if one accepts the universe as it is. We have not been mature enough for this meeting - and without that maturity the contact will not be established.  We really do not grasp the magnitude of the difference in technology between us and those that are able to get here from outer space.  This can easily be misunderstood by us here and that could lead to useless destruction on our planet.

Everything in the universe appears to have started their journey from the Big Bang 13.7 Trillion years ago at the same moment of time.  With this in background it is highly likely that there are countless planetary systems that have evolved more or less at the same pace than we.  Countless of them will have today advanced life forms just like ours. 

Some have advanced little faster than others but we all remain very close in our evolution paths though we may not look the same.  However, it is likely that we all have one common feature - we walk on two legs.  

Why two legs?  The answer is simple, a creature with two legs is by far the most energy efficient and the same time very agile creature that can be move freely in a gravity field while supported.  Of course we should not neglect the creatures living in the oceans.  We know that some of them are very intelligent indeed. but the water itself forms an impediment that is very hard to master.   

With enormous advantage that the energy efficiency will give to all two legged creatures they have the luxury of time to concentrate on issues instead of just looking how to catch or find the next meal or how to hide to avoid getting eaten.  

The statistics simply indicate that we have company out there, likely even in our own galaxy and more when we include all the other resembling galaxies that are out there.   However, still today we can not even monitor in real time what is out there in our own solar system.  Perhaps that is not the case for those who are a just little ahead of us in development.  For us on planet earth everything outside our solar system remains still as a sovereign domain of all the Gods and Spirits. 


27.812: Mayan Calendar: A new Long Term Epoch starts

53,612: Mayan Calendar: A new Long Term Epoch starts

79,412: Mayan Calendar: A new Long Term Epoch starts


35,000-80,000: Severe Ice Age, the average temperature sinks 5C below the average level. 


85,000: A new cycle and the temperature of the planet, and the CO2 content in the atmosphere starts increasing rapidly.  Temperature rises about 10 deg C within 2,000 years and CO2 level will rise from 180 ppm to 280 ppm almost simultaneously.  The life is pleasant and plentiful for the next 20,000 years. 

It is likely that the root cause to our ice ages and warm periods is related to a Hydrogen and Helium balance inside the sun.   Hydrogen keeps on fusing to Helium and Helium settles slowly down towards the center of the sun.  As enough Helium collects and settles towards center is ignites and starts fusing to heavier elements.  The reaction is fast at the beginning but slows down rapidly with the reduced helium content and almost all of it is consumed  within the next 20,000 years. With increased temperature the sun's temperature increases and with that it's diameter. When Helium is gone the sun starts cooling down and it's diameter gets a tiny fraction smaller. 

As can be seen from the Ice core samples  at the bottom of the page there, the temperature rise is rapid after each cooling period we have experienced during the past 400,000 years and each of the 100,000 year cycles.  After that it all settles down almost a linear fashion towards the minimum that is found almost 10 degrees C below the maximum.  This all is a result from the Helium fusion inside the sun.  First the diameter of the sun increases slightly and the earth among everything else gets a high dose of the radiation leading up to 10 degree increase in the earth's surface temperature. When Helium is gone it all starts cooling down, a period that lasts for the next 80,000 years.

To understand this let a large candle burn a long time and sooner or later you will se a frequent cyclical pattern in the flame, this is what happens inside the sun (all rights reservedhttp://www.galacticwind.com , August 2007).



135,000-180,000: Severe Ice Age, the average temperature sinks 5C below the average level


185,000: A new cycle and the temperature of the planet, and the CO2 content in the atmosphere starts increasing rapidly.  Temperature rises about 10 deg C within 2,000 years and CO2 levels will rise from 180 ppm to 280 ppm level almost simultaneously.   The life is pleasant and plentiful for the next 20,000 years.


5,400,000,000-7,500,000,000: Our Sun runs out of it's hydrogen fuel and switches to 100% helium, growing into a red giant with 250 times it's current size and will swallow Mercury and Venus, if not even the earth.  The astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins once said, "...we need to get out from this planet one day!" 

Some had thought that there is a slim chance our planet will survive when the Sun begins its death throes has been ruled out.  In a few billion years, the Sun will fuse the last of its hydrogen into helium.  When 100% in Helium the sun turns into a red giant and expand to 250 times its current size.  At first it was thought, that the Sun’s loss of mass will loosen its gravitational pull on Earth, which will allow the planet to migrate slowly to a wider orbit about 7.6 billion years from now.  That though will not be enough.  The survival now seems impossible, says Peter Schröder of the University of Guanajuato in Mexico and Robert Smith of the University of Sussex in the UK.

Our sun has a problem as it is too small and when it finally runs out of the helium it's gravity field fails to ignite carbon, the next fuel in line.  With this option gone the sun collapses to itself, cools down and forms a cold star, a "white dwarf".  This cold carbon star just sits there for countless ions of time just pulling in everything that arrives to its gravity field.  It grows slowly bigger and bigger, and denser and denser, until...

... a miracle happens.  The dwarf has now collected enough material from the surrounding universe and wakes up up to the last phase in her present life cycle.  The increasing gravity keeps on compressing this huge high carbon content block of atoms, or rather a huge diamond to ever smaller and smaller diamond until suddenly the carbon ignites to a super fast fusion reaction forming a supernova.  We have seen couple of these even in the historical records that we have kept over the past few millenniums. 

We have now even concluded that supernovas actually are common in the universe.  In a nutshell a supernova is a huge nuclear explosion, so powerful that everything that the whole star disappears in one bright flash into the universe.  Accordingly nothing will be left to the space occupied by our lonely sun, the white dwarf and the remaining lifeless planets circling around it.  The famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawkins predicted this all a few eons earlier.  However, the "nothing" in the universe is still an elusive issue as energy can not be destroyed and it can actually take many forms depending on the surroundings - while everything on subatomic level remains well "alive" and kicking until it once more get organized to support new life somewhere in the universe.

However, this supernova phenomena may provide solution to the puzzle of dark energy and dark matter.  Our contemporary scientists have modeled the Universe that is evenly filled with material.  That theory requires that there is something more out there, actually 19 times more stuff that we have ever found.  If a doctor or an engineer would work with that accuracy in their job they would find themselves unemployed and begging on the streets. 

However, if we take the "frequent" supernovas into account and the emptiness that each explosion creates then that 19 times more of missing stuff sinks to almost nothing.  This new theory is gaining more in brainpower while the mainstream sticks defending to the old conservative thoughts and ridiculing the new entrants. 


7.5 billion to infinity... According to our underastanding not energy nor the material is going to disappear from the universe any time soon.

E=mc^2 remains valid but to which direction does this equation move? In what kind of conditions this equation produces energy and in what kind of conditions it produce material? If there was a big bang that created it all the our formula has a problem.

We understand some of the thermonuclear reactors like e.g. fission and fusion atom bombs and a little bit of the inner workings of our sun.

We know precious little of the black holes and the reactions inside them even we are on an orbit around one forming the milky way.

  Work in Progress...