"Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival" - W. Edwards Deming
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The most destructive power against the 99.9% of the people in the World is the compounding interest "When we borrow money it works against us - when we lend it works for us" is understood by less than 0.1% of the world's population. This despite Albert Einstein told compounding interest to be the "eighth wonder of the world".

The compounding interest and with that the changing wealth inside and between the ruling families are the real root causes to every war and all misery on our planet. It works like this:

Compounding interest at 5% will turn $1.00 to $2,273,996 in 300 years. The same $1 turns only to $16 over the same 300 years when using 5% simple interest.

Absurd? Nobody lives to become 300 years old!

The royal families and the nobility think differently. They keep their families together as long as they can. And 300 years is not that long time at all. It is just the average age of the past 17 global empires and all of them were headed by one family or a group of close minded families.

Ever wondered why our western societies do everything to break-up our families and to discredit all wisdom of our "senile and old fools" as irrelevant to the present world. The Nobility works just the opposite way.

The written history has not a SIGLE CASE where the rulers have given power to their still adolescent children! Too adolescent means that the elder generation still knows how much is 1+1!

Today young couples demand money and houses so they can "establish a family". Unfortunately many parents yield to these demands that sometimes approach extortion and criminal acts. In many cases a "marriage" was just an easy process to earn a sizeable wealth within a few short years. This is the real reason why increasing number of the marriages end up to divorce within a few years. Our western legal system will simply help the "innocent" party to extract every penny it can from this marriage. The parents will suffer most as they are too old to recover any more from their potyentially damaging financial loss.

Back tio the topic - If the compounding interest is raised to 10% then in 300 yaers this $1 "fortune" would grow to a US$ 2,617,010,996,188 or 2.6 Trillion - while when using a simple interest rate the US$1 would grow only to a paltry $301 and that is all what the commoners are getting if they are lucky at all.

Still one more on the topic: The King of France Louis XIV had a motto: "Who has the most money will win the war." Before the war ends the last soldiers and mercenaries obey the one who still pays them their wages. (Currently happening around the Middle-East, Somalia and elsewhere in Africa - this is the only reason the US military budget is larger that the next 10 largest military budgets combined).

During the past 17 empires only the nobility and aristocracy has ever grasped the power of this simple and for most of us totally unseen key to power. Need examples? Take e.g. the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France or such private families like Rothschilds & al.. They all are far beyond the point where no personal sometimes even exuberant spending can ever reduce their family wealth at any meaningful way.

This problem would be so easy to fix but no elected government has had courage (dare) to touch this issue.

If done correctly the wealthy would also take some real risks with their excess fortunes. This would mean they would suddenly comb through all new patents around the globe and would simply partner with promising inventors. All of the inventions would not lead to such fortunes as Bill Gates and Steve got but the well being of the people at large would speed up dramatically. Today the wealthy just wait until someone else has first made all the legwork and are now in bankruptcy or heading to one before they pick the ripe fruits from someone else's labor.

The free trade is also a joke. All large scale free trade is real only to those families that are "in" - one needs to have the connections. Democracy is only a slogan that's sells the family scams to the 99.9%. As an example Saudi's and the oil trade makes the democratic aspiration by Saudi people just an another joke.

Currently these selected few control all meaningful businesses in the world according to a study made by ETH in Switzerland.

THere is nothing wrong in capitalism if done the democratic way but what we have now has nothing to do with neither of these. The way to get there is heavy taxation of those who's income from all sources is over $1,000,000 per year. These families are very smart and powerfull and can handle it without trouble at all. If not they deserve to disappear as almost everything they have done in large scale has hardly ever been ethical.

The French, Russians and Chinese people saw this inequality and tried to solve the problem but unfortunately they treated only the symptoms by eliminating those on the top they could find. This purging did not cure the real disease - the compounding interest rate.

The second problem the envy cannot be cured as all living creatures are envious by their nature.

Instead of learning from the past this current "nobility" created also the fractional reserve banking system. This means the banks do not need to secure their loans fully. This is a gambling casino that allows banks to lend 30-50 times more money out than they have by moving the responsibility to their Central Banks like the US FED. Using the false claim of "too big to fail" has been effective in getting the tax payers to pay their failures in the $700 trillion derivatives Casino they now also own.

They can now create phantom money and with that they are fixed plans to take control over total countries like e.g. the PIIGS. If that works well like it has done so far, nothing in theory prevents them doing the same for the whole Europe and then the world.

It took almost 100 years lobbying to get the US Congress in 1913 to give the ownership to FED to a group of 10 private banks mainly from Europe (subsidiaries in the USA made the "US banks") led by the Rothschilds' banking empire. Just ask any Congressman / woman how many elected competent officials have ever seen and studied the books of this private bank we call FED?

A private entity should never be allowed to be a Central Bank. It obeys its owners and that is always against the interest of the people at large. The FED is a private bank, owned now by 9 private banks. These families sacrificed Lehman Brothers to make it all to look honest and fair.

They just forgot that they had been manipulating the LIBOR rates for overt 20 years at least according to new young broker who noticed the related irregularities and was too honest to accept it or to be bribed.

PS. Towards the end the Roman Empire used similar process when they mixed cheaper metals into gold while claiming that the value of the currency had not changed. They went then to silver and all the way to copper. People quickly saw through this trick and started first demanding more of this false "gold", and later simply refused to accept these payment in exchange to their goods and services.


Gold - Bundesbank started repatriating German Gold from Paris, New York and London - Why? The Gold Bugs have been ridiculed by the maisntream of Media for a few years. .

We suggest you start thinking yourself. Why has German Bundesbank decided that New York, London and Paris are no more the safeest places to keep the German gold?

In addition to that Germany, Russia and China are actively buying more gold from the open markets. .

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Per capita basis Switzerland holds by far most gold on the planet

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Creation of money "The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, Third President of the United States, and the principal author of the US Declaration of Independence
  1. How come we ended up having the great depression in 1929. It was a direct consequence of the FED's high interest rate policy that was aimed against the Bank of England to take over their gold reserves. That worked exactly as planned but the price was the great depression and enormous misery for most people in the USA while the wealthy multiplied their wealth!
  2. Several of the banking empires behind of the FED are established by families rooted into Zionism. This is not an attack against Zionism just a statement telling the origins of the families who own several of these private banking empires. Here is another alarming activity in the US Congress that most people never notice as the coherency surfaces only when issues are related to Judaism or Zionism are voted on:
    1. From the US population of 310 million about 1% are Jewish ( Zionists) by birth.
    2. Their representation in 110th US Congress was as follows: A) Senate 14 from 100 = 14%; B) House 30 from 435 = 7%.
    3. Here is an example of voting results giving green light to the israeli government to expand outpost extensions to the Palestinian lands Article in FT, May 29, 2009): A) Senate for expansion 76 of 100 = 76%; House for expansion 329 of 435 = 76% also. When the majority of the Americans oppose these settlements then how can the Congress support them? This makes sense only one way. The election process to the US Congress is either rigged or the money in the campaign coffers of the opponents remain "unlimited" until the leading candidate who thinks him/herself runs out of funds.
    4. History has some examples also. The Zionists organized massive campaigns against the German products sold in the USA after the first WW. THe retailers had two options: 1) take everything manufactured in Germany out, of 2) face a total boycott and bankruptcy. In fiercely competitive environment only about 5% drop in sales will have a disastrous outcome.
    5. During the past centuries organizing the Zionists has evolved to an art bypassing every other ethnic group by miles. Here is an example from the handbook for a "JAP" regarding work opportunities after the college: "The Princess has a jump on the thousands of college grads entering the market every June. The Jewish network has more jobs than the NY Times want ads. Additionally the Members of the Tribe can get them in the doors that resumes can't."

We are witnessing the "birth bangs" of yet another failure on the road to "The New World Order"..."This confrontation [between the forces of the Apocalypse and Israel] is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”. U.S. President George W. Bush (in a 2003 conversation with French President Jacques Chirac).

Preventive war was an invention of [Adolf] Hitler. Frankly, I would not even listen to anyone seriously that came and talked about such a thing.” Dwight D. Eisenhowe

The agriculture changed the human history and created the class of land owners During the past 5,000 years the World has been under 17 different known empires lasting for about 300 years as an average. The current ruling Anglo-US empire is already 300 years old and has adopted the exacting hostility pattern towards the imagined enemies in the World than the 16 previous ones just before their final down fall.

The nobility of the current Anglo-US empire has grown megalomaniac and lost interest to common good, thinking only their own well being and pleasures. Without change this this Anglo-US Nobility is doomed as the wheels of the justice are already in motion and are becoming unstoppable.

The wars used to be a solution to everything over the past 5,000 years and we are still employing them at alarming rate. It is likely that a major war is again created to solve the current problems. The wars are efficient helpers for this nobility as they destroy all tracks and uncomfortable opponents will easily disappear and as the legal system is unfunctional difficult cases are simply wiped off the table.

The Game Has Changed Radio was the first tool that started dismantling the power of the aristocracy. Initially they were helpless against Hitler and his propaganda machine and it took countless lives before a unity could be reached among the different aristicracy families to create a unified force against him and his armies.

Before Radio, all meaningful information and secrets had stayed solidly inside the Palace walls but now it all had changed.

Another game altering continental shift to this all came with the internet and PC everything is moving even faster with smart phones that can access any computer the phone owner has the access. This allows "laymen" to have most powerful information at their hands sometimes even before the aristocrats have it.

The computers are used to fight back this new revolution and information escape by storing every data bit and verbal communication to colossal data centers where it can be accessed instantly at will. However, there is no intelligent way to analyze this data.

To fight back against this new encryption programs using same or even more sophisticated methods than the governments (=aristocracy behind) are popping up. With ever increasing encrypted message flow the government is already out of options as there is not yet tools that can solve the encryption keys at any meaningful speed. This means that a secret message remains secret. When it takes 20-30 years to get one key using fastest supercomputers it is obvious that secret plans, both business and private, will remain secret long enough on this planet.

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